Heart of a Killer (18+)

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Dead or Alive

The tires of Alessandro’s car screeched as they came to a halt at the morgue’s parking lot. As soon as he could, he put it in park and hopped out the vehicle not even bothering to turn off the engine or close his door. He rushed inside the building almost pulling the front door of its hinges.

Right now, he couldn’t give two shits if anyone stole his car. Madison could possibly be dead, and he was about to lose it if it was true. She was the only good constant person in his life who made it all worthwhile in his fucked up world.

“Hey!” The receptionist yelled out as Alessandro dashed through the office in full force. “Sir! You can’t go in there!” She bellowed and huffed in anger. She picked up the phone about to dial the police when a hand came down on the phone’s hook and hung it up.

Patrick stared her down and shook his head daring her to dial again.

“Put the handset back and leave it.” He firmly stated.

“But the-” She pointed towards the morgue where Alessandro had left to.

He showed her his badge and silenced her.

“I’ll deal with him. You just get back to your job.” He started walking away but not before turning back to look at her to make sure she did as told. Alessandro’s constant yelling became more prominent as he neared the morgue.

“Shit.” He whispered knowing how heartbroken his friend must be right now. He pushed the door open slowly and saw him kicking and punching the metal lockers situated in the room. He furrowed his brows in confusion as he was not sure what the fuck was going on.

“What the hell’s going on?” Patrick put his hands out in front of him motioning for an explanation.

“He can’t tell whether it’s Madison or not.” Liz mentioned once she reached Patrick’s side.

“Huh? Why? What’s the-?” The words got caught in his throat as he took in the gruesome sight before him. “Holy shit.” He whispered before bringing his hand up clasping it over his mouth to hide the surprised expression on his face.

Right before him, laying on the cold metal slab, was a young female whose head had been severed from her body. Her face was completely sunken in as if she’d been kicked in the face with a foot from directly up above. It was extensively smooshed along with several bruises that made it nearly impossible to determine any facial features. Her maimed body was so grotesque, he felt his stomach turn and before he knew it, he rushed to the trash can and threw up completely emptying his contents.

“You okay?” Liz asked as she soothed his back. She too had been on the verge of spewing her guts on the cold tiled floor, but she managed to hold it in somehow.

“Yeah.” He inhaled a great amount of air before exhaling slowly.

“Here.” She handed him a tissue and a bottled water.

“Thanks.” He took a sip of water and swished it around his mouth before spitting it out and then proceeded to wipe his mouth. “How the fuck is he not in a pool of his own vomit?” They both turn back to look at Alessandro who was still acting all sorts of crazy. Patrick sighed. “I know I would be.”

Liz nodded in agreement.

“I guess he’s used to it since he’s been exposed to this since he was a kid.” She figured.

“I get that. But, how the fuck is seeing a woman’s flayed body a normal sight to see? It’s not every day we come across shit like this.” Patrick whisper shouted as he took glances back and forth between the dead female’s body and Liz.

Liz just shook her head in ignorance.

“Alex?” Patrick carefully approached him feeling as if he was walking into the lion’s den. Never knowing if he would make it out alive or not. “Is,” He paused. “Is it Madison? I mean do you think it’s her.”

“I DON’T KNOW!” He screamed out in Patrick’s face as he tugged harshly at his own hair. “I DON’T FUCKING NOW. TELL ME HUH?” He walked over to the slab in strides and pointed at her corpse. “How the fuck can I identify her body when THERE’S NO FUCKING SKIN ON HER?” He growled making sure to emphasize the last word to the point where his body shook showing off the bulging veins all over his neck and face and then punched the table in massive rage unaware of the scalpel on the surface.

He hissed in pain as he felt his skin cut open.

“FUCK!” He quickly applied pressure and all present were quick to rush to his aide.


He looked around the room in what appeared to be a frantic state, and all were hesitant to approach him in fear of one of them making the wrong move and making Alessandro more crazed than he already was.

He sped from one side of the room to the other as he searched for gauzes and as soon as he found them, he wrapped them around his hand and blasted the door open leaving the room at once.

“Where are you going?” Patrick yelled out to him as he followed right behind him to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.

