The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 12

I turned around when my eyes fell on my bed and my breath stopped.

A single red rose was kept on my bed.

Sweat trickled down from my forehead, it was difficult to breathe. I felt the air was getting sucked out of my body. I knew I was having a panic attack but I need to hide the rose before Sam comes, I can’t drag her into this mess. I took the rose tear down every petal of it and threw it outside the window. At least, I could do this much to let go of my anger. But I hate to admit more than angry I am afraid. Afraid that the unknown creep has invaded my safe heaven or at least I used to feel that it was my haven. How stupid I am to think that I was safe in my dorm room when he can enter the dean’s house without getting noticed by anyone or spotted in any of the cameras, it’s a child game for him to enter the dormitories. The familiar salty tears were down my cheeks once again. Somewhere down in my heart I know this is just the starting, things are going to get worse soon.

“Why are you crying?” I saw Sam standing in front of me. I didn’t even notice when she came inside.

“I am really sorry Widisha, I know it was not my place to tell Abhi anything but he was troubling you and I know..“.

“Sam chill I am fine, don’t think about it. I am happy that things worked out between me and Abhi. I am very tired, going to sleep now. Please don’t overthink now”. Before she could complete I stopped her. I was indeed upset with her but I cannot hold it against her for more than a day. Moreover, I have other problems to deal with.

Sam looked at me suspiciously and just nodded. I know her curious mind wanted to ask me more but I am happy that she chose otherwise. I changed and lay down on my bed. The bed which used to give me comfort until now with its warmth is creating chills down my body. The thought of the rose on my bed was enough to churn my stomach.

Throughout the night I toss around the bed left and right. I couldn’t move the thought of someone watching me, I know that I may sound insane but my mind was creating its own stories that were making me go crazy. At 4 am I rushed to the toilet and emptied everything that was in my stomach from last night. My throat was burning like hell and cramps in the stomach were killing me.

Going back to the room I tried to sleep but I guess my mind was to focus on playing around than on sleep. It was a quarter before five and I had given up that I am going to get any sleep and four hours were still left before my first class. Uhhhhhh this is so frustrating, I looked at Sam and she was peacefully sleeping. Her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing through that. I felt envious of her but I quickly shook my thoughts aside. It’s not right on my part she has been my rock support till now, I can’t even imagine a second without her in handling all these situations by myself.

After a great battle with my mind, I decided to go for a jog, maybe fresh air could calm me a little. I quickly changed into my track pants and put up a jacket as it’s going to be cold early in the morning. I left a note for Sam that I am going for a jog, just in case if she gets up before I get back.

As soon as I exited the building the morning air hit my face, it was cold but I welcomed the feeling. Hot breaths were coming out of my mouth because of the cold weather outside. I could see the horizon still in dark shades of grey and blue but in some places splashes of oranges could be seen.

The college campus looks very different at this time, with no hustle and bustle of the students. It’s so quiet only the early morning chirping of the birds can be heard. I thought of taking a run around the campus. I ran for a good ten minutes before I stopped to catch my breath. I was panting heavily, this is not good. Though I was never a sports person still I used to keep myself fit by doing an early morning jog at home. It’s strange to realize that I have stopped doing the normal things which I used to do at home for so many years. I am just occupied by this stupid drama of my life and it felt like I have given up all my likings because of that.

I used to like reading, painting but after coming to college I have not completed a single book except my coursebook and painting has become a lost soul. Hell, I don’t even call my grandparents, back at home I used to talk with them every weekend at least for an hour.

“Hi! Long time no see?” I yelped and turned back.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you”. Prithvi was standing with a smile on his face. As usual, I was lost in my thoughts and didn’t notice anyone coming near me.

“Hmm Hi!” I don’t know what to say, I just have met him once and I was kind of feeling awkward. This feeling has become the most common one now.

“I know I may not be that handsome but you don’t have to make that face, it’s rude you know”. He said

Oh! Crap “Sorry, I didn’t mean it’s just we met but hardly talked and then you were there but we couldn’t speak so I was thinking what to say. I am so sorry”. I blabbered the entire sentence.

“Chill I was just joking”. He said and started to laugh. I could feel my cheeks heat up.

“So what are you doing here so early, I have never seen you before”. He asked.

