SunnyHills Help (Short Story)

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Part 2

Joy entered her room to see that it was massive. Everything in the room was some shade of purple. The rest of that day, Joy stayed in her room, only leaving to eat dinner. When Joy returned to her room after dinner thinking that she couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Joy saw a ghostly white young man standing in the middle of her room. He had black hair and no eyes, he was also dressed very formally. “Who are you?” asked Joy, getting the same scary feeling from earlier in front of the Manor.

“My name is Liam John, Ma’am. I am one of the ghosts of the people your father has killed in this Manor” replied the man.

“Kill? How did he kill you and how many other people did he kill?” Joy said with a sly smirk on her face. How wonderful, she thought, this makes it so much easier.

“I was your care taker till your father ripped out my eyes and stabbed me to death. And to answer your other question, out of ten people he killed, only me, Jane, Leo and Jack are still stuck in this place.”

“Who did he kill that is not stuck here?” asked a frightened Joy. They better not mess with my plan.

“That would be Juan, Joanna, Lucy, Jasella, Laya and your mother, Olivia” answered Liam.

“My mother?! How!?” Good, good, she thought.

“His plans are in the basement, but I will show you them another night. If you really want to know, meet me and the others in the basement tomorrow night.” With that, Liam disappeared. Joy was restless for the rest of the night up to the time to meet Liam, wondering if the others would meddle with her plans. That night after dinner, Joy snuck to the basement door and entered. On the other side, Joy grabbed a torch from the wall and walked down the stairs. At the bottom, she saw a wall full of photos with a name next to it and plans on how that person was to be killed. They are all still here. Joy saw how each and every name listed was the ones that Liam said that Lucas, her father, killed. How very wrong you were, Lucas, she thought.

“I see you made it. Next to me is Jane, Leo and Jack, all in that order” stated Liam. Next to him stood a little girl in a bloody, white dress with what looked to be a slit throat, a young boy with a bloody scalp in place of his hair, blood was in his eyes, and another young man with no head. The headless man was dressed formally like Liam while the young boy, Leo, looked to be in a school uniform. Joy glared at Jane knowing that she was the only ghost there that could see. “As you can see by the wall, your father paid someone to drive you and your mother off the road.”

“I have to get out of here. Who knows what father is planning to do to me?” a frantic Joy stated. Perfect, now they won’t find out the truth.

Thinking that Joy was going to run, Jack asked “What’s the point in running when you could get revenge?”

“What?” Joy thought they were going to tell her to run, but she was very wrong.

“I agree with Jack. I think you should kill your father” said Leo.

“How?” Joy asked to see if they had a better plan than her.

“Chase him down and make him pay,” Jane answers to Joy’s question, fearing what Joy would do if she said anything else.

“Okay then,” said Joy as Jack handed her a butcher knife. With the knife in hand, Joy walked up to her father’s room and entered it.

“Joy? What are you doing?” asked her father once he saw her, hoping this was not a repeat of last time.

“I am making you pay,” Joy said casually. Now seeing the knife, Lucas ran out the door know it was of no help. Joy chased her father to where she had the ghosts waiting. The ghosts grabbed Lucas and held him down.

Joy looked her father in the eyes and asked, “Are you proud of me?”

“What?” exclaimed Lucas in confusion. Why would I be proud of a monster, he thought looking into her crazy eyes.

“I am a murder like you. I killed mother and now I kill you?” Joy said knowing the first part was incorrect.

“Hold on. I never killed anyone!” said Lucas in fear, “How did you even kill your mother?”

“Well, first I started to stab her. Then I saw the other car coming, so I grabbed the wheel from her hands and turned it towards the other car, causing them to crash,” Joy exclaimed.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Revenge. You and mother abandoned me at SunnyHills Help when I was just six years old.”

“You killed everyone. You were crazy, and you still are,” yelled Lucas.

“I Am Not Crazy,” Joy yelled back as she started to stab him. All the ghosts then started to repeat “She’s not crazy” while Joy repeated “I am not crazy.” They keep repeating this, their voices merging together into a scratchy voice. Till they all screamed out “I AM NOT CRAZY.” The last thing the father saw was the ghost’s forms merging into his daughter’s form and his daughter’s eyes glowing red.

“Hey, no pens are allowed in the rooms.” Joy looked up from her notebook to see the only guard in the psych ward, John, standing at her door. She watched as he entered her room to get the blue pen in her hand, only for Joy to bolt up and stab him, eventually killing him. Joy then ran out of her room, down the hall, out of the building, and into the dark forest. Turning toward the road, she looked for a sign saying SunnyHills ST, seeing it, Joy started walking.

“Sorry mother” stated Joy before she knocked on the door of the one-story, pearly white house at the end of SunnyHills ST.

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