The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 10

Widisha’s POV

Tuesday went on a slower pace than usual but I have no complaint against it. I was happy that I could focus on my studies without any kind of distractions though Sam tried to get me out of the room I was very adamant that I don’t want to go anywhere.

I also ordered all my three meals in my room and I have no guilt for being lazy or extra cautious.

Chris called thrice to check after he heard what happened with Anna, he wanted to meet but I was in no mood to go out of my room, and fortunately, he couldn’t come up to my dorm as males were not allowed in female dormitories and vice versa. Surprisingly received a text from Vansh asking me about my health.

Finally, it was Wednesday, I had made up my mind to talk with Abhi before he could say anything. I reached the classroom a bit early, almost fifteen minutes before the class so that I could talk with him but he was not here. I went in and sat at our usual place biting my nails nervously, “why things are so difficult for me” I mentally screamed.

“Hi beautiful, you are too early for the class”.

“Jesus! Chris, please never do that again I had a mini heart attack”. I said I didn’t even realize when he came in and sat beside me, I was so engrossed in my though.

“Oh! You should have seen you face Widisha, it was like you had seen a very handsome ghost”. He had his mischievous grin on his face.

“Why do flatter yourself so much?”

“Because I can as simple as that”. He said. I put me up hands in defeat, Chris had answers for all my questions.

It was already 8:55 am Abhi should be here anytime, I glanced towards the door again and my breath came to a halt. Abhi was standing right there and was glaring at me no he was glaring at us. I wanted to say “Hi” but nothing came out. Thankfully the bell rang and our professor came in, I was hoping to talk with Abhi once he sat down but he went and sat on the last bench. I saw a few students were giving both of us looks and it made me uncomfortable, why can’t people mind their own business.

“Ignore them, focus on the class. You can talk with that grumpy face after the class gets over”. Chris whispered from the side, I silently nodded. The class went as usual and occasionally few questions were asked by the students. The bell rang for the next class, before I could do anything I saw Abhi went out of the class. This is going to be difficult than I thought.

The day went on and I was not able to talk with Abhi as he kept on avoiding me. During my lunch hours, I was called by Chris’s Dad our dean just to check up on me and to give an update on the police investigation.

Apparently, they were still searching for the culprit and I couldn’t gather up the courage to tell him anything about my stalker. I was still afraid that he would hurt my family.

The day was longer than I thought and I had no luck in talking with Abhi, after the last class he literally vanished. I tried to call him up but he was not answering.

“Come on Widisha, cheer up now that grumpy face is overacting”. Chris was trying his best to lighten my mood throughout the day.

“Hi! Widisha how was your day”. I heard Sam calling from behind.

“Minus Abhi, the day went pretty long,” I said.

“What’s with Abhi?” She asked.

“Nothing is the grumpy face is high on hormones that all”. Chris said while acting like Abhi.

“If he troubles you like Anna, I swear I am going to murder him”.

“Congratulation sis, you just crossed 100”.

I was looking in between Chris and Sam “What’s a hundred?”

“It’s her list of people she wants to murder, we have a psychopath murderer in our family Widisha”. I couldn’t help but laugh.

We walked out of the college campus as Sam insisted to have dinner outside. I have not explored the area much, so I had no idea where we were going. After walking for ten minutes we reached to a café. I wouldn’t deny that the place was very comfy and cozy, it was run by an old couple. The interior was slight rustic but I guess that add-on to the beauty of the place.

“Like it?” Sam asked

“Yes, I do” I replied. “Wait till you taste the food?” Sam chirped.

We order for a wholesome meal Garlic naan, butter chicken, and Biriyani. I heard the door opened, I turned around and saw Abhi entered. Our eyes met for a fraction of a second before he turned around to leave.

I cannot miss the opportunity to talk with him, so I ran behind him.

“Abhi stop,” I shouted behind him. But he didn’t stop.

