Heart of a Killer (18+)

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Shock of a Lifetime

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

Alessandro was losing his mind as the sound of the analog clock hanging behind him on the hospital wall that seemed to be counting each passing second of his life. The ticking of each of the hands as they moved was mocking him, reminding him that time was essential and of utmost importance.

The fabric of his jeans at the knee was about a thread away from coming undone from all the rigorous nitpicking he had been doing to it since he arrived at the hospital two hours ago.

“Any word?” Patrick asked as he walked into the waiting room with two hot chocolates and a Danish he got from the vending machine.

Alessandro quietly shook his head, putting his hands on his face and ran them up and down in distress whilst sighing heavily.

The last time he lost someone, he about lost himself. The thought of suicide definitely crossed his mind a vast number of times in the days that followed. At one point, he didn’t care that the killer was still at large, he just wanted the constant pain to be gone. It wasn’t until the night he had already chosen to kill himself, that everything changed.

After having cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, leaving no dish unwashed or dirty clothes uncleaned, he settled himself into his bedroom’s corner couch. He had dressed himself in a nice three-piece navy-blue suit ready to end his good for nothing life after having lost the one person that meant the world to him.

As he aimed the gun at his temple, ready to shoot, he heard a noise outside which caused his eyes to flicker over to the window. He narrowed his eyes in focus as he heard it again, but figuring it was an animal of some sort like a bird, he shrugged it off. He took a deep breath, leaned his head back and closed his eyes getting ready to try and put an end to his life once more. Right before he pulled the trigger, his eyes snapped open at the squeal.

The sound was so faint, but with the quietness of the night, even the breeze of the wind was heard.

“Help.” Madison’s soft, meekly whimpers pushed him out of his suicidal thoughts. He scurried to his window, peering down at her from the second floor. His rage at the sight disrupted his previous thoughts as he bolted down the stairs, jumping two at a time, and made his way out the back door. In a swift move, he jumped over the wooden fence and lunged at Madison’s attacker, knocking him off her back.

Her husband was straddling her back, pressing all his weight down on her as he choked her with a belt tugging on it backwards towards him hoping it would snap her neck. One of her hands was trying to yank at the strap whilst her other hand was palmed down on the wet grass hoping to find a grip. Her fingernails seeped through the wet dirt, not allowing her to grab at anything due to its slipperiness. It was pointless.

“You motherfucking piece of shit! How dare you lay your hands on a woman you fucking coward!” He roared without hesitation as his attack continued. Punch after punch, hit after hit, he let out all the pent-up aggression he held within him for months. Even after Murat was knocked out cold, he kept going until he heard Madison speak, snapping him out of his daze. He shoved his limp body harshly on the ground, kicking at his ribs one more time before turning around.

“Hey, are you- Oh shit.” He gasped as it was then that he noticed how savagely beat up she was. Her entire face was swollen and tinted with a dark shade of purple, indicating that it was done recently. He squatted down low to pick her up, but still when she groaned in pain, moving her right arm over to her left one. He clenched his eyes in fury when he saw her arm dangling off her shoulder, clearly it had been dislocated. Even at his attempt to get her to walk was futile as a bone was protruding from her bruised flesh at her ankle as well as a shift in her hip.

Through her police statement, he found out that she had suffered through many forms of abuse by Murat during their three-year marriage. Having no one besides her cousin, who lived in another country at the time, she stayed with him despite his cruelty not wanting to feel alone. She had come to the states as an illegal immigrant and was only able to obtain her green card through marriage. Fearing deportation, she tolerated his vile behavior and often made excuses, making sure to cover up his deplorable actions on her body.

This angered Alessandro to the core as he was clearly in it for the sexual benefits as he figured through many of their conversations. She was basically his slave and wondered why he went through so much trouble when he had seen him with many women over the course of time after he moved in years ago. He had never seen Madison, so he wasn’t even aware she existed, never mind, married.

He himself was left alone after losing everything, so he sought out to help her with everything she needed, including taking her to her doctor’s appointments, therapies, eating, paying for her home provider, and making modifications to her home as well as she would need to be in a wheelchair for some time. This caused an even bigger rift with his ex-wife that left him feeling defeated, but it was through her recovery, that he recovered himself.

She lent an ear to his never-ending talks and found him to be quite charming despite his aggressive attitude and found comfort in his determination to make her better. He, on the other hand, found it odd at just how easy it was to talk to her. She was kind and patient, and never once judged him like everyone else due to his crassness. He too became fond of her and never looked back.

She saved him at a time where he didn’t want saving.

Yet through it all, they managed to form a friendship. One of which he never had from a woman. Even his ex-wife was a one-night stand. She was a good fuck and he loved sex. It was a win-win, until that uneventful day that turned their world upside down. She left him to deal with it on his own, but not Madison. She was there through it all as soon as he opened up to her, and he would forever be grateful for her.

“Here.” Patrick handed him the coffee and snack. “I figured you might need this after the long night you’ve had.”

“Thanks.” Alessandro curtly nodded in appreciation before taking a small sip of the warm drink.

