The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 9

Widisha’s POV

It was Monday morning and I was not at all feeling well, my head was throbbing due to lack of sleep. Almost every hour in the night I got up with a feeling that somebody is there in the room but there no one. I know I was being a little paranoid about the whole situation but I can’t help it. Luckily I was having two days’ leave before I would join back on Wednesday. Chris had insisted that I should stay here till Tuesday and go back to my dorm on Wednesday but I said no, they have already done so much for me and I don’t want to bother them anymore, moreover, there was no way am I taking a chance and staying in the house alone when everyone is in college, god knows what that creepy person is up to.

After breakfast, everyone left for the college and I walk back to my room. Our things were still scattered as it was on Friday night before leaving, what all I had thought about the party and how did it turned out. The pain was still there but I had promised myself I am not going to cry over it anymore.

Slowly I started to gather things up and arranging them. I folded Sam’s clothes and kept them on her bed, she had tried almost ten dresses before she was happy with her attire. It took me a good one hour to set things up and clean everything, even got my bedsheet changed. It was around 11:30 am and Sam won’t be back before five in the evening. So I thought of taking bath and sleeping for some time as I was still groggy due to lack of sleep and since I had a very heavy breakfast in the morning I was in no mood to eat anymore.

Thankfully the bathing area was empty, I had no interest in talking with anybody right now. After taking bath I came inside my room and locked it from inside. While standing in front of my mirror, I was looking everywhere other than the mirror. “Come on Widisha, how long are you going to escape from looking at yourself” I was mentally scolding myself. Finally, after taking a deep breath I looked in the mirror.

The marks on my neck were almost gone except for redness in few areas but that’s barely noticeable. The handprint on the face has also faded, I was mentally chanting please don’t cry, please don’t cry I closed my eyes took a deep breath, and counted till ten trying to control my emotions, and thankfully it helped. I made a mental note of thanking Dr.Gupta for the gel when I go to visit her on Friday. Changing into my pajamas and I went to check the door once again if it was locked properly or not. I was not ready to take any chances.

Lying down on my bed and inhaling the freshness of the new sheets and pillow cover, it immediately relaxed my body. It was the first time since college I am going to take a nap during the afternoon time “if I minus the last two days”, back home during my vacation break I always used to sleep at least an hour during the afternoon. Mum and dad both used to tease me for being lazy but I never bothered. Well gone are those good old days with this thought I drifted into sleep.

I got up with the startling feeling that somebody was watching me again, looked around the room but nobody was there I took a sigh of relief. I checked my phone it was four in the evening, I slept almost for four hours at least it’s better than last night. A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts, who could be there? Sam still has an hour left before her classes get done plus she has her keys. I opened the door to see Anna was standing there and she looked pissed.

I opened the door fully to let her in, once she was inside I closed the door making sure to lock it properly. I was waiting for her to say something but she was just standing there and staring at me.

“Anna do you need something,” I asked. She glared at me again, this is not going be good.

“Widisha can you please care to explain where were you and why you are not replying to any of mine or Abhi’s messages” Her voice was increasing with every word.

“Anna...hmmm I was busy”. As soon I said it, I mentally slapped myself.

“Oh! You were busy doing what?“. Before I could say anything the door opened and Sam entered.

“Hi Sam, you are back early?” I asked.

“Yes had the last lecture-free so thought of checking you up? Hi! Anna what’s up?“.

“Nothing Sam, I was just asking Widisha where was she so busy to take out a minute to reply to our messages”. Anna replied with sarcasm, I know it was meant for me.

“Widisha was with me. We were staying at my uncle’s place for the weekend”. And before I could say anything Sam opened her big mouth, what’s with her and Chris they cannot keep their mouth shut.

“Oh! So you were busy at Chris’s place enjoying your weekend. Here we getting so worried because you literally vanished from the party and were not receiving calls since Friday. Do you have any idea how worried Abhi is, of course not you have new friends now not to forget one of them is the Dean’s son? Why would you even bother to talk with us?” Her voice was laced with anger but I know deep down she was hurt.

“Anna its nothing like that, I can explain”. I was trying to come up with something to cool down her anger.

“Widisha you don’t need to reason out anything with them, they don’t have any copyright on you. You are a free person and you have every right to make decisions about your life”. Sam said glaring at Anna.

“Sam please don’t..” I was pleading with my eyes not to start a fight here but it was all vain.

“I see, so you have a Rainchand acting as your lawyer now”. Anna yelled.

“Lawyer or not, she is my best friend and I am hers so Anna you don’t have any right to come inside our room and accuse Widisha with your stupid reasons”. Sam yelled almost in an equal voice.

“Fine so be it Widisha, I see you don’t have any value for our friendship. Please stay away from me and Abhi”. With that Anna walked out of the door and it closed with a loud bang.

I sighed and sat down on the bed, I knew that ignoring Abhi and Anna was not right and explaining them would be difficult but never thought things would get so messy.

“Come on, Widisha cheer up now don’t let her words get into your head. She was overreacting” Sam said.

“She was not Sam, they don’t know what had happened so they would be naturally worried. Anna and Abhi both are my friends from day one of my college and now I don’t know how to explain to them the situation”. I mentally screamed why my life cannot be boring without any kind of drama.

“Chill Widisha, she will come around. You need to give some time”. I just nodded, I have no idea what to do next.


What’s the fun of college without dramas.

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