Heart of a Killer (18+)

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Mouse Trap

“How far away are you?” Alessandro asked Patrick as he was nearing Lottie’s residence.

“About fifteen minutes but backup should be there in five.”

“Tell them to be as discreet as possible when they arrive. Have them slow down their vehicles and turn off the lights and sounds. I wouldn’t want anyone making a fucking mistake that could possibly harm Madison, or worse, get her killed.” Alessandro gripped the phone tightly in his palm and tried to calm himself down.

The frustration and worry of him being responsible for another death were unbearable. His heart was still aching from earlier in the day recalling the moment he thought she had died. And honestly, he was still a bit drunk from the excessive amounts of alcohol he ingested afterwards.

How the fuck is she alive?

The thought made its way into his brain as he was positive with what Hank had mentioned. She had a missing molar on the bottom left and a front upper tooth due to the beating she received from Murat, so she had dental posts. Once Hank made an x-ray of her mouth, he confirmed it. So, who the hell was that at the morgue?

Did Donovan make the female appear to be her?

Was it a coincidence?

Was he hallucinating from the drugs he took earlier?

Was he still asleep and this was all a nightmare?

He had no fucking clue.

He was on edge. So, before he made any rash decisions, he took in a deep breath to clear his thoughts and get some form of clarity for it was the only way he could function at full capacity.

Losing her was not an option.

“Just don’t do anything crazy and wait for us Alex. Don’t be stupid.” Patrick affirms as he knows his friend very well. He’s been under a lot of stress and he’s not in the best state to be making any decisions.

“Can’t promise you anything.” He admitted and hung up.

The vehicle slowly came to a stop about a block and a half away from Lottie’s doublewide. He ducked down into his seat and surveyed the area as best as possible with his binoculars. Seeing no movement, he decided to act.

He checked his Glock 22 pistols to make sure they were loaded and packed two extra magazines just in case. He slid one into his holster and kept the other in hand. Doing a quick double-check around the area once more, he kissed the thin piece of metal around his neck he called a cross and hoped for a positive outcome.

Before getting out of his car, he made sure to turn off his interior lights and carefully and very quietly closed the door to his car as to not make any noise. It was so quiet that a simple exhale of breath would be heard. He squatted down low enough to be hidden from plain view. He walked around his car a bit and stepped on the grass with his full weight and sure enough, it made a crunch sound.

“Fuck.” He muttered.

He raked his fingers through his hair and scoped the place out. He narrowed his eyes at a pathway about fifty feet away near the front entrance of her home that was barely illuminated by the dim and flickering corner light post.

“Shit.” He sighed heavily knowing it would be the only way to get in undetected, but he had to be smart about it. He looked around the area once more before making a quick and awkward run at it. He bent his body forward just enough as to where he was only half the height he normally is and ran as fast as he could.

He pressed his back to the cold metal trailer and took in a deep breath and twisted his head side to side to make sure no one was around. As he was about to take a step, he noticed three black cars in the distance and felt relief as they followed his instructions.

He pulled out his cell phone and texted Patrick to proceed with caution.

As soon as he saw the officers scattering all over the area, he made a move. He slowly glided along the trailer until he reached the back door near the bathroom. He saw the light on the tiny window making him aware that someone was there. He scanned around for anything he could use to hoist himself up or at least give him a way to peer in.

In the far back of the yard, he could see a small shed, so after a few seconds of contemplation, he rushed to it and was lucky enough to find a small step ladder. Once he set it up, he peaked through the small window only to find it empty.

“Fuck.” He whispered so quietly, he barely even heard himself.

He was about to step down when the door opened revealing a woman. She farted even before she closed the door and that was definitely his cue to leave. He didn’t need to see that shit. Literally.

He picked up the ladder and walked a few feet further down the side of the trailer only to stop at another window and once again, it was empty. He made his way all around it before concluding that Madison was not there, and unfortunately for him, that meant Donovan wasn’t there either.

Buzz. Buzz.

He peered down to his phone and saw Patrick’s text showing that no one was there except a woman in what appeared to be a toilet as they had used the infrared lights.


