The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 11

Abhi POV

I was beyond frustrated when Sam pulled me away from Widisha and Chris. She better has some good explanation rather than some puny excuse, I thought.

“What’s your and Anna’s problem? Why do you think so highly about yourself that Widisha needs to inform you about everything?” Sam screamed at me.

“It’s none of your business”. I replied, she was irritating me. The thought of Widisha comforting Chris was killing me.

“It is my business Abhijeet, she is my best friend and I will not stand and watch your child like behavior affecting her emotionally. She is too naïve to answer you back and you are taking advantage of that situation”. She screamed at me again.

“What do you want me to do, tell me?” I know she doesn’t have anything better to say.

“Simply ask her”.

“Ask her what? Anna did and she replied that she was busy. So what do want me to ask the details why she was busy? Maybe busy fucking your sweet brother......” Before I could complete Sam landed a punch on my face followed by another.

“What the hell Sam?” It was my turn to scream back at her.

“Don’t you dare to open your filthy mouth about her or I will beat the shit out of you” Sam shouted on top of her voice.

“You want to know what had happened that night right, she was almost raped Abhi” She hissed with rage in her eyes.

“What?” No this couldn’t be.

“What you think I am lying” She challenged.

This couldn’t be, I felt pain in my chest Sam voice was echoing in my ears. Oh! God, No please why her she is an innocent soul.

I looked up and met with Sam’s eyes, I could still see the rage but there was also pain, I know she was telling me the truth

Oh! God, she was going through so much and I just accuse her of things, whatever came to my mind.

“I ........... How? I mean I saw her dancing with Chris and then she was with you guys”. I stammered.

Sam explained everything from how she found her unconscious on the floor to her nightmare everything. I was somewhat relieved that someone was there with Widisha but still Chris being by her side made me a little uncomfortable but I pushed that thought aside.

“Abhi, it was not my place to tell you all these but you gave me no choice. You were behaving like a dumb ass aroused with jealousy against my brother was not helping. And Widisha being her, is too naïve to understand so she was feeling guilty about yours and Anna’s stupid actions. I am certain that she had enough emotional torture so I won’t tolerate anyone hurting her”. Sam said, her voice was soft but I could make out she was still angry.

“I could have beaten the shit out of you, landed you up in the hospital but again I know Widisha will take that blame on her” She sigh.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know...................” I was stammering again.

“I know, also that you genuinely care for her and like her.” I almost choked my saliva.

“I don’t, she is my friend” I try to explain.

“Chuck it out Abhi, I am not that stupid. Your actions are quite loud then you think but don’t worry it’s your personal thing I won’t say a word about it”.

Yes, I do have feelings for her from day one, I wanted her to know about it but my emotions turned into rage when I saw dancing with Chris. But it’s not about me anymore it’s about her now. I don’t know what I will say to her. I want to kill that person who dared to touch her.

“Any update on the investigation”. I asked Sam

“No there is no trace on CCTV as electricity went off during that period”. She said I could feel the sadness in her voice. I know she cares about Widisha a lot and I hate to admit even that stupid Chris does. But this is not about me anymore I reminded myself again.

“Let’s go they are waiting” Sam pulled my hand.

I felt ashamed of my act, my thought, my behavior. How will I face her? She was going through so much and like a selfish person, I was thinking about myself.

I saw Chris was sitting on that bench alone. “Where is she?” I asked

“She went inside the café“. He said without even looking at me.

“I am sorry”. Before I could stop those words slipped out through my lips, I guess more than him I was saying it to myself.

“She is coming, go and talk with her but control your emotions or I won’t hesitate to break your neck” Sam gave me a warning glare. I just nodded, turned back. She was walking towards us but her steps halted as our eyes met.

She knew that I know everything, her expression is too easy to read. Sam was right she is too naïve that the reason I am attracted to her like a magnet. I shook my head reminded myself that it not about me, it’s about her. I hate my subconscious.

My steps moved towards her “Careful...” I could hear Chris giving me a warning but I simply ignored. I was a few feet away from her when I stopped, she was trying to look everywhere than me. I could see she was trying to hold back her tears, her soft plump lips were trembling. I wish I could hold her tell everything is alright but I know I can’t not right now.

“Widi....” She looked up hearing me calling her by a nickname, well it was the first time I am calling her with this. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean......” before I could say anything. “It’s ok Abhi, I can understand but I don’t want to talk about it”. Her word cut through my feelings, I know I have hurt her but I wanted her to share her pain so that I could take it away.

She looked at me trying to give me a small smile, I know very well she was forcing the smile out of her. “Abhi I am fine, so you don’t have to worry. I am sorry for not contacting you” She said softly.

Is she serious she is apologizing to me but I am the one who should be doing it? It felt that my tongue was tied to itself the only thing I could do was to nod. She moved ahead were Sam and Chris were standing, she smiled at Chris and my heart clenched seeing that.

Why this is happening I was fine till now I guess but Sam’s confrontation has aggravated my emotions and my subconscious is nagging continuously.

“What’s in the packet?” Sam asked her. I had not noticed the packet in her hand till now.

“It’s our food that we order, got it packed so it’s not wasted. If it’s ok we can eat it here?” She was looking at everyone for the answer.

“Of course we will eat, let these two buffoons decide if they want to eat or else they can fuck off. We will have more to eat” Sam said.

“Language Sam” Wisidha was quick to correct her, but Sam was completely ignored.

“I will eat”. Chris replied. Her eyes turned to me.

“Well let’s get started with what we are waiting for,” I said trying to lighten the mood. We didn’t talk much it was minimal but I was grateful that we were back to talking with each other. Though I still hate what had happened and I hope the police could catch them soon.

“I will see you tomorrow in class, goodnight”. She said softly, I could feel she was still awkward about me knowing about the situation.

“Good night beautiful,” Chris said and went to hugged her and she happily did. A pang of jealousy rose within me but again I pushed it aside because it not about me it about her. It feels like I am chanting a mantra to keep my subconscious at bay.

Widisha POV

I and Sam went inside our dorm building, I was still not comfortable with Abhi knowing about the situation. I didn’t want any sympathy feeling but again I am thankful at least we are not going to fight again. I am a little upset with Sam that she told him everything but deep down I know she did it for me.

“Widisha you reach the room, I just need to get few notes from my batch mate Priya will be back in a minute or two”. Sam said,

I opened the lock and step in, the room was pitch dark I switch on the light and turned behind to close the door. It was a very long day and I am feeling exhausted.

I turned around when my eyes fell on my bed and my breath stopped.

A single red rose was kept on my bed.


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