The Sisters Of Salem

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In September 1998, Sheriff Ray Thomas and his Deputy, Shelley Duggan are called out to a campsite. They find 26 year old Travis Jenkins tied naked to a table with his throat slit open. Jenkins’ best friend, Nathan Turner is found at the scene with his shirt bloodied and a knife at his feet. It seems cut and dried, but the story Turner tells the police is bizarre. He claims that a middle-aged woman and three teenage girls killed Jenkins, all of them dressed in black, all of them wearing sunglasses. Newspaper reporter, Ryder Handley decides to investigate the women, and she discovers that somebody else had been tracking the women’s movements. Handley comes across information about four identical murders. Four strangely dressed females were sighted in the vicinity of each of the murders; but the dates … 1998, 1977, 1956 and 1935. One middle-aged woman and three teenage girls; how far into the past do their destructive tentacles extend, and do they have some kind of link to the infamous Salem Witch Hunts? The Sheriff’s daughter Taylene and her friend Maddie meet the strange teenage girls, and they become friends. In witchcraft folklore, it is suggested that on Halloween, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and on Halloween night 1998, Ray, Shelley, Ryder, Taylene and Maddie are about to have their perception of reality altered forever.

Thriller / Fantasy
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