Heart of a Killer (18+)

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Catch & Release

“Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.”

Donovan hummed a tune in peace when he heard loud footsteps outside the shed in Lottie’s backyard.

“Keep an ear out for anything and keep your guard up.” He heard the whispers through the stillness of the night.

“Idiots.” He said to himself as he was finishing up tying Alessandro’s hands and feet after gagging him first. That fucker sure did have a mouth on him so that was the first thing to go.

As soon as he finished, he sent a text to his brother to proceed with the plan. In less than two minutes, the ground shook as the explosion a block away gave way. It was the perfect distraction to give him enough time to take Alessandro and Madison to the small stolen fishing boat he had waiting at the docks just a hundred feet away. If those police officers were smart, they would’ve noticed it right away, but no, those glorified securities were too dumb to even wipe their ass right.

He carelessly tossed Alessandro’s body into the wheelbarrow first before putting Madison on top and rolled out casually out of the shed making sure to glance back every now and then to make sure no one saw. Upon reaching the dock that he had already coated with a form of wax as not to make any sounds, he sped up. As soon as he reached the end of it, he tipped the wheelbarrow forward to dump the bodies into the boat. He untied it from the post and used the paddles to go towards the stream. It was only about two hundred feet away, but he couldn’t risk the sound the motor made until he was passed it.

Buzz. Buzz.

He glanced down at his phone and saw his brother was calling.

“Hello.” He answered on his wireless headset.

“Did you make it out okay?”

“Yeah. It went just as planned. I’ll meet you at the warehouse in thirty.”

“Got it.”

Alessandro fluttered his eyes open due to a seemingly familiar blaring sound of metal.

“What the?” He groggily let out as he was coming to feeling like his usual self after a drunken night. He tried lifting his hand to control the pounding in his head, but it didn’t budge. He blinked rapidly in an effort to clear his vision, and once he was able to, he noticed he was handcuffed to a metal chair. He absentmindedly yanked on it, the metal clanging alerting Donovan to his feet.

“Ah. I see you’re awake detective.” He smirked.

Alessandro head snapped up when he heard him speak and immediately took in his surroundings. He seemed to be in a warehouse room of some sort. Plain black undecorated walls made the room feel smaller than it really was, as the only lighting source was two heavily illuminated lights that hung low from the ceiling.

Even in his daze, the urge to kill the bastard in front of him with his bare hands never ceased. It was as if being able to be so close yet so far away from the most wanted criminal, gave him the jolt of adrenaline he needed. It coursed through his veins, pumping his heart frantically without capacity.

His mind was boggling with questions trying to assimilate just how the fuck everything went wrong. He had been so careful yet, here he was, handcuffed to a bolted down chair by the wrists and ankles. As he looked around the place trying to find a way out, he went still when he cast his sight on Madison.

She was out cold on the floor looking lifeless. He zeroed in on her chest to see if there was any movement, and after about thirty seconds, her chest slightly rose allowing him to breathe out in relief.

“Don’t worry. She’s not dead.” Alessandro’s eyes snapped up at Donovan and his jaw was clenched down so hard, it was about one pressure point away from disjointing.

“Not yet anyway.” He chuckled in amusement.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you.” Alessandro gritted in fury.

“Mmm hmm. Sure.” He dismissed the claim. He wiped his hands with a small towel and tossed it to the ground before turning to Alessandro. He leaned on the slab and crossed his arms across his chest before speaking once more. “And just how do you supposed you’re going to do that?” He quirked a brow. “I’m very interested in finding out.” He expressed with a smug plastered on his face since he knew the only way he could escape would be with the key he currently had in his jean pocket.

“I don’t have to tell you shit.” He spat and started tugging at his restraints over and over causing the criminal to roll his eyes in annoyance.

“That’s no use you know.” He tipped his head forth to gesture at the handcuffs. “I made sure to buy the reinforced 2017 model so good luck with that.” He grabbed his bottled water and took a sip, his gaze never faltering.

The sound of metal against metal ceased as Alessandro heard an important detail in his sentence. For the first time since waking up, he relaxed back onto his seat with a blank expression as he glared straight into Donovan’s dark green eyes.

“Damn detective. Blink or you might actually stay that way.” He commented.

Alessandro kept his eyes open, tilting his head side to side sporadically just studying the man before him. It had been too long since he dreamed of having the fucker within the same space as him, so now that he was here, he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.

