On The Edge of Town

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When a young couple and their son take on a job painting and repairing an old house for the real-estate company they worked for the found out why the former tenants left so abruptly.

Thriller / Horror
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On The Edge of Town

My mother once told me that flies were Satan’s messengers but I didn’t quite understand what she meant until I was faced with an event that showed me how true that statement was.

When my son was very young, his father Mike and I worked for a real estate company as head maintenance and painting in the desert of Palmdale California.

We were having problems with some tenants at our apartment stealing tools and equipment from our garage, so the owner of the company we worked for told us that there was a small house at the edge of town that needed some work and cleaning up.

He said the prior tenants up and left after two years without saying a word, leaving everything behind inside the house, the garage and in the back of the property. All we had to do was throw away some trash, some minor repairs and some painting.

By the time we were done he said that there was a unit becoming available behind Mike's parents place, and we could have it.

We were excited to get out of the hell hole we were in, and even though we would be working during our stay there, it had a place for our dogs to run.

It happened pretty quick, no sooner did our things go into storage our boss was calling us to go out there. The house was old and sat back from the road, there was one lonely street light shining in front and a large construction dumpster placed on the side of the property.

It took us a while to make the place habitable at best, I told Mike, “Wow, the former tenants really did leave everything behind from food on the stove to clothes in the closets. They must have been in some hurry, but at least they left some nice furniture.”

The first couple of weeks were different, you know, all the creeks of an old house kind of different, but the longer we stayed the clearer it was why the tenants left as abruptly as they did.

My son Cody’s room was right across from ours and sometimes in the middle of the night he would start groaning, I would go in there only to find his legs over the foot of his bed, him still asleep and the blankets on the floor. I just figured he wiggled down so I would tuck him back in bed.

One morning he was sitting in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal while I was fixing the drawer and he started telling me about this little boy in his room. I thought he was talking about a dream but he looked dead in my face and insisted it was real.

You see, my son had a very active imagination, and he talked to everything, even his shoes so this was not unusual to me so I didn’t think about it too much.

There were a few things going on that I couldn’t explain, strange things but not scary at that time. I woke up with small red circles the size of a nickel on the upper part of my arms that later turned into bruises and Mike had scratches down his back that he didn’t even know were there.

I think because we were so focused on getting this house and property done that we weren't really paying attention to anything that might be paranormal. Plus Mike did not believe in that sort of thing at all,

Later that week I was up early painting the french doors separating the living room from the hall to the bedrooms when my son came out of his room crying.

I rushed over and picked him up and brought him over to the couch to calm him down and find out what was wrong, I thought maybe he just had a bad dream but this cry was different.

Between skips of each breath he told me that the boy in his room got big and turned into a monster. He was grabbing his foot so I looked down, and what I saw was humanly impossible.

The end of his sock was twisted so hard that it was stiff and hard to pull off his foot, his big toe was purple and there was a small cut where the other toenail dug into it. I really was surprised it wasn’t broken.

Oh my gosh this was scary, there was no way, no matter what Mike said was I going to let him sleep in that room any more. All doubt was gone, there was something in that house and I had to stay on my guard.

I called my mother and told her what happened because she knew a lot more about this stuff than I did, and she told me to go out and get some sage and salt and cleanse the house as soon as possible so I did.

Later that day, despite Mike making fun of me I cleansed every room and we got ready for bed. Mike on one side, me on the other and Cody in the middle.

Twenty minutes after falling asleep it felt like a slap on my cheek with a voice that screamed “WAKE UP!” in my ear, I sat straight up then hit Mike and told him to get up, he grumbled a minute and opened his eyes wide.

The whole house was vibrating, at first we thought it was an earthquake but it didn’t stop. It was a pulsing vibration, even the chain on the ceiling fan was moving.

The logical thought was maybe it was the pipes under the house, but the pipes were located at the other end of the house and the house was on a cement slab and the water heater was outside.

Just then Mike jumped up grabbing the bat next to the bed and ran out of the room scaring the crap out of me. He said that he saw the reflection of a deformed face in the glass of the french doors in the living room so he thought it was an intruder.

He came back confused and sat on the end of the bed. That night we laid there feeling the house shake and moan until we fell asleep. The next morning Mike was talking with a friend on the phone and the first thing out of his friends mouth was “maybe the house is haunted.”

He gave me a look like perhaps there might be something to this paranormal thing.

