Heart of a Killer (18+)

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High & Dry


Captain Sullivan cursed out Alessandro as he had dozed off during the annual budget meeting.

“MORELLO!” He yelled out again to no success. He huffed in frustration before addressing the group. “For fuck’s sake somebody wake him THE FUCK UP!” He growled as he crashed his palm straight down onto the desk startling everyone in the room except for the one person whose attention he sought.

“Yo man, wake up, Captain’s pissed.” Patrick nudged his shoulder quite roughly, but nothing seemed to work. He was out like a light. He looked up in contemplation as he knew how attached his friend was to his pen. “You better not fucking kill me for this.” He said under his breath while moving his hands in front of his face in a quick prayer and took a deep breath. In one swift move, he shoved his hand inside Alessandro’s pants pocket to retrieve the item, but before he knew it, his hand was pinned behind his back and his face was pressed down onto his own desk.

Alessandro hovered over him in blatant anger using all his body weight to keep Patrick down. “Don’t ever put your fucking hands on me again. Friend or no friend, I will kill you.” He snarled as his grip on his arm tighten. “Got it?” He spat.

Patrick just nodded and sighed in relief when his friend let go.

Alessandro got up and fixed his shirt only to freeze upon seeing everyone’s reaction to his stunt. They all had their mouths open in awe and the Captain was evidently upset.

“What?” He nonchalantly asked making the Captain give him a ‘really’ look.

He quietly sighed knowing he had, yet again, fucked up. It was his specialty.

He rolled his shoulders back and cleared his throat.

“Sorry.” He evoked without any emotion shrugging his shoulders casually.

“In my office. NOW!” Captain Sullivan yelled out pointing at him then at the door. “Meeting’s dismissed.” He said and stormed out of the room making sure to slam the door behind it causing the glass to shake.

Alessandro rolled his eyes and looked down at his friend. “Sorry man.” Patrick nodded in acknowledgement as he rubbed his shoulder. He knew exactly why he snapped but fuck, that shit still hurt. “I’ll buy you lunch after alright.” He didn’t wait for a response before exiting the room himself. His heavy footsteps dragged in slow motion towards the Captain’s office and he was already dreading it. He could practically hear the lecture in his head.

You disappoint me.

You are better than that.

I expected more from you.

Stop drinking so much damn coffee. It makes you irritable.

Exercise daily for good health.

Quit eating my donuts.

Yada. Yada. Yada.

‘Fat fucker should take his own advice.’ He thought.

“Sit down and shut your fucking mouth. Not a word Morello.” Alessandro walked in and took a seat as instructed and watched the Captain pace back and forth behind his desk. His hands were in his pants pockets and he looked lost in thought.

“You disappoint me. I know you are better than that.” He inwardly rolled his eyes as he already expected it. He never seemed to know any other phrases besides those, and he even thought of buying him a thesaurus for Christmas in hope of change. “I expect more from you after being in the force for so long. How long are you going to keep this shit up?” He finally took a seat and clasped his hands on the desk staring straight into Alessandro’s eyes.

He simply shrugged.

“Do you want me to assign you to a desk job?” He suggested.

Alessandro simply shook his head as a ‘no’ and slumped back in his seat a bit more.

The captain sighed loudly showing off his clear irritation towards the younger. He briefly unclasped his hands lifting them a mere inch off the desk and clasped them back to their original position hitting the wood below making a tiny, almost inaudible thud.

“Listen to me Morello. This is the second time you’ve strayed from your duties. I know that what you’re going through may be rough but-” Alessandro tore his eyes away from him and looked away, focusing on random objects in the room as not to make any eye contact. “it doesn’t excuse your behavior. I’m giving you a final warning. If it goes to strike three, I’m going to assign you to the evidence unit as a log in clerk and I highly doubt you’d want that.”

Upon hearing those words, Alessandro whipped his head and glared at him, clenching his jaw so hard, his teeth were about to crack from the pressure. His nostrils flared and he bit his bottom lip hard to refrain from cussing the fucker out right then and there. As hard as it was, he kept his cool.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” Captain Sullivan raised his eyebrows as he awaited an answer but received none. “Don’t you care about your job? Do you think your dad would like to see you like this?” He saw Alessandro’s ears turn red as well as his hands form into a fist and he knew he hit a nerve. “Why come into the force if you’re just going to sit through it all and not give a shit about the people you’re supposed to be protecting?” He pressed to gain a reaction off him.

Alessandro poked his inner cheek with his tongue and rolled it down swiping his inner bottom lip as a sign of annoyance. He sharply sniffed in some air and licked his front teeth with his tongue creating a squeal sound.

“Fine then. If you’re not going to say anything, then I guess-”

“First of all,” Alessandro interrupted. “You told me to sit and to shut the fuck up so, Captain, I was just following orders.” He smirked in disdain.

“Don’t play smart with me Morello.” He jolted up from his chair and pointed a finger at him. “The only reason I haven’t fired your lazy ass is because of your father. I told him I’d look after you but you’re pushing it.” Alessandro slacked his jaw and curled his lip. “I’m giving you a one-month suspension without pay. We’ll see how well you handle that. If you still feel like coming back, then you know where to find me. Now get the fuck out.” He fumed.

The chair flew back as Alessandro angrily stood up and stomped his way out but not before prying the door open forcefully and sending it flying to the wall.

“Fuck.” The captain muttered. “THAT BETTER HAVE NOT LEFT A HOLE IN MY WALL YOU ASSHOLE!” He bellowed.

“TAKE IT OUT OF MY FUCKING PAYCHECK YOU FUCKTARD!” Alessandro roared from the hallway.

“YOU BETTER NOT EAT MY DONUTS!” He screamed a final time and plopped back down on the chair.

“Hey man. What’s up with you?” Patrick asked as he approached Alessandro at his desk.

“Fucking Sullivan suspended me for a fucking month. Fucking cocksucker.” He looked around the room until he found what he was looking for and pulled off a box from a neighboring desk. Immediately, he began to throw all his shit in it completely disregarding the fragility of some objects. He cringed only once he heard the clinks. He clenched his eyes shut and pressed his lips together in order to stop himself from blowing a fuse. If he did, he might actually get fired and he really needed the money.

His ex-wife was sucking him dry and his alcohol addiction was not helping.

Once he was done, he grabbed his jacket, his bamboo plant, his box and headed out the station.

“Hey, where are you going?” Patrick rushed behind him as he went down the steps towards the parking lot.

Alessandro simply tossed all his shit in the backseat of the car, closed the door then got into the driver’s seat. He rolled down the window to speak to a heavily confused Patrick.

“I need a fucking drink. Wanna come?”

“Morello, it’s,” He checked his watch. “9:30 in the morning.”

“It’s five o’clock somewhere. So,” He paused. “You coming or not?” He reiterated.

“Yeah okay.” He shrugged and went into the passenger’s side. “But you still owe me lunch.”

“Yeah, yeah. Hooters sound good?”

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