“You know.” Donovan turned back to work on the female body currently laying on the slab. “I honestly thought you were smarter than what you’ve led me to believe. Did you honestly think I made a mistake at that pizza place?” He huffed through his nose.

Alessandro squinted but his lids still refused to close as he listened.

“I made the mistake on purpose to lure you in.” Donovan turned the saw back on and proceeded to slice into the woman’s ankles until the sound of bone cracking came through. “I knew you would find me eventually.” He twisted the ankle until the foot came off and tossed it on the table next to him. “That fucking officer was lucky I wasn’t in the mood for a kill that day, otherwise, you’d still be searching for me.” He spoke over the sound of the saw.

“What are you rambling on about?” Alessandro questioned with curiosity.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Madison’s fingers moving. If he was going to do something, he had to do it now before he realized that she was waking up.

“I wanted you to find me.” He stated.

“Really?” He remarked sarcastically.

Donovan simply hummed and nodded.

“I’ve been trying to get rid of you for months now detective, but I just never seemed to find the time. You have one hell of an alarm system at your home that not even my best men could decode and get into. So,” He moved around the slab to the other ankle and this time, he was facing Alessandro. “I figured the only way to get you was to give you a clue that would lead you straight to me.”

He began to panic as Donovan had a clear view of Madison and feared he might see her squirming.

“Why now?” He inquired as he began to fiddle with the handcuffs.

He shrugged.

“Don’t know. Guess I got bored and needed some fun.”

“So you thought best to kill me out in the middle of nowhere instead of shooting me in broad daylight where my body could be found and cremated?” He scoffed while pressing for information, but really, he was just buying time to undo the handcuffs.

One detail Donovan failed to note, was that the reinforced 2017 handcuff model was recalled due to a glitch in the lock. With the right amount of pressure, it snapped open. Unfortunately for Alessandro, he didn’t have the means to yank as hard as he wanted without Donovan looking his way, and he couldn’t risk him seeing the cuffs open.

“Why not? I mean-”

Madison’s groans were audible now and Donovan took notice immediately.

Alessandro clenched his eyes shut and gritted hit teeth, inwardly cursing himself as he squirmed in his chair.

“Wonderful.” Donovan’s small, purposed steps stopped right next to her body before he squatted down low enough to pick her up and carry her bridal style to another slab that was previously prepared just for her.

“Leave her alone. You got me, so let her go.” He pleaded as anxiousness seeped through his skin making his heart feel heavy.

“Where’s the fun in that?” He quipped as he laid her down.

“Why do you need her? She was only bait. You could’ve simply left her behind.” His mind was itching to know why he had brought her along. It made absolutely no fucking sense.

“Oh, you’ll see.” He mused.

Without warning, Donovan stabbed Madison on her side just below her ribs with a small knife.”

“AAAARRRGGGHHH!” Madison’s painful scream was beyond deafening despite her fragile state.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Alessandro yelled in surprise.

“You want to know why I brought her detective?” He nonchalantly asked as he stabbed Madison again on the other side. This time, it was more calculated. The blade met the soft flesh, making a satisfying squishy sound as the tip sunk just deep enough to bring upon her harrowing screams.

“STOP IT!” He demanded as he began to tug harshly at his restraints hoping for them to snap open.

“NOOOOO!” Madison yelled out in agony as she lifted her arms trying to swat Donovan’s away from repeating the action. Only two stabs in and she already felt like dying. On the third stab straight through her belly button, he twisted the knife in such a manner that the noise of her muscles and nerves inside grew immensely louder, bringing forth a sickening and wicked smile to his face as he relished in the motion.

Alessandro took this awful opportunity at her expense as he started to feel some loosening on the cuffs. He just needed one more yell to set himself free.

Please forgive me Madison.

He thought to himself as the following action would be the lowest thing he’d ever done in his life and knowing how much she cared for him, would be detrimental to her mental state. He just hoped she forgave him after explaining his reasons on why he did it.

“Just kill her already.” Donovan’s hand stopped midway through the air upon hearing his words.

“Oh?” He quirked a brow.

Alessandro’s shoulders slumped to appear defeated and breathed out a heavy breath.

“I can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry Madison but even if he stops now, I can’t accept you in this state. I might care for you but not anymore. You’re no longer beautiful in my eyes. How can I have someone that’s mauled up in my life?” The words painfully escaped his lips, hoping it would do enough damage to bring some sanity back to Donovan’s perturbed mind.

