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Chapter 33- The End


I didn’t have much to pack, but between Charlie and Arden, I was completely packed and over at Arden’s place in no time. He lives in a secluded area that is surrounded completely by trees. It was truly beautiful and it was only a little outside of town.

His house is a log cabin with a huge front porch that Arden said matches the back porch. I was hobbling through, just taking in the view and looking around. I counted four bedrooms, and two and a half baths. On the top floor, there is one full bath that is connected to the masters’ bedroom, and another full one down the hall with three other rooms around it.

On the main floor the kitchen had all stainless-steel appliances and a beautifully wooden island situated just perfectly. The counters were a black marble color and the stools that were lined along one side of the island were dark brown with black cushions. With the open floor plan, you could see the living room from the kitchen that was decorated in black leather couches and a huge flat screen tv hung on the wall with a beautiful stone fireplace a few feet underneath it.

French doors were place on the far wall leading out to the back deck letting in the natural light of day to light up the place. Down the hall is the laundry room and a nice size closet that held all the cleaning supplies. Over all, the place was immaculate. Arden has extremely good taste when it comes to decor.

I’m startled out of my appraisal of the place as Arden’s arms wrap around me. I didn’t even notice that I was just looking out the French doors to the back of the house where, not surprisingly was an amazing view of mountains and I’m sure would be a gorgeous sunset later.

Arden places a kiss on the side of my head and settles his chin on my shoulder as his arms tighten around me briefly. “Hey, sunshine. Whatcha thinking?” I cuddle back into him, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Your home is beautiful, Arden.” I sigh happily. I can’t help but feel at home here and it’s been a minute since I’ve felt this way. Especially knowing that I’m going to be living here with Arden.

He turns me to face him and I wrap my arms around him. Arden starts to speak. “It’s your home now too, beautiful.” He places a soft kiss on my forehead. “Honestly, it was just a house to me before today. Knowing that you are going to be here with me, and we are going to start making memories and just fill this place with happiness, makes me so damn proud. You make it feel like home.”

I smile gently up at him and reach up on my tippy toes to place my lips against his. Just before the kiss could deepen, a groan sounded over the room. As we break apart, we both turn to see Charlie flop over onto the couch. “Ew. Could you guys not do that while I’m here? My poor eyes are going to melt.”

Arden rolls his eyes and responds. “Dude, you know how to ruin a moment.” I chuckle softly at them and sit down on the unoccupied couch, Arden taking the space next to me.

“So, what now? I feel like after everything we’ve all been through the last few months, I don’t know how you both are going to live without seeing me.” Charlie sighs dramatically. I roll my eyes at him but smile.

“Well you can always come visit. Besides, if you want any of the furniture left in my house you can have it. I need to get it ready to sell.” Arden nods, slipping his arm over my shoulder and pulling me closer to him.

“We will get it ready, sunshine.” I smile at him, grateful for his help. Charlie shoots up, his eyes wide and his grin wide with mischief.

“I have the best idea!” He exclaims while standing up to pace a few steps before standing to face us. “Sell me the house! I’ll move back here permanently and we will all live happily ever after, together!”

Arden lets out a snort. “Happily ever after? Seriously? What kind of sappy shit have you been watching?” Charlie turns an accusing gaze my way before folding his arms.

“It’s not my fault your girlfriend likes rom-coms! Those things suck you in. Anyways! That isn’t the point, the point is, I will buy your house-that use to be my house- back from you, Abby.” Charlie huffs annoyed but excitement still bubbling in his eyes.

Smirking, I shrug my shoulders. “Well, it depends. I might get a really good offer now that I changed a few things up.” I was playing. I loved the idea of Charlie moving into the house and staying near. Over the past few months I’ve grown close to him and can’t imagine going back to not having him in my life.

Charlie’s jaw drops open in disbelief. His expression causing laughter to jump out of me and his shock turned to amusement. “Ha, ha! Very funny, Abby. Such a comedian.” I shrug my shoulders, flipping my hair over my shoulder as if to say, ‘That’s me.’

Arden snickers, and I relax further into him. “How about we order pizza and talk more about it?” I question. Both the boys groan in agreement as they start complaining about how hungry they are. I roll my eyes, but place our order and sit back to let everything set it.

I am officially moved in with Arden, I have a new close friend in Charlie. A great job that I will be starting back at next week, and for once, everything feels perfect. I feel free. No one holding me back and no secrets or pasts coming to rip what Arden and I are building apart.

I’m happy and finally feeling wanted with people that love me surrounding me. I never thought that I was lucky, but sitting back now and seeing everything that has stumbled into my life, I know that I am blessed. And the craziest part of all of this is it is just the beginning, there is always more to come.


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