The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 13

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Widisha’s POV

The entire car ride was silent. Everyone was in deep thought including me.

Chris came along with me and Mr.Raichand which I am thankful for. Sam and Abhi wanted to come but after one glare from Mr.Raichand, they stopped asking. I know it didn’t go well with Abhi, his facial expression was very evident but I am somewhat selfishly thankfully that Chris came with me instead of anyone else.

There were millions of thought going through my mind, what if I know him, what if he has done this before what if he is a psychopath. The familiar feeling of my heart thumping in my chest, my stomach knotting, and the bile rising through my throat was very evident that another panic attack in on the way. I closed my eyes and started to count my breath to calm myself down.

“Widisha we are here” I heard Chris. I looked toward my side and saw Chris was standing outside, he held the car door open for me. With a deep breath, I got out of the car.

“I am scared, I have never been to a police station before”. I said nervously.

“I would be worried if you had”. Chris said teasingly. This is what I like about him, he can lighten up anyone at any time.

I saw Mr.Raichand was talking with a man wearing a black coat, I am sure he must be the lawyer he is wearing an attire like one. I followed Chris Inside, I saw a few of the passing by people giving me a look. Why can’t people mind their own business, the world will be such a wonderful place to live in.

Inside the police station was a little different from what I have seen in movies. The area was clean, people were busy with their work. Saw a lady crying along with a lady officer comforting her. I couldn’t see any bars or cells in that particular room, still, it felt strange walking inside it. My parents will get a heart attack if they come to know about the entire situation. The thought of keeping them in dark about this still hurts me and I don’t know whether I will ever be able to tell them about this.

“Hi, Widisha. How are you?” I was brought back from my trance mode and saw Kritika. She looked very different in her Kaki uniform. “I am doing good, thanks”. I said.

“Ok I will get straight to the point, there will be two guys inside the room. You just need to identify whether you know them or not, as they have confessed everything so no further investigation is required just your final statement that all. We will take care of the paperwork”. She said.

“What confession and you said, two guys?“. I was confused.

“Early in the morning both of them had shown up in the police station demanding to meet DGP sir, they didn’t open their mouth till the time sir was not here”. She said, before I could ask anything more her phone rang.

“We need to go inside now, remember you don’t need to say anything inside if you don’t want to”. She said, I just nodded.

As I went in, my eyes fell on two boys who were sitting on a wooden chair with a slouched shoulder, and with their head down, I could hear light sniffles coming from them.

The room was painted in white with concrete floors, I wanted to move my eyes to look around but my eyes were glued on those two boys sitting right in front of me. I wanted to know why. I was looking for my answers.

I couldn’t hate them as I thought I would because they were nowhere looking like the tainted and cruel person I have pictured in my head.

They were of my age I guess maybe a year or two senior. They looked tired, their faces were swollen up due to crying. Their eyes snapped up when the door closed behind us. The only word that came out of my mouth was “why?”

“Widisha, we are so sorry we never meant any harm, it was a prank promise and then the light went off and I was a little intoxicated and I realized that something wrong was happening so I moved away. You know that”. The first guy said. I couldn’t understand half of his words as he was profusely crying.

“We are extremely sorry”. The second guy said in between his sobs.

Their words hit me hard, so if they are saying that what they did was only a prank then what about those letters, the message, the rose, and the flower send to my mum.
The harsh truth hit me they were never related, it just happened at the same time.

I recall the first letter “he shall pay”. And here they are sitting in front of me, confessing their guilt.

I looked into their faces it clearly shows the guilt they were having but it also shows the fear they possess. Their faces felt familiar but I don’t know their name nor did I had any interaction with them ever. Their cries were echoing in the room and somehow I felt sorry for because I know like me they were also trapped in this hide and seek game.

I don’t know why that mysterious person is behind me but he has proved that he is innocent and I cannot blame him for that night.

Finally, I will have my closure I guess and I know how to get it. But I am also aware of the fact that the end is just the beginning of something new.

There is no justification for what they did but they are sorry and have realized their mistake, I don’t know why my thoughts were taking me around to think about their parents. How will they feel when they hear that their sons are put behind the bars and are charged with molestation. Why can’t they think about their families before committing such acts?

Because everyone is not you, I felt my inner conscience mocking me.

It’s a very stupid reason, but as usual, my mind was playing tricks on me.

“Hmmm.... Kritika can I talk with you for a moment alone if that is allowed”. I asked.

I and Kritika went into another room, I believe it was her cabin.

“Did you guys beat them”? I couldn’t help but say it out loud.

“No we didn’t, why would you think of that?” She questioned me.

“Why they are crying so much?” I asked her back.

“They are crying since the time they have reached here, we all are already irritated hearing their sniffles now”. She said.

“Is it usual for people to behave in this way, I mean why did they suddenly decide to come here and confess”. I asked her.

