Heart of a Killer (18+)

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Mess of a Man

Knock. Knock.

Knock. Knock.

Alessandro groaned as he woke up due to the constant knocking at his door. He stretched his limbs out hearing the cracking of his bones and smiled in delight as the feeling of it was welcomed. He had a bad night yesterday and decided to drink his sorrows away once more.

Knock. Knock.

He mentally cursed the person behind the door as he or she was about to get an ass whooping for disturbing his peaceful sleep. He lifted his head and barely pried one open on his scrunched-up face enough to see the time on the digital clock showed 7:15am.

“What the fuck?” He scowled.

He closed his eyes once more and rubbed his palms all over his face harshly hissing through his teeth in irritation. He grunted in discomfort as he dreaded getting up from the couch he had spent the night on. As soon as his feet hit the floor, the empty beer bottles clinked on the hardwood floor. He begrudgingly opened his eyes and scowled at the mess before him.

“Ugh.” He groaned knowing he had to clean that shit up once he was sober enough.

He slowly lifted himself off the couch and stretched once more allowing all the bones in his body to crack. He scratched his ass as he walked to the door swaying side to side, almost stumbling on his way there. He peaked through the small windows slits on his door. He narrowed his eyes in confusion. He stepped back and opened the door harshly in disdain.

“Who the fuck are you?” He spat.

“I-I-I’m sorry Detective Morello. My name is Officer Watkins.” The poor boy stammered and gulped as he knew of Alessandro’s reputation for being short tempered. “Captain Sullivan s-sent m-me for your gun and your badge since you f-failed to leave them behind yesterday.” He looked up and away from Alessandro’s murderous glare and put his hands behind his back.

“And you thought it fit to wake me up at seven in the fucking morning for this shit?” Before the officer had a chance to speak, Alessandro slammed the door in his face making him flinch at the sound. After contemplating for about fifteen seconds, he dared to take a step forward and knock on the door once more. He looked down with closed eyes and took a deep breath as he lifted his hand to knock but when he did, he snapped his head up immediately. His eyes went wide, and his heart went to his ass as he was about to shit himself a new one.

“Shit.” He whispered under his breath as Alessandro held his wrist. The younger gulped hard and wished for a merciful death. He had accidentally knocked on the detective’s forehead instead of the door. He whimpered in pain as Alessandro’s hold on him tightened. “I-I, oh fuck. I-I am so sorry Detective.” He tried removing his hand, but it wasn’t possible. “Sir?” He asked in confusion.

“Give me one good fucking reason not to break your fucking wrist right now for touching me.” He snarled.

“I-it was an accident Detective Morello. I apologize. Please, just let me go. Please.” He hissed in pain when Alessandro started twisting his wrist in a weird angle. “Sir, I’ll do anything just don’t hurt me.” He pleaded.

“Anything?” Alessandro asked and the younger simply nodded.

The sound of the vacuum coming to a still alerted a still sleepy Alessandro that the officer was done cleaning his living room.

“Detective?” He called out. Alessandro rounded the corner coming out from the kitchen with a hot pocket in hand and plastered his ass on the couch. He took a look around the area curving his lips downward in surprise. “Sir, I’m done. May-may I go now?” He asked as he walked over to the hallway closet and put the vacuum in its place.

“Yeah whatever. Here.” He threw the gun and badge at the kid and he gasped as the gun might go off. Without warning, the officer farted, and Alessandro burst out in laughter. He patted his thigh and threw his head back in amusement. He sighed reeling in from his high. He stood up carefully and handed the officer the clip. “I may be an asshole but I’m not a killer.”

The officer heaved a sigh and felt his heart beat again.

“Take it and get the fuck out.” He stated as he walked back to his half-eaten pepperoni hot pocket but stopped halfway there. “Oh,” He turned around on his heels facing the officer. “and tell the Captain to enjoy his donuts.” The officer tilted his head in confusion. “Tell him it’s my treat for being such an asshole yesterday.” He winked.

“Oh okay. I will sir.” With that, Officer Watkins left.

Two hours later.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Morello.” He answered in speaker mode.

“Dude. What the fuck did you do? The captain has been in the toilet all morning cussing your name out like he’s got fucking Tourette’s.” Patrick asked.

He chuckled before responding.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I did was send him donuts as an apology.” He stifled a laugh knowing full well his prank paid off.

“Uh huh. Sure you don’t.” Patrick scoffed. “It’s me man. Come on. Tell me.” Patrick urged on.

He sighed.

