The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 8

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Widisha’s POV

“We shall meet soon and he will pay”.

I read the line, again and again, I couldn’t move, I wanted to scream but nothing came out. Somebody was there in this room even when it was locked how this is possible. My eyes were still glued to the words written on the letter, nothing makes sense at all. My mind was screaming to go out of the room but my body refused to move.

Suddenly I was broken from my trance with the ring of my phone. My heartbeat increased I remembered switching off my phone after messaging Abhi.

I picked up my mobile, my hands were shaking furiously, the screen flashed Mum’s number, I took a deep breath and answered the call.

“Hi! Mum”.

“Oh! Darling you are not well and why did you have to do all this”.

“What mom I am sorry I didn’t get you”. I said not understanding what she was saying.

“Darling I know it’s you now stop hiding, the courier guy mentioned your name”.

“What courier mum, I haven’t sent anything at home”.My heartbeat was increasing with every second.

“Bouquet of lilies darling, my favorite flowers.” She said with excitement.

“Mum I haven’t sent anything”.

“You haven’t sent it but the courier guy said it’s from you why would he lie?”

Her voice immediately changed from excitement to concern. I cannot tell her now, that person has reached till my house I cannot risk mum, thousands of possibilities were running through my mind.

“Widisha is everything ok?”

“Yes mum everything is fine, It’s just that I asked the courier service not to disclosed my name and they did I wanted this to be surprised”.

Lie, one more lie added on the list I don’t know how long this would go on.

“It's absolutely ok darling you know how much I love flowers don’t worry about it, now tell me how are you feeling?“.

“I am feeling much better now, I guess parties are not made for me”. I said.

“Come on Widisha cheer up my baby girl you need to allow yourself to enjoy as well there is no harm in that”.

“Will see mum, need to go now will talk with you later love you”.

“Love you darling take care”.

With a thud I sat down on the floor, how could my life change so drastically within a night? Someone knows my house address but how could that be possible.

Beep beep.... a message flash on my mobile screen, it was from an unknown number. My anxiety level rose reading that message. Why me, tears started to fall down my cheeks.

“I don’t want any third person interference in our private life. We will meet soon”.

The message indicates not to involve the police or anyone else or he will hurt my family. Bile rose from the stomach, I ran towards the bathroom and emptied everything I had eaten during the breakfast. I couldn’t help but I cried and cried, I never felt so helpless and so alone. I had no idea what to do.

Finally, God knows for how long I was inside the bathroom, I pushed myself out of it. Took the letter and rose and shoved it my purse, don’t want anyone to find out and complicate the situation even more. I looked at the wall clock it was evening around 5:30 pm I need to go out of this room, it is suffocating.

I unlocked the door and went out, the corridors were empty. For the first time, I noticed how big the place and definitely a very old construction.
All the flooring was of mahogany wood, walls were decorated with different styles of paintings. I didn’t know where Sam’s or Chris’s room was.
Walking I came to the end of the corridor, it had a beautiful French window along with a balcony overlooking the beautiful mountains of Shimla. Slowly I slid the window open and went out towards the balcony.

I took a deep breath of the fresh air and closed my eyes, I could feel the cool breeze on my skin, could hear the chirping of the birds it was a soothing and calming feeling. For the first time in these hours, I felt good.

“You should be resting, what are doing here?” a deep voice interfere in my peace thought, I turned around and saw Vansh looking at me questioningly.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to come here, I was just looking for Sam and Chris when I came across this and I couldn’t stop myself enjoying the view, will go to my room”. I said everything almost in one breathes.

“Hi! It's ok, you can be here as long as you want, I was just asking because the doctor said to take rest as much as you can”.

“I know but needed some fresh air as well” I whispered and turned around looking again towards the hills once again. I could see clouds settling down over the mountains, birds flying all over as it was near the time of sunset, the clouds were painted with different colors.

Somehow this was making me calm maybe that’s the reason I never want to go away from these mountains. I could remember the days when I was applying to colleges for my graduation mom and dad both wanted me to move to the metropolitan cities but I could never make up my mind about that. Maybe if I would have listened to them this wouldn’t have happened, unknowingly a sob escapes from my lips.

“Widisha..” I turned around hearing Vansh. I was a little surprised that I was not able to sense his presence even though he was standing so close to me. For the first time I noticed that he was so tall, well build, sharp jawline, and eyes so deep as if they have their own story. I could feel his breaths upon me, I wanted to take a step back but I couldn’t he has an intimidating aura around him. His hands gently touched my cheeks wiping of the tears, I wanted to say something but felt my lips has sealed on its own.

“Hi, beautiful what are doing here?”

I snapped out of my trance, Chris. I don’t know what happened but I ran into his arms embracing him tightly. I guess he got surprised because of my sudden action, even I was surprised by myself but when I felt him embracing me into his arms my body automatically relaxed. I don’t know why I acted this way but I was feeling a certain level of comfort and safety in his arms. I was happy that he didn’t say anything, I was enjoying the silence around us and the only thing which I could hear was the heartbeat of Chris.

“Will meet you down brother” I heard Vansh saying, could hear his footsteps moving through the corridor.

After a few minutes passed, I pulled away from Chris’s embrace. “Feeling better?” He asked. I nodded my head.“See I know my magic always works on you”.

“Oh! Chris you don’t need to fly on cloud nine”. On hearing this he made a cute pout which made me laugh.

“Will go the dining room and get you something to eat before my devil sister comes out with a plan of my murder because of me keeping you away from her”.

“Why do you and Sam always fight?”

“Darling because she is my devil sister”. Chris replied.

When we reached the dining room, Sam was already there and she looked pissed. “Widisha Kapoor care to explain where you were?”

“Oh! Sis don’t worry she was in my arms safe and sound”. Before I could say anything Chris opened his big mouth.

“You... I told you to stay away from her”. She was glaring at Chris. But he completely ignored her and turned towards me and said “See I told you she is a devil sister”.

I couldn’t help but laugh and Chris had a huge grin on his face.

“Widisha you too”. Sam said with a defeated voice.“Sorry Sam, I didn’t mean to upset you but I was searching your room when I came across the balcony and then Chris came, we were just talking”.

“Chill Widisha, I was just joking, although I am happy that you are looking much better now. Finally, my stupid brother has come in handy in something. Come on now you need to eat, you had skip your lunch as well”.

Sam and Chris fed me like a child, I was overfull. I had decided to take a break from college for two days but I would be moving to my room tomorrow morning.

I was feeling blessed that I am surrounded by such wonderful people who were trying their best to make me laugh and divert my mind from the nightmare of mine, only if they knew there is more story to it.

Unknow Person POV

Whenever I close my eyes it’s only her who comes to my mind. She is my only mine to keep and cherish for life and I cannot share her with anybody. Very soon she will realize the same.

She is my obsession and my desire for her is dark. I can shower her with all the love she wants if only she opens her arms towards me willing or else the demon inside me will take what is his in its own way.

“We will meet soon”.


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