Why didn’t he think of that before going around the place like an idiot? He mentally facepalmed himself at his stupidity. He gave up thinking that Donovan was playing mind games and before another decision was made, he had to meet with this team to assess. But just as he stepped away to place the ladder back, he heard a muffled sound.

He whipped his head in a flash towards the sound with narrowed eyes. It seemed to be coming from the space behind the shed. He walked in a squatted position once more and through the cracks in between the wood panels of the fence, he saw another shed a few feet away.

“Psltmgo” He heard it again but this time, it was clear it was a woman.

“Madison.” He muttered under his breath in fast manner.

Without wasting any time, or being rational for that matter, he jumped over the small fencing and did a quick check before moving further. He was being reckless, and he knew it but just the sound of her voice, drowned out all rationality.

Seeming clear after a few minutes of waiting, he approached the door opening and to his favor, it was slightly opened. He pressed his face against it and with one eye, scoped out the place. His jaw clenched and his heartbeat erratically when his sight fell upon Madison.

She was tied up to a chair with some rope but what broke his heart was the state she was in. Her head hung low, straining her neck muscles. Her usually groomed hair was completely disheveled, some strands of it clinging to the blood dripping down her forehead. Her arms and legs were severely bruised to the point where welts were visible. Aside from the obvious, she was barefoot and barely wearing any clothing.

The thin fabric of her nightgown did nothing to bring warmth to her skin on her shivering body.

He couldn’t wait any longer and took the chance to enter, closing the door behind it. He hurriedly strode in her direction and dropped to his knees right in front of her.

“Madison?” He quietly called out to her as he picked her head up, cupping her cheeks and moving her hair back. Her head flailed as she hardly had any strength left to even open her eyes.

“It’s me baby.” He pressed his lips on her softly as not to injure her cut up lip any further. “You’re safe now.” He reassured as he kissed her once more then let her head go carefully. He glanced back over his shoulder at the door as it made a sound but noticed it was just the wind. Feeling as calm as could be, he reached into his pocket to take out his pocketknife and began to slice the rope frantically.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

His phone was blasting with notifications, but he couldn’t give a shit right now. His main concern was to get her out safely before Donovan came back. That is, if he was even around to begin with.

His teeth were gritting to the max and he was breathing heavy as he tried to cut the rope with the small tool, but it was proving to be more difficult than expected. The strands alone were thicker than a normal rope, making it vastly impossible to cut as fast as he would like.

“Fucking Donovan.” He hissed through his teeth.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

He huffed out in frustration as the damn twenty-first century tiny robot kept cutting off his concentration.

“Ugh.” Madison groaned at the feel of the first layer of the rope snapped, making her shift in her position in discomfort.

“I’m so sorry baby. I’m trying.” Alessandro frustratingly told her.

The grass creasing outside made his ears perk up as well as his head.

“Shit.” His heart began to pound in his chest at a hundred miles per hour. Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead and some dripped into his eyes, clouding his vision in a matter of seconds. He wiped them off with the back of his hand and continued to cut.

As he was nearing the second layer, the knife fell from his hand and he dropped to the floor with a vast amount of pain.

He groaned as his body contorted in all different types of way, straining, and pulling at his muscles and bones. Unable to breath properly due to the pain, he felt the oxygen in his lungs escape him. He tried with all his might to intake small sharp breaths through pursed lips, but it deemed futile.

Unaware of it all, he was being watched from the moment he arrived in his car by Donovan who was in the vacant house next door through the cameras he had set up earlier in the day. He smirked as his recently purchased taser came in very handy. All he had to do, was wait for Alessandro to take the bait, and sure enough, he did.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Detective Morello.” He taunted as he sauntered his way over with a smirk.

“Yfussjfsdfkh.” Alessandro attempted to speak but was unable as Donovan upped the current that shot through him like a bullet on the side of the neck, where the darts had punctured his skin. Alessandro’s hands went to his neck in an attempt to remove them, but before he could, Donovan placed the stun gun on his nape and almost immediately, Alessandro passed out.

His sinister laugh provided a soothing comfort to himself as he finally had him where he wanted.


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