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The Three Eyed Mansion

Aliya, and her 4 friends - Sebnem, Yuri, Tuti, and Ekin decided to visit the Three Eyed Mansion. In their small town of Çokut, there is an ominous house where nobody has ever dared to enter in the modern times. The traditional people in the area identify this house as a Historic place because according to them, long ago, the original inhabitants lived there. While the town people despise it and call it 'The Devil's House'.

Aliya and her friends have always wanted to go, but didn't get the chance. Now, they have it on a platter of gold. Tuti's family are travelling to their hometown for the holiday leaving Tuti who has a summer class, behind. Tuti's parents decided to let her 4 friends stay in their house for the few nights they would be away after contacting each of their parents who happen to also be friends with each other.

"I'm super excited." Aliya almost yelled as she and Yuri sat on a stone just outside the house's gate in the middle of the night. They were waiting for their other friends to arrive so that they tour the house.

"Yeah me too. But dont you think its a bit cold?" Yuri shivered as he wrapped his brown coat tighter around him.

Aliya laughed, "Nonsense! Thats what makes it more fun."

Just then, Tuti, Sebnem and Ekin made their way to the gate.

"Lets get going guys!" Tuti announced. Even though Aliya loves adventures, Tuti is the daredevil of the group.

As they got closer to the gate, the wind began howling violently like a mad-woman on rampage.

"Is it a storm?" Yuri asked.

"Maybe. But the weather was just fine moments ago. Probably just a strong wind." Tuti said.

They ran faster to the house. The gate was locked with a padlock. They tried to shake it open but to no avail.

"We need to use something guys." Sebnem suggested.

They looked helter shelter for any weapon. Meanwhile, the wind was starting to build up dust and sand in their faces. Aliya found a rather large stone, and called her friends. They carried it and hit the padlock with it. It immediately broke down. Tuti jumped in excitement.

"Yee-pee! We did it!" She hugged Ekin who was closest to her.

"Let's get in and explore guys." Ekin, the fashionista of the group brushed his hair and zipped up her coat.

By now, the clouds had darkened and the wind was fiercer.

"Wait. Isn't this, like trespassing? I read somewhere about some group of teen that tresspassed and are now in prison." Yuri stated clearly frightened with what's going on.

"No, silly. Dont tell me you're scared." Ekin laughed, "Don't be a sissy."

"Hey! Women are strong as men if not stronger. Dont be a chauvinist Ekin. Yuri, dont worry. Besides, a storm is coming. We wouldn't want to be caught in it." Aliya said.

They opened the bolt that was the only thing remaining before they entered. They swung the huge gate open and walked in admiring the structure of thenansion.

"Wow. I wonder why its called the three-eyed mansion." Sebnem said happily.

"We'll find out soon enough." Ekin laughed.

The five friends climbed a few steps before turning the door knob. Surprisingly, it opened. They entered and kept pointing their torches in different directions frantically.

"Look. A light switch." Aliya exclaimed and turned it on. Immediately light flooded the place from all directions.

"Hmm. Irony of life. First, there was not light and we were looking for it. Now, there is light but its too much that I wish it were gone." Yuri said.

Nobody paid attention to him as they were all looking at the place in awe.

"This is my first time seeing a Majestic looking place like this. This is like in the movies. Its so unkempt. I could live here forever. If not for its dust, it could be revamped into a hotel." Tuti said.

"Let's go in different directions and explore guys."

"No! I suggest we stick together." Yuri suggested.

Even though they didnt want to, they agreed.

They climbed the stairs and entered the first room they saw. It was obviously a pretty room. It could have been filled with bright colours before, but for the dried walls that seem to be peeling off on their own.

Aliya sat on the bed and took a dusty looking book from the top drawer. The words were fading away but she managed to make out some. She began reading it out loud.

"I am scared.

They want to hurt me.

I can hear them. They want my baby.

...its ... but I cant...rules...

Don't turn ...

Dont enter the ele..."

The rest were practically unreadable.

"Wow. That was intense. Who wrote that?" Yuri asked.

Before she could answer, Ekin shouted from afar. "Guys! You have to see this!" They all rushed out of the room and followed his voice. He was on another floor that was very spacious and was looking at a large elevator.

"An elevator inside a house? Really?" Tuti sounded amazed.

Aliya walked towards the elevator button and pressed it. The elevator started making wierd sounds, the lights began flickering and a loud thud was heard underground. As the ground shook, the five friends had to hold each other for support to avoid them from falling. The elevator finally opened. It was very large, with a blue colour inside. The buttons for going up, down were on one side, while another set of buttons for opening and closing were on the other side.