“Please Abhi listen to me just once please stop”. I was almost on the verge of breaking down in the middle of the road. Thankfully he stopped.

He turned around, walked towards me grabbed my hands took me to the side of the road.

“What do want to talk Widisha?” He sounded angry.

" I am sorry Abhi”. I said before making any stupid reason like I did with Anna.

“Sorry for what Widisha? For dumping me that night or ignoring my calls throughout the week.” His pitch was getting higher with every word. I have never seen Abhi so angry.

“Look Abhi I know you are angry with me but please try to understand it was never in my intention to hurt you or Anna in any way”. I said hoping he would at least try and understand that I am guilty.

“Do you know how worried I was, one minute I saw you dancing with that stupid Chris next moment you were nowhere to be found? How many times I had called you, have you ever seen my messages, and what was your reply that you are at Chris’s place that’s all”. He was yelling by the time he finished.

“Abhi please calm down let me explain”.

“Do you even know how it feels when the person close to you hurts you? I don’t like seeing you with those people especially that Chris”. His voice was low but loud to my ears, I hadn’t noticed till that time that he was standing so close to me our bodies were inches apart from touching.

“They are my friends Abhi” I whispered. My breaths were heavy and I knew I was close to a panic attack because I was not feeling comfortable with his closeness and shouting.

“Then what I am to you Widisha tell me?” He touched my shoulder and that’s all took for me to go back to those memories, tears started to flow down my cheeks and it was difficult to breathe.

“Back off Abhi, can’t you see you are making her uncomfortable?” I could hear Chris’s voice, but I was too emotionally occupied to respond and my blurry vision was not helping.

“Stay away from this Chris. It’s between me and Widisha”. Abhi warned

“Or what? I can’t stand here and watch you hurting her”. Chris shouted back.

I rubbed my eyes “Guys please stop fighting”. The last thing I want is a fight between Chris and Abhi.

“Ask him to leave, then we can talk”. Abhi said glaring at Chris.

“I am not leaving you anywhere near this fellow when I know that he is hurting you”. Chris replied back.

“I am hurting her? From day one you are troubling her. None of these would have happened if you were not in the picture”. With this Abhi grabbed my hands and started walking in the other direction.

“Last warning Abhijeet, I said leave her”. Chris said.

Abhi turned back and punched Chris on his face. I was too shocked to react before I could stop both were landing punched at each other.

“Guys please stop what you are doing”. My voice went to dumb ears so I ran inside the café to call Sam.

“Sam please come out Chris and Abhi both are fighting with each other”. I almost screamed inside the café as soon as I opened the door.

“Oh, Shit! What happened?” Sam asked.

“I will explain to you later just make them stop”. I couldn’t stop myself feeling guilty because I was the main reason for their fighting.

“Guys stop behaving like drunkard teenagers right now or I am calling the dean”. Sam screamed at the top of her voice. Immediately both their eyes snapped at her, thankfully the stopped.

“Chris you be with Widisha and Abhi you and I need to talk so follow me without a word”. It was relieving that both of them didn’t argue and Abhi went with Sam.

I looked up at Chris’s face, the side of his lip was cut and blood was coming out one of his eyes was slowing turning deep shades of blue. His knuckles were bloody.

“Why did you have to fight?”

“I didn’t want to, he started plus he was making you feel uncomfortable I saw the look on your face Widisha and I know what were you thinking.” I sigh I don’t know what to reply so I just asked him to sit on one of the benches as I went inside the café once again.

I felt all eyes were on me, I ignored and went towards the counter. I apologized for the inconvenience and asked them to pack the food. After settling the bills I came out of the café.

As soon I was out, I saw Sam and Abhi standing near the bench where Chris was sitting. OH! God no more fight, please.

As I approach near the bench, I saw all of them were extremely quiet, it’s very unusual especially when Chris and Abhi are together.

My eyes met with Abhi, I saw tears in his eyes and I immediately know what has happened.


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