Heart of a Killer (18+)

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Worse for Wear

“How the fuck did you get out?”

Alessandro snarled into Murat’s face. He was dumbfounded as to how Madison’s ex got out of prison when he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for aggravated domestic assault without a chance of parole.

Murat just dry chuckled as he licked the blood off his lips and that irked Alessandro to the core. Without hesitation, he lifted his arm once more and laid down a brutal hit to Murat’s jaw making his head hit the floor hard upon impact.

“What did you do to her? Where is she?” He growled into his face once he picked him up by the collar.

“She’s dead and you’ll never find her.” Alessandro flinched when Murat spit the blood in his mouth onto his face.

“Motherfucker.” Alessandro landed one more hit to Murat’s eye causing it to split open at the brow, but he couldn’t care less. “You’re a fucking liar you piece of shit. Now, where...the...fuck...is...she?” Alessandro kneed him in the balls to make the asshole aware that he was deadly serious when it came to Madison’s well-being and whereabouts.

He received no response, and he became even more infuriated. He looked around the trashed room to find a big piece of glass and when he found it, he let go of Murat and picked it up. As soon as he came back to him, he stabbed it right into his outer thigh and twisted it sideways to inflict more pain.

“AAARRGGHH!” Murat clutched onto his leg and contorted in pain. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” He screamed out in visible agony. “THAT HURT!” He spat.

Alessandro smirked as he reveled at the sight. This was surely nothing compared to what he did to Madison and he knew he deserved more but he couldn’t kill him yet until he knew where she was, whether it be alive or dead. If she was indeed dead, then she deserved a proper burial.

Alessandro picked up another piece and stabbed his other leg. Piece by piece he shoved into the fucker’s skin until he finally gave up.

“FINE. FINE. OKAY. I’LL TELL YOU. JUST, FUUUUCCCKKKK. STOP!” He begged in surrender as he squirmed around in his own blood trying to gather enough strength to breathe properly.

Alessandro stood tall and hovered over him astride his torso.

“Speak.” He commanded as he kicked his ribcage.

“I-I have no idea wh-where she is.” He gulped trying to catch his breath. “Wh-when we got he-here-” He coughed out. “She wasn’t anywhere to be found. Her place was already trashed and” He coughed again. “and Hayat, her cousin, well, we-” He clenched his eyes in pain.

“You what?” Alessandro urged.

“We think we might’ve killed her.” He confessed. “So, we came back to take her things so that nobody would know what happened.”

“So then where the fuck is Madison?” He asked again as frustration was starting to seep in deep into his skin.

“Hayat mentioned a guy coming by two nights ago and that she hadn’t seen her since.”

Alessandro furrowed his brows in confusion but remained still until he got all the information he needed. Too many things were bubbling inside his head and he needed to remain calm before he fried his brain out overthinking things.

“Where is Hayat?”

“In Burak’s car out back.” He quickly said in fear of Alessandro giving him more hell.

“Is that all? Nothing else was done or taken?” He calmly spoke.

Murat just shook his head in response.


In one quick swoop, Alessandro’s right arm came out from behind his back and without hesitation, plunged a huge piece of glass into Murat’s chest right above his heart. He kneeled astride and shoved it as deep as possible with both hands making sure to apply heavy pressure until it reached its desired depth.

Murat’s hands came to Alessandro’s wrists trying to move them out of the way, but it was futile. He squirmed for about thirty seconds before he released his grip from Alessandro’s wrists. His gurgling sounds as the blood splattered and dripped from his mouth in his last moments, were all that were heard in the empty home. With one last shudder, his eyes rolled back, and his body went limp signaling his death.

“Serves you right you piece of shit.” Alessandro seethed.

Immediately, he wiped down all the shards he touched and went to the bathroom. He washed his hands before opening the medicine cabinet and taking out some hydrogen peroxide. He spilled some on toilet paper and cleaned his face and neck to completely remove all traces of blood. Once he was done, he cleaned the sink and the bottle before putting it back and flushed the used toilet paper.

He went out the back door and hopped over his fence to his own backyard and proceeded to change his clothes into similar ones and went back to Madison’s.

“Shit.” He cussed when he didn’t see Burak’s body inside the house. He did a quick scan of the area outside and saw some bloody footprints on the grass, so he followed them. His car was long gone but at least Hayat’s body was left behind.

“Fuck.” He muttered.

He went to her aide and checked her pulse. Luckily, she was still breathing. Barely, but alive, nonetheless.

As he head back inside to use Madison’s landline since his phone was almost out of battery, he was startled upon hearing Patrick’s voice.

“Did you do this?”

“Jesus fucking Christ.” He put a hand to his chest and snapped his head Patrick’s way.

“He had it coming.” He deadpanned.

“We’re meant to protect people Alex not kill them.” Patrick finally looked up and cast his judging eyes on his. “Why?”

“They were planning on killing Hayat, Madison’s cousin. That, and he escaped prison threatening to kill Madison as soon as he got his hands on her and I couldn’t let that happen.” The lies he spewed came out like second nature. “Plus, I’m just helping rid the world of one less worthless asshole. Trust me when I say no one will miss him.” Alex walked over to the landline and dialed 911.

“911. What’s your emergency?”

“I could put you away for this.” Patrick quietly spoke as he came to Alessandro’s side with hands in his pockets and just watched Murat’s body being taken away in a stretcher by the coroner.

“I know.” Alessandro said and then turned to his left to look at his friend. “But you won’t.”

“Why are you so sure?” He inquired as he kept facing forward.