Aliya was the first to jump inside, followed by Tuti, Ekin and Sebnem. Yuri wanted to stay back but peer influence got the better of him.

"Click the up button, Yuri." Tuti said excitedly.

Yuri pushed the button reluctantly. The elevator made a wierd loud rumble, then some loud clicks were heard, and it all stopped. The doors finally closed side by side.

In the elevator, they noticed something strange. As soon as they were in, the doors closed rather abruptly, and they all felt some kind of fear, like a presence was behind them.

"Nah. I'm sure it's just our imaginations." Ekin was quick to point out.

The elevator began moving slowly, then something wierd happened. It abruptly stopped. Then began moving faster, going up, then down.

"OMG! What's happening?" They all asked.

"I don't want to die!" Sebnem kept repeating.

The lights went off and a disgusting, smell filled the whole place. It began going at a normal pace.

"What is that smell? I'm suffocating here!" Aliya screamed.

The light suddenly came back and went off. In the short time the light came, Aliya and Sebnem saw a slender looking figure, only that this looked more like a skeleton. It had a long face, with holes as eyes, its nose was disfigured and its mouth was only a replica of what it was before except that it had been sewn with thread.

"Aaaahhhh." They kept shouting.

"What's wrong?" Ekin asked. He had been finding it difficult to breathe, so he knelt down.

"The skeleton!" Sebnem said

"Where?" Ekin asked.

"It was right here!" She answered.

"Wait. Guys, have you seen Yuri and Tuti?" They began calling them to no avail. Fear overwhelmed them. Sweat filled them in an instant. Before they could say anything, Sebnem shouted and sounds of being strangled was heard. Aliya and Ekin tried to help her, but every time they got closer to her, an unseen force would either hold them or push them away forcefully. They gave up and knelt down there, both in terror and shock.

What seemed like hours later, the lights came back. Shock engulfed them. Their hands and bodies started shaking. Sebnem was in front of them. She was lying dead in her own pool of blood. Blood was splattered across the wall.

"No! Seb! Can you hear me? Somebody help!" They rushed to her and shook her vigorously, crying.

Finally, the elevator button turned blue, and it opened. Ekin wiped his tears and held Aliya's hand.

"We got to leave." She looked at him startled. "Don't look at me like that. The door has opened at last. This is our only chance.

Aliya looked at Sebnem.

"Don't worry. We will come back for her. She's our best friend.

"B-but what if she is still a-ali..." She couldn't finish the sentence.

"Aliya, Sebnem is d-d-de-dea."

It was hard for them to accept that their friend was dead, and two more were missing. A few hours ago, they were all together, happy and having the time of their lives. Now all has crumbled. Especially for Aliya, who first met Sebnem when they were in 3rd grade. She had asked Aliya for directions and since then, they stuck together.

Various thoughts and memories went through Aliya's mind, as she and Ekin ran downstairs to the main door. Ekin shouted Tuti and Yuri's names. They didnt hear a single sound. They were on their way to open the door, when they heard a faint voice behind them. They turned immediately.

Yuri was standing there. He looked tattered and depressed. His head was down. The jeans he wore looked quite different from the one he wore earlier. Ekin called his name. Slowly, Yuri lifted his head. Wind began blowing fiercely out of nowhere. That was when they noticed something. Yuri's eyes had turned black. There were no pupils, just black. He started speaking in a wierd voice.

"WHO TOLD YOU TO ENTER? YOU ARE FINISHED!" A malicious laugh followed.

They screamed at the top of their lungs and ran to the door. They turned the knob but it didn't open. Terror enveloped them further. They shook and hit the door vigorously, whilst turning back to see if Yuri is still there.

Just then, the ground shook hard. They fell.

"What was that? The storm?" Ekin managed to say.

A timid, baby-like voice answered and said "It was me."

They both turned in shock and what they saw made them shiver. It was Tuti. Their talkative friend, Tuti was the one who answered them. And she was standing in front of them, speaking with a child's voice.

"You are going to die now. You brought it upon yourselves." A splash and then a choking sound filled the air.

Aliya turned and was shaken more. Ekin's stomach had been cut open. Tuti and Yuri began walking towards Aliya. She couldn't do anything but beg. She knew that these weren't her friends. Sweet Yuri and funny Tuti would never do such a horrific thing. It was all their fault. They shouldn't have come here, but were too stubborn.

They dragged Aliya as she kept shouting her parent's names. But it was too late. Before they dragged her into the wall, Tuti told her, "Don't worry. We won't harm you. We like you. You seem nice. We will let you be our friend and you will meet our other friends too, and our Mother. You will love it inside the walls. Its so quiet and nice."

Their faces turned dark as they smiled a malicious smile and dragged Aliya into the walls.

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