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The Executive Summary

- Throughout the rest of Act I, we see the continued development of the team’s work. But when Conor has an accident resulting in brain trauma, the team’s work grinds down. Conor and the rest of the team come to the unsettling conclusion that they must use their own revolutionary but untested technology to treat him.

But it is indeed untested, and complications result, forcing them to replace more of his organic brain matter with their synthetic versions. And as Conor takes on more synthetic brain cells, he aids in the acceleration of his own technology.

Act II is “Brain.” Here we see a corporate legal contest over possession of Conor’s new matter. To his team, friends, and family, perhaps to himself, he is the same person - probably. To the corporation, his brain is composed of materials that is the result of intellectual and actual property of the company, and they want possession. This results in imprisonment and an astonishing escape.

Act III is “Power.” We start to see the extent of Conor’s new, well, power.

“Human.Brain.Power.” is available on Amazon here - - along with my other titles.

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