“Because you would’ve already. Besides, we both know I did everyone a favor by killing him. Madison can now rest in peace.”

Patrick made no movement because he knew deep down that even though what Alessandro did was wrong in God’s eyes, it was right in the people’s eyes. At the end of the day, and in a weird way, he upheld his oath by protecting the people, even if killing Murat was the way to go about it. Madison was not his first victim and she certainly wouldn’t have been his last once he got out.

“Speaking of.” He finally turned to face Alessandro. “Where’s Madison?”

“Not a clue but I need to go back to the morgue. I remembered something and I need to make sure.”


“Yeah. I’ll call you later to let you know.”

With that, Alessandro got into his car and went back to the morgue to confirm his doubt. As soon as he arrived, he went straight to Hank and asked him to check for what he was looking for. He was terribly dreading the outcome and when it was unfortunately confirmed, he lost it.

He bolted from there and headed to the bar. He needed to get drunk and forget this day for good. The only woman that he cared for was taken from him and he couldn’t cope. It as a reminder of his past and it was beginning to eat him alive.

After a lot of drinks, he somehow managed to make his way home. He opened the car door and dragged his feet to his front porch. His hand reached for the doorknob and as soon as he pushed the door open, he froze. The stillness in the room was otherworldly and heavily surreal. He stood in between the frame and without warning, broke down.

He was suffocating. All the strength he had melted, and he had never been so weak. The last time he broke down he lost someone very dear to him. Madison was his salvation. If it wasn’t for her, he would’ve gone on a rampage and gotten himself killed. His ex-wife was useless and left him high and dry to fend for himself all the while milking him dry by taking her monthly alimony check. She was a fucking bitch.

The heaviness in his heart was excruciating and it ached like never before. It felt as if it had been thrown out of a moving vehicle and run over a couple of times.

With her death, he no longer held any hopes or dreams. He felt he had endured all the pains possible a human could bear without turning to suicide.

For now, silence and solitude would be the only way he could be honest with his burdened heart. To him, there was a slight peace in his loneliness, yet the silence was deafening.

It was so quiet that he could hear his own breathing and his heartbeat pounding hard inside his chest. He began to hit his chest hoping it would come to a still, but his inner turmoil wouldn’t let it rest.

Her death was the last straw. He had to get Donovan and kill him now.

That goal was set, and it would be the only way his victim’s deaths wouldn’t go in vain.

He composed himself as best he could and got in the shower letting all his sorrows disappear down the drain along with his tears. He put fresh sheets on his bed and fell asleep right away by clutching on to Madison’s pillow feeling thankful that her scent still lingered.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

Alessandro groaned at the sound of his phone. He twisted his body to reach for it on the nightstand, and without looking at the caller ID, he answered.

“Hello.” He croaked out with closed eyes.

“Hello?” He repeated as the line was silent.

He removed the phone from his ear and took a quick peak to see if the call was still active. Seeing that it was, he brought it back and spoke again.

“Hello.” He frustratingly stated.

He huffed out as nothing was heard but just when he was about to hang up, he heard some static.

“Man, it’s-” He looked at his phone again. “3:32 in the fucking morning. Stop fucking around or I’ll trace this call and kick your fucking ass.”


“That’s what I thought asshole.” His finger went to press the end button and right before he did, he heard a voice.


He shot straight up off the bed feeling fully alert and fell right on his ass.

“Madison?” He whispered in utter surprise. He stumbled as he stood but immediately began changing into some casual clothes getting ready to go to her.

“Alex, I.....your.....I’m.....running.....warehouse.....lost.....my.....shot.....bleeding.....help.”

The static didn’t allow any clarity in her sentences.

“Madison, I don’t understand. You’re cutting out. Slow down and just tell me your location.” He slipped into some sneakers, rushed out of his car and started his car.

“Don’t know........docks.........Piers.......hurry.”

Alessandro’s eyes went wide. It was the same place that Patrick had stated to belong to someone who knew Donovan. He needed to get to her right away before anything else.

“I’m coming baby. I’m coming. Just don’t hang up.” He pleaded like never before.

He pulled out his work phone from the glove compartment and hurriedly dialed Patrick’s number.

“Hello.” Patrick answered after several rings.

“It’s Morello. I need you to wake the fuck up and get backup to Lottie Daniels’ house on Piers St. out by the docks. Madison’s alive.”

“What? How is that-wasn’t she-”

“GOD FUCKING DAMN IT CLARKE. JUST DO AS YOUR TOLD!” He roared with impatience.

“Madison baby. Are you still there?”


“Madison?” He yelled out.


He almost hit the brakes at the sound of her screams but relaxed once again when he heard shuffling in the background.

“NO! Don’t.....me....I’m-”

Her words were cut off and he banged on the wheel in frustration. She was so close yet so far away and he feared he wouldn’t be able to get to her in time.

“Mr. Morello, nice to finally put a voice to the face.”

Alessandro’s blood drained from his face and his body went into shock when he heard his voice. Time seemed to have stood still and his heartbeat was almost non-existent.

“I’ll fucking kill you, you son of a bitch.” He snarled.

“Good luck with that. Hope you make it in time before I kill your precious girlfriend. She sure was a fun fuck. Quite a feisty little thing. It made it that much better.”

“I’m going to rip your fucking dick off and fuck you with it before I shove it down your throat.” He was so close to wanting to reach into the phone and yank him out if possible.

Donovan chuckled in clear amusement.

“I’d like to see you try. I’ll be waiting.”

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