“See Widisha, however the similar a case feels every case is different and every criminal attached to that case is different.” I flinch at the word criminal.

“What if I want to withdraw the case?” I asked. Her eyes grew big and it looked as if it will pop out of her socket.

“No you seriously can’t think of doing that, they will take this as an advantage. This is not a movie scene Widisha you can’t feel sympathy over such kind of people. Don’t forget what they did to you and they can do the same with some other girl or worse” She said, her words were laced with anger.

“I know Kritika what you are saying is absolutely right. But they are young like me and I guess they need a second chance to improve themselves”. I said with a firm voice.

“Are you nuts, a second chance of what destroying the life of another girl. You could have gotten raped that night”. She said and I flinched again at the word raped.

“But it didn’t happen, he stopped because he felt that he is doing something wrong moreover if they didn’t turn up for confessing you guys were still on the first step”. I said defending them and I know I was behaving like the stupidest girl on the earth right now but I don’t care what others will think.

I could see Kritika was glaring at me with anger, but I was right. This case is solved because those guys turned up to confess or else the police had no clue how to move forward. I still don’t know what made them feel guilty and how did they know that a police investigation was going on.

I saw Kritika taking a deep breath ” Widisha if you want to withdraw the case you can and we can’t do anything about it but I would suggest taking the decision practically not emotionally. At the end of the day, it’s a crime that they have committed and every crime cannot end with just a sorry”. She said and went out of the room.

I had a gut feeling that it’s not all, I wish I could tell her the main reason behind me forgiving them.

They don’t look like they were sending me those letters or stalking me. What if they are forced to do this? What if they are completely innocent?

I went inside the room and walked towards Mr.Raichand and DGP Verma.

“Sir, if it is possible I would like to withdraw my case”. I said with my voice as calm as possible.

“Are you out of your mind”? I heard a loud voice behind me. I turned around and was surprised to see Vansh standing there, his eyes looked dark and he was furious. I didn’t even know that he was inside the room till now, guess I was too focused on those boys and my thoughts.

“Are you that stupid to fall under their act of crying? Did you forget what they did to you just for the sake of their entertainment? You forgot the pain, the marks on neck and hand. Your nightmare. You couldn’t even see yourself in the mirror because of these pathetic creatures and now you want to withdraw the case and let them go just like that”. His voice was stern and dangerous.

The flashback of that night came to my mind, I sucked on a deep breath to control my tears falling down my cheeks. I turned back towards DGP Verma and said.

“I want to withdraw this case registered under my name and that’s my final decision”. I said

“Widisha even if you do so we still can’t allow them back in college, they will be terminated.“. Mr.Raichand said in a soft voice.

“I understand and I will not come in between the College legal procedures and I sincerely thank you all for the help and support you have provided me till now but my decision is final. And if everything is done, I would like to take my leave”. I said and looked towards Chris hoping that he would not be pissed at me. Surprisingly he gave me an understanding nod.

Finally, I was out of that room, the air has turned dense there and it was difficult for me to breathe. Vansh’s words were still moving round and round in my mind, who the hell he thinks he is and who has given him the rights to boss me around like that.

I was asked to sign a few papers before leaving the police station, I learned that both the boys were a class senior to me, Ravi, and Vikas from the second year.

“If it’s ok can you please go and stand near the car, I will go and check with dad and come”. Chris asked, I just nodded and went out.

I felt a sigh of relief coming out of the police station, I silently prayed to God to never make me come here again.

Winters are slowly approaching in Shimla that’s the reason even during the afternoon the weather is pleasant. I closed my eyes and welcome the feeling of a cool breeze on my skin.

Multiple thoughts started to flush inside my head. I hope I have done the right thing, I know what they did was wrong but I could see the guilt in their eyes.

My thoughts again took me to the mysterious man of my life. I still have no clue who is he and what does he want. Till now he has done no harm but then why did he threaten me to keep shut. So many questions with so many possibilities.

Life always plays a trick with you, the answers are right in front of you but the ignorance of your surroundings takes you into a cycle of a never-ending maze.

I remember my grandfather’s words and I can completely understand what he meant to say.

Why life is so difficult I mentally scream, I pinched in between my brows. I have learned in passing a few days that doing this somewhat helps me to calm down. My back was pressed against the car for support, a few seconds passed when I felt a presence in front of me.

I opened my eyes to meet with dark orbs of Vansh...

His face was so close to mine, I could feel his hot breath on my face. I felt my body getting freeze to that spot as I saw his face inches towards mine. I ...................

My heart was beating faster than normal, I could feel my ears heating up, my throat suddenly felt dry, all happening at once.

His lips went past mine and his jawline slightly brushed with my cheeks.

As soon as I felt his hot breath on my bare should, Goosebumps run through my entire body.

“You are so naive, so innocent, so are”.

I waited for him to complete the sentence but pulled back himself abruptly, gave me one quick angry look, turned, and walked away, leaving me all confused and breathless.


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