“Well, I got up early so I thought of coming out for a jog, trying for some change”. I said.

“That’s good then, I hope we will meet every day then. It’s my daily routine except for the winters when it’s snowing” He chirped. I just nodded, not quite confident about myself. So far it’s helpful but I’m still skeptical about making it into a daily habit.

“So shall we take a quick jog then?” he asked, I again just nodded.

I instantly hated the idea of me agreeing because I was slow as a turtle compared to him and I could see that he was holding himself back because of me. “Go ahead, I will catch up with you”. I said. He gave me a sympathetic smile but thankfully he went ahead.

I couldn’t help thinking about the similarities between him and Chris. I have never asked how five of them are related. How stupid I could be. I made a mental note of asking Sam.

Finally, I came to a stop, my legs were killing me and I felt my heart could just come out of my chest anytime.

“You still look so fresh” Prithivi teased.

“Shut up, I am doing this after a very long time”. Saying this I just rolled my eyes. He just laughs, Uhhh definitely he and Chris are brothers.

“Come on let’s grab some early breakfast”. He was looking at me with hope.

“Ok! Let’s go. I said.

Well, breakfast was good, I had no idea I was so hungry. I overstuffed myself but what you can expect after throwing up and running it’s natural I guess.

I never knew Prithivi was so funny, he filled me up with all his childhood stories about Sam, Chris, and himself. It’s good to hear that they were so close to each other. Very surprisingly he never mentioned Raj or Vansh. I wanted to ask but I stopped as I didn’t want to sound nosy.

After a good and sumptuous breakfast, I thanked Prithvi for his company. He said that he will see me tomorrow for the morning run, well I just laughed and walked off.

“Where did you go so early in the morning”. Sam was up and she was pissed.

“Very good morning Sam, you got up so early its only 7:30 am”. I said, ignoring her previous statement.

“Where were you?” She was glaring tapping her left foot on the floor.

“Chill Sam I just went for a jog and met Prithvi on the way so we had breakfast together and here I am back”. I said.

“You were out with my brother?” Her eyes went wide.

“No Sam, I met him while jogging”. I corrected her.

“Stay away from that devil”. She said grumpily. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

“I know why you call him devil, he told me the story of his painting skills on your hair and you had to get bald due to reaction from it”. I couldn’t help but imagine Sam with no hair on her head and I burst out laughing more.

“I am so going to kill him”. Her face was red with anger.

“Chill Sam, calm down”. But she gave me one angry look and went out of the room carrying her toiletries.

After taking bath and getting ready for my first class, thankfully Sam was in a good mood by that time but I am pretty sure she has already planned something devilish against Prithivi.

As soon I enter the class, I saw Abhi was sitting at our usual spot. I was happy that things are sorted but still, I felt a little awkward around him, the most common feeling of mine.

“Hi Good morning”. I said while sitting at my usual place.

“Good morning! How are you feeling?” He asked. I could see on his face that he had a serious concern.

“Morning beautiful, I heard you went out with Prithivi for a jog”. Before I could answer I heard Chris’s voice behind me.

“What the hell? Why were you out with a Raichand?” Abhi interrupted, I could easily make out the irritation in his voice. But I turned towards Chris completing ignoring Abhi.

“Chris first of all I was out for a jog when I met Prithvi as he was out for his daily morning routine run, please clear your facts”. I said and turned towards Abhi

“Secondly, Abhi I was out because I can and they are good to me”. I said to him in a stern voice.

Before this could have become an argument the professor entered, perfect timing.

It was difficult for me to keep my eyes open. The lack of sleep and morning exercise has completely drained out my body. I snapped out of my dreamland when I heard the professor calling my name.

“Widisha, please go and meet the dean he has called for you”. He said.

In the middle of the class, what could be so urgent? I looked towards Chris but his face says he has no idea about what’s going on.

I went outside the class, straight to his office. I knocked on the door waiting for an answer before going in.

“Come in” I heard. My heartbeat was already high, I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Good morning Mr.Raichand, you wanted to see me,” I asked after entering inside. I saw he was already on his foot, adjusting his tie on the wall mirror.

“Good morning Widisha, I called you because we need to visit the police station urgently. Got a call Arvind (Incase if you have forgotten he is DGP Arvind Verma) he said they have caught the culprit.”


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