“Wanna talk about it?” Patrick tried to open up the conversation as he took the seat next to him, but Alessandro simply shook his head. Patrick sighed knowing full well how closed off he could get when it came to his emotions. Before the death that altered his state of mind, Alessandro was still an asshole, but at least he was happy.

Going out every weekend and having a cookout at his house was always a staple in their circle of friends. He was practically the life of the party, but now he barely left his home or had anyone over that wasn’t him or Madison. He understood though, never pressing for more than what he could give.

Patrick sighed heavily hoping for a miracle, otherwise, it would only further aggravate and push his friend further into the rabbit hole known as depression.

“Family of Madison Yildiz.” The doctor came into view.

Alessandro quickly stood up and strode over in a hurry, leaving Patrick behind without a care.

“That would be me.” He stated.



“Right. Well, Mr. Morello, I’m Dr. Harris. I treated the patient.” The doctor cleared his throat and shifted his weight side to side on his feet before speaking. “Mr. Morello. Unfortunately, Miss Yildiz suffered a great deal of blood loss from the severity of her wounds that it resulted in her going into hypovolemic shock. She came in unconscious with unnerving shallow breathing and an extremely low pulse to the point where it was so undetectable that we thought she had passed away during the drive over in the ambulance.”

Alessandro’s hands turned into fists and his jaw clenched down hard at the news as he inhaled deeply trying to calm down his altered nerves. He felt even more guilty for leaving her unattended whilst he went looking for Donovan. What if he had taken longer? What if she would’ve died whilst he tried to avenge someone’s death? He could never forgive himself for being the sole reason she would no longer be alive.

“Now, we managed to stabilize her by stitching her up and giving her a blood transfusion. But,” He exhaled. “we detected Coumadin in her blood.” Alessandro’s tilted his head sideways as his brows knitted in confusion. “It’s a blood thinner Mr. Morello.” The doctor declared.

“I know that.” He waved dismissively. “But why would she be taking that medication when she’s perfectly healthy?” He inquired, crossing his arms across his chest feeling extremely confused. He went to every doctor’s visit since her release from the hospital a year ago and had never come across any illness that would require such pill to be required. It was just two weeks ago that she had her monthly checkup, and she came out with a clean bill of health.

“I don’t know either. She seems to be in perfect condition, so my guess is that whoever injured Miss Yildiz, wanted it to be permanent.” The doctor said with a sad look on his face.

Alessandro’s chest constricted with severe pain at the thought of Donovan wanting to end her life as a means to get back at him for not relenting in his search to kill him. Now, more than ever, his determination to make sure that son of a bitch was ten feet under increased tenfold. “I’m sorry to inform you that due to the blood loss, she suffered a heart attack.” Patrick’s eyes went wide, and his mouth slacked, leaving it agape.

“We lost her twice in the operating room before stabilizing her. We had to give her dopamine to increase her heart strength and improve her circulation to create better blood flow to her kidneys seeing as to one of them was damaged during her attack. The knife penetrated deep enough to cause failure. She may even have permanent damage.” The doctor swallowed hard as he knew what he said next would be even more devastating given Alessandro’s clammy and pale appearance.

“Lastly, Miss Yildiz showed a grave impact to her skull which resulting in massive swelling, or as we like to call it, intracranial pressure. This pressure can prevent blood from flowing to your brain, which deprives it from the oxygen it needs to function.”

“Where are you going with this?” Alessandro interrupted as his anxiety was shooting through the roof. Patrick stepped two feet closer to be at his side in case his friend lost his shit.

Dr. Harris palmed his forehead running it down his mouth and neck and sighed heavily once more.

“Mr. Morello, I’m sorry-”

“No-No” Alessandro snapped, drowning out the rest of the doctor’s word. He panicked and started pacing up and down just about ready to burst a vein. This was it. His only other reason for living was gone too. How could he be so stupid to have let this happened?


Fucking stupid.

I’m a worthless piece of shit who can’t even keep anyone safe.

I’m an asshole.

A useless and shitty excuse for a human.

She deserved better.

The words repeated over and over in his head whilst he hit his temples with fisted hands wanting his inner voice to drown out.

“Oh God.” He hovered over the trash can feeling his insides churn. The nausea hit hard and before he knew it, he threw up to the point where he was just dry heaving.

He wasn’t a man of many emotions, but right now, he cried like a baby, not caring who saw. The tears just dropped down one after the other with no will to stop them.

He could hear Dr. Harris and Patrick calling out to him, but it was all jumbled.

“Alex, calm down.” Patrick grabbed Alessandro’s shoulders and steadied him, shaking him out of it. He wanted to slap him, but he refrained feeling it was signing his death sentence.

“DON’T FUCKING TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!” He bellowed, putting his arms in between his friend’s, and swatted them off harshly off to the sides, causing Patrick to stumble and not giving two shits if the entire hospital woke up.

“Mr. Morello she’s not dead.”

“What?” Alessandro whipped his head in the doctor’s direction with a puzzled look on his face.

“She’s in a coma.”

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