One’s Evening Nightmare

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The Maiden Screams

Story 2

The Maiden Screams

She attending a dance in a neabye city staying at a charming Bread & Breakfast with some of the other gusts. It was a lovely cottage located on a hill above the loch with a back stairway leading down to a dock with a small sitting area off to one side .

For the dance she was wearing this rather sensuously elegant burgundy colored gown.

The bodice top is a halter with wide straps , the skirt is silk with an outer layer of glittery chiffon. Around the waistline was attached a satin sash. She also wore 3/4 length red satin gloves

As she move wearing her gown, the skirt whipped and swirled down from her waist in a most stimulating provocative manner, catching many an intriguing eye.

With her gown she wore some of her better diamonds, dazzling necklace and matching long dangling earrings. This also including a darling leaf shaped brooch pinned to the gowns’ sash and also the ruby and diamond cocktail ring the Lass had picked up this weekend in an antique store. One that is located in the village at the northern most end of the loch.This purchase costing her almost £4,000.

At the ball she danced, drank, and socialized the night away and and soon became rather overly dizzy from the both the excitement, and wine, consumed that evening.

Then, well after midnight as most of the guests were still at the dance, the pretty lass felt an urgent whim to go and sit on one of the antique benches set around the small landing back at the B and B cottage.

So she left the ballroom and headed back, driving along the dark, rather foreboding narrow roads.

Reaching the cottage she went inside to the basement room where she was staying. After refreshing herself in the loo,she grabbed a glass and a 1/2 bottle of wine and headed out and began her descent down the stairs to the landing next to the docks. She had meant to change , but seeing the reflection of herself wearing her flowing gown in the mirror,certain yearnings became sharper, and she decided to stay with her sexy look.

She stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned to look back up as an uncanny feeling swept over her that she was being watched from the house.

She shook her head to clear it. She should be the only one at home. The caretakers were out to spend the night with a daughter and thier new grandchild. All the other guests were still at the dance.

“No one is there you loon!”’she chided herself and headed down the stairs then over to the benches.

She was sitting there for some time listening to the water, contemplating a horny itch that had been felt growing all evening.

As she finished the wine she realized that upon fantasizing a wee bit too much , her sensual areas were becoming quite ready to burst

With an overripe burning sensation between her legs, She rose quickly and hurriedly left for her bedroom to take the overwhelming need directly in hand and deal with it.

She had had reached the the 1st floor landing to head down into the basement when suddenly she was quite rudely grasped from behind

Her whole figure jumped and she shrieked out a bit with being totally caught off guard..!

“Don’t move my pretty red bird” a voice hissed as something hard was moved along up against her sleekly gowned side , and then firmly pressed into her waist .

The poor lass’s heart was pounding in up in her throat!

She had done role play of this nature before with a former lover, but this feeling definitely was more intensfully acute knowing it was really happening !

“No cry’s for help my bonnie one!” he whispered snarling as he nudged her to go down the stairs into the basement bedroom.

Turning the poor girl around and she found herself face to face with a man chillingly wearing a black ski mask!

I only was interested in riffling through the contents of your rooms while your lot were out partying your rich asses off!

But the bonus of watching you appear for your ill timed return is most welcome!

He said this as he was eyeing me over , my long diamond earrings rich sparkle reflected in his evil eyes!

What do you mean She asked,shaking.

In answer his hand began snaking up my front and lifting up the swaying end of my twinkling diamond necklace .

I tried pulling back, but he grabbed me by the waist and held me to him, his figure hot with desire!

Your jewels luv, I believe I’ll have them then he purred nastily,with a conviction that left no doubts he meant it.

“Not my jewels sir” She pleaded miserably.

Grinning wickedly , Ignoring her whimpering pleas, he began working the Lass over quite thoroughly.

There was a mirror hanging down on the closed door and she could see her reflection in it, and ... his reflection also as he was working over her figure. It was the same mirror that she had passed when deciding not to change.

If she had, then he may not have waited and her room would have been burgled while she was outside the he would have left. Ans she would not have had to endure this!

She felt shivers running chilly up and down her spine while watching him robbing her from a quite different perspective!

Cringing each time he pawed at her as he took the jewels she wore, piece by shimmery piece.

And As she squirmed uncomfortably, he stashed it all away !!

He started with her gloved hands, peeling off her diamond bracket, then wrenching off all three of her expensive rings. Whistling as he looked over the antique ruby and diamond cocktail ring she had just purchased.

Her earrings were roughly pulled off next , followed by her diamond necklace being unfastened and whisked off over her shoulder.

The wanker was all too fondly enjoying this game of removing the pretty ladies diamonds that he was playing at her expense!!!

Lastly he reached down over to to her waist to begin prying off the shimmery valuable diamond broach pinned to the gown’s sash.

