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The Sherlock Holmes Syndrome

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A murder without a corpse. An obsessive stalker. A beautiful holiday. An unfaithful friend. A night filled with passion. A night mare kidnapping. A killer on loose. Changing times...Has Changing Consequences.. Will one of the sharpest mind be able to crack the Labyrinth identity of the offender? OR Will it be one of those rare moments where the killer might actually have outsmarted THE SHERLOCK HOLMES? Join the journey of Sherlock where he solves one of the most influential murders in history and has his own sanity tested? Will he be able to resist or will he finally give in? A crossover between Rikkard Ambrose, Lillian Linton and Sherlock Holmes.

Thriller / Erotica
Aira Eliakum
Age Rating:

Authors Note

Don't Bother Reading This .....

This is a crossover between Sir Rob Thier 's Books (Silence Series) And Sherlock Crossover.

Except the characters, every thing is my original work. Even then I will be adding characters that might haven't present in the original stories.

Join this rollercoaster ride of betrayal,lust, mystery and murder.

If you want to see the cool eccentric mask of Sherlock Holmes to break then this is the way to go. Read this story to the very end because YOU WILL REGRET IT


All my work is copyrighted so don't copy them under any circumstances. You might end up making me thousand dollars richer so beware...

Looking forward to constructive criticism and feedbacks...

Happy Reading

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