“Home.” He deadpanned as he went to his car.

He pulled on the door handle so fast that he stumbled backwards when he realized it was locked.

“The fuck?” He furrowed his brows and began patting his clothes in search of his keys.

“Looking for these?” Patrick dangled them from his fingers as he stayed on the other side of the door as he feared Alessandro would no doubt tackle them out of his hand without caring if he sustained any injuries or not.

“Toss them.” He ordered as he lifted his good hand.

“Nu uh.” Patrick shook his head. “I won’t let you drive in this condition.” He protested with good intention.

“GIVE ME THE FUCKING KEYS PATRICK!” He demanded and started making his way over but his friend was a step ahead and moved around the car as he saw fit to make sure he stayed out of Alessandro’s way until he reached the driver’s side.

“Wait.” He yelled. “If you really want to go home, I’ll drive okay?” He pleaded putting his hands up in defense as to not make his friend more upset.

Alessandro was fuming and his chest was heaving but after much thought, he simply gave a curt nod and waited for the door to open.

“Okay then.” Patrick put his hands down. “Let’s get you home. Get in.”

The drive back was done in complete silence. All that was heard was Alessandro’s heavy breathing along with the constant tapping of his foot on the car floor. He was jittery and there seemed to be no way to stop it.

“We’re here.” The car comes to a halt on the driveway.

Alessandro wastes no time in going over to Madison’s house next door and bangs roughly on the door. When she doesn’t answer he begins to look through her windows in hopes to find her sleeping or some shit. When all attempts seem futile, he goes around the house to the side and opens the side door that leads to her backyard. He tries to open the sliding door in the back and to his luck, it’s open.

He gasps upon entering.

“What the fuck?” He mutters.

The whole house has been completely trashed. All her furniture had been tossed and turned upside down. The picture frames on the wall now lay crushed and broken on the floor.

He treaded carefully through the mess, but a cracking sound made him go still. He looked down and sighed in relief as it was just a few broken shards of glass that he had stepped on.

“Madison?” His voice practically echoed in the silent home. “Madison, it’s me Alex. Are you here?” He heard a noise behind him and immediately reached for his gun but came up empty.

He mentally cussed as he forgot he had turned it in two days ago. He reached down and wrapped a piece of his gauze around a large piece of glass and readied himself.

The noise became louder meaning the person was near. As soon as the person was at earshot, he turned around ready to strike.

“Whoa! Chill!” Patrick put his hands up in defense. “It’s just me man.” His trembling hands did not go unnoticed by Alessandro, so he dejectedly let the glass slide from his grip and shatter more as it hit the floor.

“Is she here?” Patrick asked as he too walked in. “What the hell happened?” He spoke out loud.

“I don’t know but this isn’t Donovan’s M.O. Whatever this is, is definitely not him.” Alessandro walked in further into the house and started going down the hallway and pushing doors open hoping to find her in one of them.

“Then who do you think caused this and where the hell is she then?” Patrick scanned the area for any possible clues and tried to come up with different scenarios in his head that could lead to any potential suspects.

“I don’t know.” He heard his friends voice resonate through the empty hallway.

It was eerily quiet and that didn’t sit well with him.

He was about to speak when he felt a hit on his neck and immediately passed out.

Alessandro snapped his head towards the sound of the thud and slowly took the appropriate amount of steady and silent steps to check it out. He cocked his head slightly out from the corner of the wall and saw two men dressed in black hoodies wearing gloves.

“Hurry up and get her shit before anyone finds out it was us. We can’t risk anyone finding out what we did with her body.”

At this, Alessandro became possessed. He forgot all protocols and as soon as he could, he came out from the shadows and lunged himself at the perpetrators who had taken away his woman.

He wasted no time in side-kicking one of the men’s head straight on and knocked him out instantly. He then turned his attention to the other man and using great force, pushed his leg out straight into the man’s abdomen fully knocking the air out of him.

As soon as he went down, he straddled him and grabbed him by the collar and got in one solid punch to the eye. He was about to punch again, when the hoodie slipped off and Alessandro’s arm stilled in midair.


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