The Angel of Death

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On the 2nd of October, Aria and her friends decide to go out to their hideout at the park. During this walk, they stumble across a dead body they recognize. As they are met face-to-face with a suspicious person, referring to himself as "Azrael", Aria realizes her life is on the line.

Thriller / Drama
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When was the last time you made a mistake? As humans, we do things we regret, without knowing the consequences. Purely out of curiosity, thrill or the desire to feel better about ourselves.We never remember these mistakes, until they all come back to us. When you least expect it, like hailstones in pelting rain. But once it happens, it stays with you forever. I'll never forget the 2nd of October.

"It's freezing," cries Maya. She wraps her arms around her chest, letting out a deep breath into her white scarf, almost the same color as her fair-blonde hair that reaches her hips.

Flint rolls his eyes. Narrow and dark, against his pale skin. "Just stop complaining, will you?" His dyed hair stands out under the streetlamps. Black highlights, burnt to ashes against the blazing deep red.

I glance up at the full moon, glowing upon the dark streets. Almost laughing, as we walk through the night, ready to snuggle up in our little hideout. The park. Shaded by tall trees. Dangerous yet enticing, the perfect place.

"Lucy hasn't replied to the text. Have you seen her, Aria?" asks Adam, shoving his phone back into the pocket of his long, brown jacket. Dark-academia style. With his cropped brown hair and strong nose. A giant next to Flint, the two are day and night.

I shake my head. "Nope. She's probably waiting at the park."

"Or her parents took away her phone." Maya shudders at the thought of Lucy's strict parents. I suppose I am the opposite of Maya in terms of appearance. Curly black hair and deep skin, with my plain jeans and sweater.

Adam shrugs. We keep walking. As usual, Maya delivers a long rant on the novel she finished. A speed reader, she devours books like chocolate. Flint points to an alley. Adam tries to stop him. Typical, he's too late. Flint moves like lightning. I make peace between them, as Adam and Flint begin to argue.

"What is it with you and alleys?" Maya stares around the isolated, narrow area, holding her nose to block out the reek of alcohol and old cigarette smoke.

Flint leans against the wall, opposite side of me. Cool and rough, grating into our spines. The wall isn't our friend. "Nothing. They're fascinating," he says.

Adam looks back at us. I make out his face under the streetlamps, drained of color. His eyes wide. Almost wider tan his horn-rimmed glasses.The air, uneasy, as we stare at Adam's terrified expression.

I follow his eyes to the corner and see a body, pushed up behind the trash cans. Petite, with wavy brown hair like a princess. Her floral dress, torn into pieces. Delicate arms lay by her side. Dull and lifeless.

"I-is that-"

Maya nods. "Lucy."

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