Heart of a Killer (18+)

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Satan's Succubus


Bang. Bang.


Alessandro roared with immense rage, his entire being vibrated with uncontrolled emotions as he stood outside his former house in their old neighborhood. The tiny vein in his forehead was exposed and bulging underneath his heated and sweaty flesh, just about ready to burst. He once again banged on the front door of her house with the side of his coiled hand, disregarding the massive pain that was shooting up his arm. He briefly stilled when the sound of a crack presented itself due to the excessive force in which he was pummeling the hardwood.

He smirked.

Right now, he didn’t give a single fuck if it cracked. He would break the damn thing down himself if it meant he had inside access. He looked around the porch to find anything to aid in his progress of further breaking the damn door. He spotted a small but heavy looking rock near a plant and wasted no time in enclosing it within his hand before pounding the entryway with it.

“Open the fucking door you bitch, or I swear to God I’ll take your stupid, filthy mutt to the pound and have it transferred to China where they eat them for breakfast!” He growled, garnering the attention of the seventy-year-old lady watering her plants in her front yard.

Faintly distracted by her gasp, his head whipped in her direction making her drop the hose in the process as she locked eyes with his murderous gaze.

“Mind your business Mrs. Charles or I’ll do the same to Toby there.” He hissed, tipping his head sideways and quirking a brow whilst gesturing to her overly groomed and heavily pampered, Shih Tzu that looked more like Cousin It than a dog with its long silky hair that reached the ground. She squealed in horror, picked Toby up in a hurry, and scurried inside, almost tripping on the front steps and at the same time completely forgetting to turn off the garden hose valve.

Alessandro humorously chucked. He hated the old hag. She always used to butt into his and Melissa’s fights and called the cops in numerous occasions, falsely accusing him of domestic violence simply because he reminded her of her ex-husband.

May he rest in hell.

But no, he wouldn’t do that to Chester nor Toby. He wasn’t that heartless, but he definitely wouldn’t miss the chance to send either of the two women in their place in a heartbeat if he could.

Melissa was the biggest bitch he’d ever met and his biggest regret in the form of marriage. She was devil incarnate, or as he likes to call her, Satan’s succubus. All she was good for was to lure men in with her tits and ass, and barely at that whilst draining their pockets dry for her pleasure. He couldn’t deny that she was a wildcat in the bedroom, but that never made up for her horrid personality that seemed to drag everyone down with her. Why and how he was married to her for seven years, well, he’ll never fully know.

“She’s not home.” A heavy, deep and hoarse voice started Alessandro as he was about to give another beating with the rock. He snapped his head and vaguely leaned back to see his other neighbor, Troy Whitman peeking through his house window from behind the curtains. He was a well-known boxer in the area, and quite frankly, possibly the only human to put a dash of fear into Alessandro.

He feared no man who nor woman who stood taller than his 6′2" frame as he was highly trained to deal with men of his stature, but Troy’s demeanor wasn’t a normal one. He always had a glazed-over look, one that had no bounds or objections to bringing pain as if living within his own mind, not fully capturing the harsh reality of the world. Eyes that never had a set mind on their prey but could kill you with one look if he wanted to when his mind was made up. Eyes that certainly didn’t discriminate in the eyes of death, and that was what scared Alessandro.

“Uh, yeah okay.” He gulped, trying to act non-fazed by his almost seven-foot-tall frame. “I’ll-”

“I heard her car pull out about thirty minutes ago talking to her boyfriend about getting him lunch.” Troy interrupted.

“Where the fuck is Isaac?” He burst through the station doors like a madman, the hard glass shattering upon the forceful impact of the push.

All officers drew their guns and aimed at the crazy person who dared to enter in such manner but stilled when they saw his unkempt condition. His eyes darted to and from everyone until his eyes settled upon the person he was looking for.

The heaviness of his footsteps practically shook the entire building, causing a similar feeling to that of an earthquake. He marched forward with long strides, not taking his eyes off his target as the officers parted like the red sea, giving way to his purpose as not to be caught in the middle of it.

Fury roared through his mind and his rage flowed like lava, completely consuming his rational state of mind. His footsteps reverberated like tiny bombs through the quiet office making all in attendance cower at his presence.

Alessandro was a very well-known public figure. He came from a long line of established detectives as well as being a descendant of one of the city’s founders. To say he was well respected despite his character, was an understatement. He himself had the authority and experience to take over a higher position if desired, but simply refused because of the added days that would take away from his precious vacation time. So, instead, he just took advantage of his notoriety to aide in his cases. More often than not, he succeeded in arresting the criminals with the citizen’s help.