A week passed and needless to say that we were on edge but the house was almost done, only the garage and property were left to do.

It was Sunday and my mother who had my other five kids for the Summer, thought she would make the trip over the hill to see us on their way back from church.

She said that the closer they got the more she had the feeling of dread take over her. When they arrived the kids unpiled from the van, gave kisses and hugs then ran out back to play with the dogs.

My mother and eldest sister came in and sat down in the living room, everything was fine but this look came over my mother's face. She said “Do you smell something? It smells like something dead.” I didn’t at the time but the smell eventually took over the whole house and flies started showing up in droves.

We didn’t know where they were coming from, Mike looked all around for a dead rodent or something but there was no reason for it. We closed all the vents and windows but they kept coming and completely covering the ceiling and halfway down the walls like a thick fog. Mom said that whatever was in that house didn’t want them there. You see my mother was very spiritual and people often referred to her as a beacon of light and I felt like maybe she was right about it not wanting her there, but before she could get up cut the visit short her eyes got heavy and she felt drained. She said that she didn’t understand what was wrong with herself, and my sister couldn’t drive so my mother went to lay down in the van for a bit.

In the meantime the kids came in and after the initial shock of seeing the living room and kitchen being taken over by flies we made a game of it.

We took the shop vac and a vacuum and sucked the flies right out of the air and off the ceiling, I remember filling up two bags and half a canister with flies.

It started to get late and I knew that my mother wanted to get on the road before dark so I sent my sister out to the van to go get her, mom walked up the driveway slowly, stopping a few times along the way.

When she came in she just said that she couldn’t make that long drive feeling the way she did so I made some food and told her and my sister to sleep in my room and the rest of us hunkered down with sleeping bags in the living room, occasionally getting up in the night to kill flies. Nobody wanted to sleep in my son’s room, that was for sure.

The next morning after a restless night for all of us I asked my mother to to take my youngest son with them, not only for his safety but so we could finish this job and get out of there, I thought he would be upset leaving me but he was happy to get out of there and I didn’t blame him one bit.

The most surprising thing was that thirty minutes after they pulled out of the driveway every fly in the house went away leaving not one behind.

My mom called after they got home and she said that it didn’t surprise her.

The work around the house was coming to an end thanks to a few friends reluctantly coming over to help, so all that was left was the outside and the garage.

On this day my friend Bonnie and her boyfriend came over to help. She heard so many stories that curiosity got the best of her having studied the occult. We were working in the garage and the guys were working outside.

The garage was packed with dust covered boxes and random junk was all over the place, and there was a thick layer of desert sand and dirt on the floor. It felt dark and onimus in there, despite it being the middle of Summer it was noticeably cool as well, which we didn’t mind at all.

After we got all of the boxes out we started pulling things off the shelves, There must have been around twelve glass jars various sizes with brown liquid in them and something floating inside them that we couldn’t figure it was, the lids were sealed with red and black wax and what looked like hair was wrapped around the lid.

I told her to just put them down and finish cleaning so we could get out of there so she climbed on the workbench and started emptying the cabinets while I swept the floor, it looked like there was paint on the ground underneath all that dirt. Just then she said “EW!”

I stopped sweeping and went over to where she was to see what she was referring to, she asked me to give her a flashlight and she started pulling out some pretty weird things. A crow's beak, a chicken claw, a bottle cap with what looked like brownish red dried ink and a long feather writing quill and some human teeth. Ew.

I told her to toss that stuff and went on sweeping, as I was looking down and it looked like the floor was moving so I asked her to toss me the flashlight.

When I lit up the floor it was maggots all over where I was standing so I screamed and jumped on a stool, well my scream startled her so she jerked and knocked over one of the jars and it went crashing down where I was sweeping and the liquid washed away some of the dirt revealing a pentagram painted on the floor and what looked like some sort of animal embryo came out of the broken jar.

The hair on my arm raised and we both ran the hell out so fast and we refused to go back in there,

We worked in the yard and left the garage and everything in it up to the guys. We never slept in the house after that day, we stayed at Bonnie’s mother’s house and moved into our new place a few weeks later.

Thank you for reading.

A little side note…

My son is twenty five now, and he told me that after reading this it brought up all kinds of memories from our short stay in that house.

As for my other grown children they only remember calling it the fly house and how much fun they had sucking flies out of the air.

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