The patients of Rosewood asylum

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A new, young psychologist is working in a big famous asylum called The Rosewood asylum. He has to work on four patients that he thought that they had no connection whatsoever but one day as he worked, the psychologist realize that they all had the same dream about a circus on an island.

Thriller / Drama
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Chapter 1: The new worker

Ian Blackwell was always considered normal ever since he was a young boy. He had average grades, average looks etc...But his dreams were certainly something else.

It all started in his freshmen year of college. Ian would be in a dimly lit room with a desk in front of him and someone sitting on the opposite side of the desk. However, it wouldn't always be the same person.

In his first dream, it was a woman holding a top hat in her left hand and a magic wand on her right. She had a cheeky smile on her face.

In his second dream was a teen holding a few daggers in his hands. The teen was trembling and had teary eyes.

Ian's third dream was a bit different though, it had two people sitting in front of him. The person to his left had a tiny crown on top of their head and a golden staff. The person to his right had the same items, but the two of them had those happy and sad masks with the person on the left being happy while the person on the right was sad.

It didn't make sense at the time, so Ian just let it go and continued to study. He remembered how he told his friends about his dreams, they would just say that it was weird or just laugh it off.

Now that he's older, Ian finally got hired as a psychologist to a place called Rosewood Asylum. Rosewood Asylum was notorious for containing not the most dangerous but certainly the most eccentric. Some patients claimed to be time travelers and had very detailed ideas about the future, a few others saying that they could talk to animals as if they were some sort of Disney princess etc...

Today was Ian's first day at work. He walked through the empty, white corridors of the asylum towards his superior's office which was apparently on the top floor.
While walking, he would see and chatted with some of the patients and nurses there, they were nice and the patients had lots of interesting stories to tell.

Once Ian arrived at his superior's office, he gulped before knocking. The man ruffled his ash-brown hair out of anxiety as he waited.
A soft "Come in." made him jump slightly, Ian opened the door and smiled politely. He entered the cream coloured room as he closed the door behind him. Ian didn't really know what to do, should he sit down or wait for them to give him permission.

He glanced towards his superior's desk and looked at their name plaque. "Verity Lennox"
The woman continued to type into her computer, occasionally glancing towards Ian.
"You can sit down you know" She said "I'll be with you in a minute."

Ian nodded, sitting down on the comfy, baby blue chair. He played with thumbs while waiting, looking around the room occasionally.
The room had a nice vanilla smell to it. The colour scheme of the room was very pleasing to the eye, cream with a hint of light blue.
From what Ian understood of colour theory, blue was considered a calming colour, so it was quite a good choice of colour considering where they are.
There were a few paintings here and there, they were mostly floral paintings though.

Except for one. It was right above the door Ian had entered. It had a simple black background with a strange white figure that had elongated limbs.
It was simple but it gave him an eerie feeling.

"You've been staring at that painting for a while, is everything alright?" Verity asks.
"O-oh of course!" Ian blushed, how long has been staring?

Verity furrowed her brows for a moment before sighing. She place her hand on her chin, humming a small tune.

"It's quite an odd painting isn't it?" Ian tilted his head, nodding slightly. "I got it as a gift from my estranged grandmother. She was always a bizarre woman."

Ian nodded, to show he was paying attention. Verity smiled at him before getting out a folder from one of the many file holders she had. Flipping through the papers, Verity handed it to him.

"These are the patients that you be treating." She began. "They aren't dangerous but one of them, Theo Howe, can have intense panic attacks. So please be gently with him."

The man's sapphire eyes scanned each document carefully, a sense of déjà vu overthrowing him but he ignored it.

Patient #1 was a young woman in her early 20s with frizzy hair and dark skin. She stared straight into the camera and had a small, nervous smile on her face as if it was her first time taking a photo. The woman wore a white shirt with a muted green hoodie on top that had a small, smiley pin on it. Her name was Lily Everly.

Patient #2 was a teenage boy, probably around 15-17 with fluffy, ash blonde hair and soft, brown eyes. He wasn't looking at the camera and his eyes looked red and puffy, as if he had just finished crying. The teen was wearing a black blouse that had a red ribbon tied to the front. His name was Theo Howe, the boy Verity talked about.

Patient #3 and #4 were fraternal twins, a man and woman probably in their 30s. They both had the same smile but it looked like the man's smile was more forced while the woman's seemed extremely sadistic. Both of them wore the same red sweater. Their names were Heather and Harper Campbell.

Ian blinked, Why did they seem familiar to him? He thought, before stuffing the folder into his backpack.

"I believe that it's best that you get to know your surroundings first, then tomorrow you could officially start." Verity explained. "I'll get someone to give you a tour." Picking up her office phone, she dialed someone and instructed them to come to her office.

They waited a couple minutes before a young man arrived. He had wavy black hair that was parted to the left and had a navy blue turtleneck with black dress pants. His sharp, amber eyes glared at Ian before looking towards Verity.

"Dr. Abbot, I'm surprised that you're the one that came." Dr. Abbot rolled his eyes.
"Were you expecting Dr. Miller?" He sneered.

The air became tense for a short moment, Ian felt like he was caught in some type of invisible crossfire. Dr. Abbot and Verity continued to stare at each other before Verity sighed.

"Dr. Abbot, this is your new co-worker. Please introduce yourselves."

Dr. Abbot scoffed before taking out his hand.
"Charles Abbot, at your service."
"Um...Ian Blackwell, it's very nice to meet you."

Verity cleared her throat, gaining their attention.
"Now then Dr. Abbot, would you please give Dr. Blackwell a tour of the asylum?"

Charles nodded, before hastily leaving the room with Ian following suite.
"Oh and Dr. Blackwell?" She called out.

Ian turned his head, confused. Verity gave him a warm smile.
"Welcome to Rosewood Asylum."

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