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Lily wakes up alone and afraid in the middle of the forest. Unaware of how she got there, a familiar voice whispers into her ear. “I need you to let me into your mind and into your thoughts. I need you to let me in completely.” When worlds are turned upside down, many lives are affected. Dreams can shatter in an instant and hope will not last forever. “I can give you everything you want and more. I will be the magic story you’ve been told.” When a creature of the dark comes, baring a message, will love be able to last a lifetime or will the cracks of doubt force the last bit of air from Lily’s lungs. “Only two more years and you will be mine forever.” He smiles down at her lovingly. “Now go, you shouldn’t get separated from the group.” He hugs her one last time before ushering her into the forest. “I will meet you here again tomorrow.” This book can be classified as a fast-paced romantic thriller, inspired by the lyrics of my favorite song.

Thriller / Romance
Lana Foxx
4.8 207 reviews
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Celene smiled, flushed and wholly satisfied, where she lay naked beside her former lover and new husband, Constandios. Husband. Her heart fluttered at the thought as her thumb idly brushed the heavy metallic band on the inside of her ring finger. The intricate design of tiny wolves engraved into its exterior teased her touch and she knew what lay there even without looking. She’d etched it to memory as soon as she laid eyes on the beautiful ring. It had been a wedding gift from the Kingdom of Lighthaven, handmade by one of their High Fae.

Her thumb continued to trail the band. It was the only thing she wore, and she wouldn’t have it any other way, not tonight at least. It was their wedding night; the start of their happily ever after. Celene’s chest warmed. She was no longer a lone ruler, a kingless queen. No. She now not only shared her throne but also her bed with him. The love of her life. A High Fae warrior from her own kingdom who had stolen her heart with his strong jaw, deep voice and mesmerising eyes.

Constandios was no royal, but he was a strong and fearless warrior. A commander in her army of shifters. Known for his wit and incredible skills on the battlefield, he had caught her eye the moment he was elected the new commander of region 32. A congratulatory ball had been held in his honour and Celene couldn’t stop herself from accepting his hand when he had offered her a dance.

It was then, on that night that she realised her heart had been gifted to him, with or without her consent. He had swept her off her feet and entwined her in his web of lust and love. Love. She turned, facing Constandios where he lay motionless beside her, staring at the ceiling, his chest rising and falling at a quickened pace. He was still slightly out of breath, his lips swollen and cheeks rosy. Her lower belly pulsed at the sight, at the image replaying in her mind. The cause of his exhaustion.

Above them a chandelier dangled, illuminating the room in a warm, soft glow and highlighting his masculine features. She could look at him for ages. The long black lashes lining his eyes, the way his damp hair stuck to his skin, the curve of his lips. Those same lips which had… her heart stumbled. She studied the curve of his throat, the bob of his Adams Apple as he swallowed. The thick column of his neck glistened with a thin layer of sweat and she inhaled slowly. Deliberately. Breathing him in.

Love. She loved him with all of her heart. She’d do anything for him and shuddered at the thought that she now belonged to him, and he to her. She’d given every aspect of her being to him. Emotionally, mentally and tonight, physically. She’d do it over and over again until her dying breath, Celene silently swore as her chest swelled with pride.

Delicate white hair fell around her face, covering the pillow beneath her in a soft mass of silver. Her fair skin was warm to the touch, set alight in the furnace of passion. They had consummated their marriage mere moments ago, the lingering effects of it still coursing through her. She was high on love, intoxicated with desire. Her thighs quivered in the aftermath of their lovemaking, her loins vibrating with release.

She had never been with a man before. She’d saved herself for him; her fated mate. The other half of her soul, her heart. Although she hadn’t known who he might be for several decades, she’d wanted to be the best for him, whoever he might be. It wasn’t until she’d met Constandios face to face that she knew; he was hers.

He didn’t blink as he stared up at the light shining from above. Flames danced, reflecting in the brown golden haze of his eyes. Twelve fat candles burned brightly from within the immaculate chandelier. Celene followed his gaze, wondering what he was thinking. Her own mind remained muddled and hazy, thick with a mixture of pleasure and emotion.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked, her voice barely a whisper. Her fingers found his warm, damp skin, trailing over a cluster of hair where she lay her hand flat, her palm resting on his inner thigh. She loved that she could touch him, where and whenever she wanted.

Finally, Constandios blinked. Once. Twice. With glassy eyes, he turned to face her. The brown orbs she’d fallen in love with darted over her face, searching. Reading. He seemed to be on the verge of tears. Celene turned onto her side and brought her hand up to cup his cheek.

“Is everything alright?” She asked, feeling the overwhelming emotion swell within her.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he kept his eyes fixed on her. She understood he didn’t have words for what he felt because neither did she.

Her fingers slid over his jaw, trailing down his neck to where she had seen him swallow earlier. For a moment, she closed her eyes, imprinting the image of him into her mind to linger there for all eternity. She wanted to remember him, this moment and its perfection until the end of her days.

A sharp pain shot through her, intense and excruciating. Her eyes shot open, finding him still laying next to her with a strange look on his face. Her fingers began to tremble in his neck as she slowly looked to her side. Hot red blood gushed from a deep, open wound.

He slammed the dagger into her side again, her body curling into itself on its own accord. The blade sliced through the opening between two ribs, sinking into her chest cavity through layers of muscle, arteries and tendons.

Thick, salty liquid pooled in her mouth and the smell of metal filled her nose. Blood. Hers.

Celene didn’t feel the pain in her chest, in her lungs as it filled with blood, drowning her from within. What she felt was her heart, raw and shattering. Betrayal. Through blurry vision, her eyes found him again. Releasing his hand from the hilt, Constandios left the dagger inside of her as he took her cold, trembling hand in his. His hand warmed hers as she felt the iciness of betrayal run through her veins. Darkness crept along the corners of her vision, but he was there. His brown eyes stared patiently, waiting for her end to come.

Tears and blood soaked the bedding beneath her, streaking her silver hair with crimson. She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t scream. The only sound she made would be the gurgling coming from her chest. Celene’s mouth opened and closed on an airless choke as the curves of her cheeks grew ashen.

‘Constandios’, was the last word she mouthed with blood-stained lips before her eyes too lost their shimmer. She had loved him. Had given him everything, and he butchered her like an animal.

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