She loved that broach!

Managing to let out a sobbing, crackling dry plea for him not to take it!

Surprisingly, He listened and removed his hand from it promising he would not lay a finger on it, “Scouts honours” dame!

Then had her turn around so her back was to him.

“All right dame, lets see you raise those hands up, and keep ‘em there if you know what’s good fer you!”

Wondering “ what now ?!” She reluctantly obeyed.

He placed his hands upon the sides of her gown, reaching just up under the armpits, and started carefully to pat down from behind .

Knowing quite well he had taken her for everything and was now just playing, like a cat will with a helpless wee mouse . This monster was adding insult to injury while he was satisfying a dreadful lust to cope a feels long her tight fitting ultra smooth gown!

Typical bloke!

She realized that, Like a seasoned male actor, he obviously was a professional and had played this role enough times that he was self-confident, assuredly in control, and was cravingly, relishing every second of this wicked game!

Everything he did had a purpose, rhyme and reason behind it !

Sighing deeply in her misery and despair, frozen in place with an utterly vulnerably paralyzing distress!

Meanwhile he had reached into his pocket and pulled out some long silk headscarfs.

The unscrupulous Git must have snatched them from a drawer in another of the guest’s rooms upstairs.

“To make sure the creeping cat keeps your tongue!” he said as he gagged the lady silent with one!

Then he reached up, and yanking down her arms so the were behind her back, he tightly bound my hands with another!

Cheeky Bastard !

But the wanker wasn’t through with her yet!

He pulled her back up against his lustful body and soon she felt the cold damply sweaty fingers of his right hand reach up and happily grope along her breasts, while his left hand continued to securely hold her by the waist.

She squirmed in his firm grasp as he fondled about.

“Pity You’re not hiding anything there !” he hissed in her ear he withdrew his hand.

“Only one more hiding hole to clear my red bird!” he spoke matter of factley before taking deep breaths of excitement.

Knowing what was coming, she stiffened as he crouched down.

Cringing, she felt his hand press up inside her gowns flimsy skirt, pushing the damp material up in between her thighs as she put her legs together in an attempts to force the wankers hand out!!!

Back arching in the spasm she had been desiring all evening , as the thief’s right hands fingers attempted to penetrate and grope through the gown to reach up towards her now wet vagina!

She squirmed about trying to say through her gag., her words muffled “ I thought you have my diamonds isn’t that enough you touchy git!”

He laughed wickedly, then pulled out his fingers and rose quickly as he held his hands onto her waist for support!

“Nuttin in there either, guess I’ve cleaned you out dame !” he said chuckling at his crude humour!

Finally he stopped chuckling , than said

“Times a eating !” And pushed her over to the bed and forced her to turn and awkwardly sit down upon it.

The bastard was having her watch him as he worked over the room for more of her valuables!

As if what he had done so far wasn’t enough!

As she squirmed with acute anxiety , held tightly in her bindings, he went about it!

He was thorough she had to admit, quickly, unerringly, ransacking the room with expert precision, wasting no time, as he checked through drawers, riffling through the closet, quickly fingering over the expensive clothes he was finding within.

Then he searched the bed-stand, discovering her jewel case, which he spotlessly cleaned out!

He even pocketed her small gold (plated) antique brush with the rhinestone handle!

The thief was cannily taking anything found that was small, shiny, easily carried, and of any possible value!!

When he had finished, he went and stood over her.

“Anything I missed luv?!” he demanded loudly!

Startled, she couldn’t help herself.

He saw her glance over to the bed.

“The unethical stinker!”

“Thought so!” he said preening with satisfaction at his tomfololery!

Deflated, she cringed as directly he went over to the bed, bending over and picking up the pillow.

He grasped up the long thin silk purple slip she was wearing for a night gown and looked underneath !

He cackled as he plucked up greedily, the small black velvet satchel that had been hidden underneath the night gown.

He walked it over and emptied it onto his palm before her puppy sad eyes!

Tearfully,she watched as her pearls, her beautiful set of gleaming white pearls, spilled out onto his eager hand as he whistled his triumphant find!

Now her heart really plummeted !

The greedy, unscrupulous bastard, he had now taken everything with any value that she had brought on this trip with her.

Leaning over her shaking figure, staring down the Lass dead in the eye he smirked.

“Been ever so nice doing business with you, luv!”

He walked out of sight and she heard the door shut.

She managed to rise up from the bed as she fumbled with the silk scarfs that bonded her satin gloved wrists.

She looked up in the mirror and her heart sank at the reflection.

Her sash was gone and with it the broach he had promised not to touch !

He flagrantly lied and untied the sash with broach , unnoticed by her and must have slipped it off from around her thin waist as he was busy playing hornily around.

Never trust a bloody thief !

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