One’s Evening Nightmare

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A Collection of dreams, Actual and Day

Thriller / Romance
Harly Quinne
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The Nightmare

The red sports car pulled up the long circular drive way, its lights illuminating the mansions large cathedral style oak doors.

The car stopped and its purring engine was silenced.

a male figure emerged from the right drivers side and going around, opened the door for a female figure. The figure that emerged was wrapped in the softest of sable, a long gown peeking out, richly swishing from underneath the jacket. The gown and her jewels glittered as the figures passed through the headlights, shadows silhouetted upon the great oak doors. She opened her purse and unlocked the door with an antique skeleton key. He left her there and going to the car turned off its headlights. She watched, undoing her sable, exposing a magnificent diamonded necklace to the lights. An explosion of fiery colours rippled across her throat for the briefest of time, before the expensive cars headlights were distinguished.

He walked up the door, seemingly a little hesitant. She beckoned him with a gloved finger, a ring sparkling ever so gently in the waxing moon brite cast. He came up to her, she hugged him, “what’s up Luv” she whispered endearingly, “you seem a bit out of sorts over wanting me to leave the party early?”

“Nothing atoll my pretty one”, he said, forcing a smile,” lets head upstairs.”

“Night caps on the bedroom balcony, what a marvelous idea!” she whispered earnestly. They disappeared inside.

She undid her sable and let it drop to the floor, exposing her satin gown and the jewels she wore in their entire opulent splendor. “Come” she said, and taking him by hand she started to lead him up the grand main staircase. They had turned none of the mansions’ lights on. The moons rays coming in through the open first floor windows cast thin veils of rays. Rays that touched many of the homes furnishings, enough that one could tell that the whole house had a quite singular feminine touch, and the lower rooms were filled with all sorts of expensively beautiful objects.

“The servants have the night off?” he asked querulously. “Yes darling, like you suggested! That is one of the reasons I thought we should come home early!” “ Oh come on, quit pouting, you weren’t having that good of a time now, were you!,” she teased, before gleefully bouncing up the stairs ahead of him, and he solemnly followed, lost in his obviously deep thoughts.

She stopped at the top. Looking back at him quizzically. ”That’s strange, the maid left my parlour door opened? I will have a talk with that one..! She should not have been in their in the first place!”

They approached the door, and passing it without looking inside, opened another at the end of the hallway, and they both slipped inside.

The room was large with a sitting area just off the balcony doorway. A large canopied four poster was on the opposite side, with a large oak closet door next to it. A large oak dresser and long mirror occupied the wall across form the bed, and set on top was a large oak jewel case, which matched the dresser perfectly.

He led her out on the balcony and lit a cigarette. Calmly he sent puffs of smoke curling over the baloneys edge. “Darling” she purred, taking his arm,” let me get into something just a bit more comfortable, say the long green satin you adore having me in?” she promised winking.

He looked down at her, his eyes taking in her long diamonded earrings as they swayed, almost expectantly like they were trying to speak to him in a sparkly tongue.

“Okay luv, you do that he said, I will come in and make us drinks!” She turned happily, her gown swirling about her figure in a most pleasing matter. Not following, He went over to the balconies edge and looked over, his smoking cigarette dangling…

Her scream, when it reached his ears, was of course, not unexpected…

He threw, with unhurried purpose, his cigarette butt over the edge, watching its flame flicker down. Then turning, strode almost causally inside.

He came through the door and saw her standing there, a hand to her moth, where a wide diamonded bracelet sparkling feverishly from its wrist in the moonlit doorway.

In front of was standing a long, thin figure, outlined from the bedroom door where the mased newcomer had entered from the hallway. Out in the that hallway the parlor door stood , now quite opened. The figure was clothed entirely in black, wearing a black mask. A soft clutch was being carried in the right hand.

She turned and ran into her lovers arms for protection. “What do you want!” she demanded from her safe haven.

The figure gave no answer, just looked up at the man the wealthy young girl was holding onto.

That man pushed her away, and she went against a wall, spreading herself out as she looked inquisitively between the two.

He serenely looked over at the masked figure, as he calmly lit another cigarette.

Sending a wisp of smoke curling to the ceiling he spoke, looking at the girl.

“The dame decided to come home early, your plans have been changed.” He looked at the masked figure silently hovering by the door and nodded to the frightened girl. “Start by tying her up!”

He looked menacingly at the wretched rich girl. “Pity it had to end this way luv, if we had come home later, the robbery would have been all, and I could have kept on seeing you. Now, keep qiet, I need to think.”

She tried to scream, but her dry throat only let out a squeak as the menacingly dressed figure moved towards her, coming through the hazy smoke from his boss’s cigarette…..

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