“Fine.” He caved. “Let’s just say I had a friend put in a laxative into the dough.” He shrugged as he sniffed the gallon of milk to check if it was good or not. He scrunched his face in disgust and gagged. He tossed it out into the sink as he heard Patrick’s loud laugh come through the phone.

“He’s gonna kill you once he gets his hands on you Alex. You know that right?”

“Eh. I don’t care. He can’t prove shit.” He heated up some pizza in the microwave and opened a can of cold beer. He chugged it down quick and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “Plus, I’m out for a month. I’m sure he’s got other shit to do besides getting back at me.”

“If you say so. Anyway, I was actually calling for something else.” His tone became serious.

Alessandro took the pizza out and sat at the kitchen table whilst opening another can of beer.

“We got a lead on Donovan.”

This information made him freeze in his spot. His breath hitched and the knot in his throat formed almost immediately not allowing him to breathe. He clenched his jaw and felt the spritz of beer in his face when he crushed the open beer can in his hand. The anger inside of him was palpable.

Patrick wasn’t sure how he’d react, so he gave him time to deal and waited for him to speak; remaining silent on the line.

“What did you find out?” He gritted.

“Officer Hernandez’s took his little brother to a kid’s party for one of his classmates at the new pizza place and he swore he saw Donovan hanging around the place. His curiosity got the best of him and I’m glad he did because he was able to take a picture and after checking it out, I can one hundred percent guarantee you it’s him.” Patrick pointed out and Alessandro breathed in deeply as told by his therapist, otherwise, he’d flip his shit and go shooting anyone who crossed his path.

“I was able to get Justin to pull up the CCTV cameras at that time but all we got was one across the street but it was enough to know it was him based on what he was wearing in the pictures. He pulled up some other cameras and was able to follow his movements. He hopped into a car about three blocks away and somehow, by the grace of God, we were able to get the license plate number. It’s registered to a Lottie Daniels on Piers St. out by the docks.”

“What’s the address? I need to go scope this place out and see if he’s staying there.” He asked as he tried containing his excitement. He couldn’t wait to get a hold of that motherfucker and kill his fucking ass but not before torturing him. That rat deserved it for what he did. No amount of pain would be enough, but he would make sure he suffered greatly before his ultimate and definite demise.

“I’m not telling you more Alex unless you agree to wait for more info. I already have Liz working on it. She’ll check out the place for a few days and get back to me. I have given you more than intended but only because you have a right to know but just give it a few days and then, and only when we’re certain of it that he’s there, you can get him.”

“I’m giving you forty-eight hours Clarke. After that, I’m going in.” He pressed the end call button harshly and took another deep breath.

“FUUUCCCKKK!” He yelled out as he brought his forearm and swiped all the contents on the table with force down to the ground. He began picking up any and whichever item he could get his hands on and started throwing them all over the place. He grabbed the chair on its sides with a good grip bringing it over his head and swung it down on the table breaking it in half. He took another chair and repeated the same action until all chairs were shattered in pieces just like his heart.

“Fucking piece of shit.” He yelled out as he got a butcher knife and started stabbing the sofas ripping them to shreds. “Fucking die!” He kept screaming out.

For the following thirty minutes, he broke, ripped, slashed, and punched just about everything in his living room. He finally collapsed on the ground with the picture in his hands and pressed it to his chest. He sobbed like a child releasing all the tears he had been holding back for the past six months. This lead gave him hope to finally put an end to that miserable son of a bitch he’d been looking for all this time.

“I promise you baby. I will avenge you. And then, only then, will I rest and join you too. I’m coming for you Donovan and when I catch you, I’ll fucking crush you like the cockroach you are. Just wait.”

He took out his phone and dialed a number.

“What’s it this time Morello? You know, it hurts my feelings to know that you only call me when you need something. I really hope you wo-”

“Shut the fuck up Madison. I need you here now. I’ll give you fifteen minutes.” He growled and hung up the phone. His eyes wandered around the room and disappointment was clearly shown on his face. He had been able to keep his shit together for six months but a part of him felt good to let out all that pent-up aggression. He really needed that release.


‘Right on time.’ He thought as he heard the doorbell. He shook his head and wondered why that stupid officer from before couldn’t have the same courtesy. No, that idiot had to knock. He opened the door and yanked her inside. He slammed the door shut and pushed her up against it as he crashed his hungry lips on her.

“Mmmwhthll.” She mumbled when she felt his fingers dig deep into the bare skin of her hips. She placed her palms on his chest and tried pushing him off her. This only angered him more, so he parted her legs with his knee and raised up into her pussy. He quirked a brow and stepped back.

