SunnyHills Help (Short Story)

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Joy’s mother dies in a car crash leaving Joy to live with her father Lucas in Victon Manor. At the manor, Joy recruits the help of the ghosts there to find her mother’s killer. Will she find the kill or is something more sinister going on?

Thriller / Horror
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Part 1

It was a dark and seemingly normal night, but this night was not normal for it was filled with screams and tires screeching. Metal against metal, headlights smashed and broken glass flying everywhere. It was this night that Olivia Victon died.

The officer was calling out the little girl’s name. “Joy,” he said, “Joy, can you hear me?” Joy should have been able to hear him but her mind was in a different place. All she could see and hear was her mother’s screams and the tires of their car sliding against the pavement as it collided with the other car. “Joy, Joy, Joy, can you hear me? Joy Victon, please answer me. Joy!!!” yelled the officer, John.

“Huh” answered the little girl with black hair and brown eyes, whose name was Joy.

“Did you hear anything I said?” asked John.

“Sorry sir but can you repeat what you were saying” Joy asked John.

“Well, we are sending you to live with your father at Victon Manor. I will take you to your home so you can grab what you need then I will take you to Victon Manor. Okay?”

“But my fathers dead.”

“No he’s not, now get up and follow me,” demanded John.

I don’t like him, Joy thought as followed him to his cruiser and got in. John drove to a pearly white house at the end of SunnyHills ST. Joy entered the one-story house and walked to her room at the end of the hall. Pulling out a blood-red suitcase, Joy stuffed as many outfits in it as possible. Once Joy finished, John took the suitcase telling her to hurry up and grab whatever else she needed because this would be the last time she was ever there. Joy grabbed the notebook and blue pen on her bed, thinking that she would need it for her plan, and then followed him out.

It was a very long way to her father’s house, Victon Manor. John drove down the creepy and dangerous winding roads. He drove through the dark forest with very tall trees, where Joy swore she saw a tall man with a pair of glowing red eyes. John followed the dirt road through the forest and up the mountain to the Manor. There was a thick fog on the top of the mountain, blocking anything in sight. John stopped right in front of the Manor and Joy exited the car with her back to the forest. Feeling eyes on her back, she rushed to the front of the Manor. The Manor, in front of her, looked a lot like an ancient, huge castle. It had dark stone walls and old candle lanterns that were hung next to a huge wooden door.

Joy walked up to this door to see this metal lion head with a big metal ring in it mouth on the door. Joy looked around to see no doorbell. Weird, she thought. John got out Joy’s suitcase from his trunk just to put it on the ground next to the door. Joy grabbed the metal ring and hit it against the door. The door was then opened by a tall, pale man with dark hair and eyes. As soon as the door opened, John sped away in his cruiser. “You must be Joy,” said the man as he stared down at her, “I am Lucas Victon, your father.”

“You’re my father?” Joy commented, “ Mother said you died years ago.”

“I never died, my girl. Your mother just didn’t want you to be around me because I was, the psycho, as your mother called me” said Lucas.

“Why did mother call you the psycho?”

“I have no clue, my dear child.” Yeah right, Joy thought as she heard this.

After that was said, Lucas led Joy to her room. “There are four floors in this house, if you include the attic and basement. The attic and basement are off limits to you, so I better not catch you on either of those floors,” Lucas explained, looking at his daughter, “On the first floor is the ballroom, kitchen, music room and the dining rooms. The second floor is where the library and all the bedrooms are. Your bedroom is the 5th on the right,” continued Lucas as he led his daughter to her room, “This is your room. I hope you like it.” With that, Lucas walked off.

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