“Where the fuck is Melissa?” He growled, making Isaac sigh heavily before replying.

“Not here.” He deadpanned, only increasing Alessandro’s anger to build further.

“I was told she was bringing you lunch. Call her and ask her where she is?” He demanded. The tapping of his fingers on Isaacs desk created an even more unnecessary tension that already filled the room.

Isaac simply slumped back in his rolling chair and swayed side to side whilst staring at his keyboard, not catering to Alessandro’s words. He knew him well, better than well actually, as he was his first partner before the whole ex-wife fiasco. It was only when he was supposed to mentor Patrick that they went their separate ways, but nevertheless, remained friendly. It was only when he found out about his relationship with Melissa, that they completely had a falling out.

Truth be told, he missed his friend as he was one of the few that actually put up with him but would never admit that to his face. The only person he would put his pride aside for, was currently missing.

“I’m not doing shit Alex. Whatever it is that’s going on between you two, is just that. Between you two. You’re more than welcome to wait seeing as to how you have nothing better to do than just mope around during your suspension.” Isaac smirked, feeling smug about it.

The items on the desk lifted an inch or two in the air as Alessandro brought his fist down but Isaac just rolled his eyes.

“Call her.” He gritted, fists aching to snap his ex-wife’s boyfriend, who looked completely unbothered to the whole situation.

“Sorry.” Isaac ignored him and went back to work, and this irked Alessandro to the core.

Before anyone could stop him, he lunged at Isaac, causing him to fall backwards on his chair and ripped the phone from its stand near the computer monitor.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Isaac pushed himself off the floor ready to retaliate but laughed instead. “It’s password protected you moron.” He stated when he saw Alessandro struggling to decipher the pin.

“Not a problem.” Alessandro mused and was too fast for Isaac to even register what was happening when his thumb was forcefully gripped in between Alessandro’s finger and pressed to the cellphone, immediately unlocking it.

“Give it back Morello.” He shot forward to grab it but fell short as Alessandro strode with purpose towards an empty office. Melissa had a tendency to change her phone number every month due to a random sense of paranoia she had recently acquired. If anything, he hopes she would one day change zip codes instead and finally be free from her flat and annoying ass.

“Just what the hell is going on?” Captain Sullivan exited his office, feeling very agitated soon after he ended an important call as he was clearly aware of the ruckus going on.

“Morello and Beckford are going at it again.” He was startled when he heard one of the officers speak up in his ear. He peered down to see the officer sipping causally on his cup of coffee with an amused look on his face.

“One, that coffee smells like shit.” The officer took a subtle whiff but shrugged it off. “And two, get back to work. This is a police station not a fucking circus.” Detective Sullivan hastily followed the two men who looked like two four-year-olds running around in circles throughout the office chasing each other for the same toy.

“Could’ve fooled me.” The officer said before quietly walking away.

“Idiot. Buffoons.” The detective muttered exasperatedly as he couldn’t believe that two grown men were acting this way in a place of work, parading around like children.

“ENOUGH!” He bellowed, causing everyone in the building to come to a full still.

“What are you doing here Morello? Don’t you know that I extended your suspension huh? Or do I have to send it in writing through the pony express?” He huffed with irritation, hands across his chest, when he stood before the men, who had stopped with their previous tomfoolery.

“Morello here-” Isaac started but was cut off by Alessandro.

“Don’t put the blame on me Beckford. All you had to do was call her, but you made it more difficult than it had to be.” He seethed with a pointed finger in his ex-partner’s chest who swatted away with pure disgust.

“Call who and what do you need that you can’t do it from home?” The detective asked just wanting all of this shitshow to come to an end so that he could get back to work and finish his donut.


“I’m here.” All men snapped their attention to the feminine voice behind them coming in through the front entrance, stepping over the shattered glass. “You called?” Melissa sauntered their way, making sure to put an extra sway in her hip as she approached Isaac and planted a haste kiss on his lips.

“Nice to see you Captain. Here,” She stuck her hand in the bag and pulled out an even smaller bag. “I got you some jelly-filled, powdered donuts. You’re favorite.” She squealed and winked, completely ignoring the other male in her presence.

She gasped when she felt a firm grip on her upper arm as he turned her body his way, bringing her flush to his chest, causing her drop the food in hand as he shot her a venomous and murderous glare that made her knees buckle and tremble with fear.

“We need to talk.”

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