“You’re a bad girl Madison. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Naughty. Naughty.” He cupped her chin as he began dragging his index finger ever so slowly down her neck, to the middle of her breasts, passed her navel until he reached her bare pussy. She panted slightly in anticipation. Her already drenched pussy ached with need. His breath fanned on her lips as he slid his fingers up and down her slit feeling her wetness.

He wasted no time as he shoved his fingers into her cunt and rapidly thrust them in and out in a furious pace.

“Mmm Alex.” She moaned.

“You like that don’t you, you whore.” She nodded in pure ecstasy. “You like it when I shove my fingers in your warm pussy and fuck you with them don’t you, you slut?” She nodded again.

She gasped and arched her back off the door pressing her chest to his when he curled his fingers inside her and hit her spot.

“Do you want me to fuck you with my cock after I make you cum?” He licked and sucked on her neck nipping on it leaving marks.

“Yes.” She breathed out.

“Well, too bad. You ain’t getting shit until you make me cum.”

He pressed her cheeks together with his left hand causing her lips to pout and he shoved his tongue into her mouth. He devoured her and she gasped when she felt him shove his fingers even deeper into her slit. She opened her legs wider and wrapped one around his hip allowing him to fuck her deeper.

“Alex. Please.” She begged as she felt the heat in her body starting to overtake her senses. She grabbed onto his biceps to hold herself up. Her legs were wavering at the overwhelming sensation of his fingers inside her pussy. They scraped her walls oh so well and she bucked her hips trying to get more friction on her clit.

“You only cum when I tell you.” He gritted as he kissed her harsh and deep. He bit her bottom lip and tugged at it then licked her parted lips. He stuck his tongue out and licked her mouth all over like a caveman. He palmed her aching clit as he continued to thrust in and out of her slippery slit. The wet sounds emitting from her core as he finger fucked her made his cock twitch harder in his pants.

She began to pant as her orgasm was building up.

“Alex. Alex.” She breathed out slowly yet heavily as she was ready to release.

“Cum for me Madison. Cum for me now.” He squeezed her throat choking her just enough to where her air supply was cut off allowing for double the pleasure. He rubbed her clit fervently and she gasped when she felt the familiar knot in her lower stomach.

Her toes began to curl, and she clenched so hard that her pussy felt like a vice on his two fingers.

“Harder Madison. Cum harder on me now!” He pushed them in further as her climax reached her. He let up slowly with his fingers letting her ride her orgasm out.

“God, that was so fucking sexy watching you cum for me like that.” He kissed her more arduously once more as he began to ease his way out of her slit.

Watching her come undone at his will, always made him want to dominate her in every aspect. He loved a submissive woman and knew how to please them too.

She whimpered and whined when he lifted them off her pussy. Several strands of her slimy coating attached themselves to his fingers. He brought them up to her mouth and prompted her to lick them.

“Open your mouth and taste yourself baby.” She kept her eyes on his as she obeyed. She enclosed her mouth around them and swirled her tongue all around making sure to clean them off well and she swallowed every drop.

He grunted when he pulled them out slowly only to be stopped by her hand at his wrist leaving them inside her mouth. She continued to lick and suck on them, bobbing her head backwards and forwards making sure to never look away from his eyes that were cast straight at her.

He bit and tugged at his bottom lip slowly releasing it as his cock began to throb. She held on to his wrist and used it to shove his fingers in and out of her mouth making sure he saw her tongue in action. It was so erotic as he imagined those plump lips of her wrapped around the tip of his cock as she swallowed him whole.

He quickly yanked them off her mouth, ripped open her coat and tossed it to the floor leaving her completely bare. He took a few steps back and just admired her body. She was gorgeous. There was no doubt about it. She was toned and tight and curvy in all the right places. The dim lighting made her tanned skin glow and made her dark eyes look more mysterious than they already were. Her long flowing brunette locks cascaded down her bare chest covering one of her dark and perky nipples.

“Come.” He motioned with his fingers.

She sauntered her way over to him and stopped as she came within two inches of him.

“Take them off.” He ordered.

She was quick to slide her fingers into the waistband of his joggers and brought them down slowly along with his boxers.

“On your knees.”

He took his cock in his right hand and pumped himself as she went down.

He took his left hand and fisted her hair from the root tugging her head upwards. He looked straight into her eyes as he spoke with his dominant voice while placing the top of his cock on her lips.

“Now suck.”

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