“Wh-what?” She barely made out the words through a shuddered breath. The guttural choke she had was followed by a cough and the blood in her mouth squirted without refrain. The small thick drops dripped down her mouth, onto her chin and to the floor. Each droplet hitting the ground in the same spot now formed a miniscule puddle.

“I said I can’t accept you like this. You’re ugly now and I don’t date ugly people.” He shrugged as the words came out like fire, burning his tongue in the process.

As physically hurt as she was, nothing could bring forth the ache in her heart more than his words.

Whoever said: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t ever hurt me.’ was clearly and invertebrate deaf idiot.

A part of her refused to accept it as she thought it might be a part of a ruse to be freed, so then why did she feel it to be so real. Her heart was crushed. Despite his awful temper, bad cooking skills, and loudmouth, she truly loved him. She had never been shown so much care by someone in her life, even if his care was miniscule. If it had not been for the horrific incident a year ago, she would’ve never given him the time of day.

They were both broken beyond repair, but in their situation, these two poor broken souls were gluing each other back together with kind gestures, long talks, and wild sex. It wasn’t the ideal relationship to have, if she can even call it that, but it was real and raw.

Donovan just watched the whole exchange in silence as his eyes switched back and forth between the two. He made no further attempt to wound Madison as he was already getting a kick out of their banter.

“What are you waiting for? Just put her out of her misery. Trust me when I say that no one will want her if she looks like a female version of Deadpool.” He spat viciously to add to the reality of it.

“Alright then.” Donovan said awaiting a protest but received none.

Madison simply left it to fate. She wanted to yell out to him to stop but she was weak. Her body was becoming cold as the chilly air in the room seeped into her wounds, causing slight shivers. What was the use in fighting when no one wanted her? Hell, she barely wanted herself, but Alex always made her feel special in his own way. So, she did the unthinkable. With all the strength she could muster through her pain, she laid flat on her back and closed her eyes, awaiting her imminent death.

All Alessandro could think of in this moment, was how fucked up he truly was. His harsh words had obviously affected her psyche to the point of indirect suicide.

He began to shake and breathe heavy as that was not his intention. He just needed one more yell but if this was the consequence, then he would have to forfeit the thought and go with plan A. As Donovan picked up a butcher knife, ready to give her the final blow, he went down hard to the floor.

Alessandro had managed to set himself free from the chair but kept one handcuff on his hand to use as a weapon. He quickly straddled the 6′5", 240lbs man and began to pummel his face with the metal, making sure to hit his mouth as often as possible. Alessandro was about to throw another punch when he was yanked off, hitting his knee on the foot of the slab.

“FUUUCKK!” He let out in pain.

In a matter of seconds, he was being pummeled by another large man. Sergio, Donovan’s brother, one who he had no idea existed. Alessandro took hit after hit to his jaw, cheek, and head. The scorching sensation Sergio was leaving with his large hand was tremendous. He was nearing double vision, so he had to act quick. In a quick and swift move, he swiped his leg hard against and under Sergio’s causing the latter to lose his balance, falling to one knee.

Alessandro took this opportunity and fought back as he once again gripped the handcuffs through his fingers and held onto it like brass knuckles and hit him right in the balls. It was a cheap shot, but it was clearly efficient as it did its job. Sergio doubled over on his back, hands on his dick trying to gasp for air. Alessandro got up and kicked him with his shoe right on the face and knocked him out.

He turned back to finish Donovan off but he was nowhere in sight.

His eyes widened in panic. He quickly rushed outside to an empty field in the middle of nowhere. He ran around like a crazy person, knowing full well that without a gun, he was basically dead meat as he could be shot at any second. Not only that, but he was being careless as he scanned the area.

“NOO. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.” He hit the trunk of the tree in between each word exasperatedly. His hands turned to fists and began to punch the tree feeling completely distressed. He just let the biggest opportunity of his life slip by.

He kicked and punched that damn tree until he tired out. He slumped down falling to his knees in dejection and sobbed like a baby. He pulled and yanked at his hair in frustration. Deciding to let it all out, he allowed himself to fall on the floor as the dainty raindrops started to fall from the sky.

His slow cries eventually turned into strained laughter as even the weather cried for his loss.

Fifteen minutes passed before he was able to pick himself up when he heard a noise.


In his haze, he completely forgot to go back to check on Madison. He immediately rose to his feet and ran as fast as he possibly could. His lungs constricted as they required more oxygen than he was intaking and his legs burned at the outer thighs.

He flung the door open but froze upon entering.


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