The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 14

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Unknown Person POV

It takes everything in me not to rip off the heads of those who mingle around her. She is only mine and soon she will only want to be mine.

It would be me who would be in her heart and soul. It would be me who will cherish every inch of her body, I would be the first one to give her the pleasure that is still unknown to her. By the time I am done with her the only thing she would remember is me.

Widisha’s POV

“Chris if it’s ok can we go somewhere else for some time. I need some peace before Sam and Abhi attack me with their questions”. I said.

“Anything for you beautiful but I still want to live, so if my sister plan on murdering me for taking you away from her you need to save me,” Chris said. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Why are you so afraid of Sam?” I asked teasingly.

“Widisha, she is a devil in disguise. You don’t know the torture we had to go through because of her, and above that our parents think that we are troubling her”.

“Chris! It might be very stupid for me to ask but how you all are read related?” I asked timidly.

“Seriously you don’t know, I thought that Sam might have filled you with the entire history of our family”. He was surprised.

“Sam has shared multiple stories with me but it’s mostly about you, Prithivi, and her. She never talks about Vansh and Raj. I know you guys are cousins but it never crossed my mind how you all related. I am sorry if I am…..” I was cut off when I heard Chris’s phone ringing.

Sam’s name was flashing on the car Bluetooth. I saw him giving me an evil smirk and pressed the receiving button. As his phone was connected to the Bluetooth I could hear the entire conversation.

“Hi! Sister”

“Where the hell are you? Where is Widisha? Your dad said you guys left before him” I could imagine Sam screaming over the phone.

“Sister we needed a break from you and that grumpy face Abhi so we thought of going for a drive. Now will talk later you are disturbing our private moment”. Chris said and disconnected the call.

“You know right she will get back to you for this”. I said.

“I know”. He said smiling mischievously.

The next few minutes were in silence and it was peaceful before Chris stopped the car near a tea stall.

“Come out I want to show you something,” He said.

Hopping out of the car we walked towards the tea stall. It was made up of wooden shacks and an old man was standing near a small stove.

“How are you beta (Son)? Seeing you after a very long time and who is this beautiful lady?” The old man said. I was surprised to see that the old man knew Chris.

“Doing good kaka (uncle). This is my friend Widisha”. He said smiling.

“I am going inside to sit Kaka, please give us two cups of your special tea.”

We went inside, it was bigger than what it looks from outside. Could see a small cot and few trunks in the corner. I guess the old man stays here. Chris opened a door and gesture me to go first, he again had that mischievous grin on his face but what I saw completely took my breath away.

The shack was built on the edge of a hill and it looks over the beautiful valleys of Shimla. Clouds were settling down over the hills covered by the green canopy. It was beautiful.

“It’s beautiful right?” Chris asked.

“Yes, it is”.

“Glad you like it. Come on we will sit on those benches while kaka gets us our tea”. He said.

“Do you often come here?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Yes I used to every once in a week just to get myself away from everything and it helps me to think clearly. Mover over when you have a devil living at your place you need something to hold onto your sanity.” He said, once again he was successful in making me laugh out loud.

He was a very different person who can inject humor in every sentence and I cannot deny that I always feel relaxed whenever I am with him.

“Ok! So you wanted to know about my family?” He asked.

“Only if that’s ok with you,” I said.

“My dad are four brothers that’s how we are related. Both of Sam’s parents are criminal lawyers and they travel a lot. So I and Sam have mostly grown up together. Prithivi is a year elder than us but he always used to visit us during the vacation and it was fun to team up against the devil”. He said laughing.

“I haven’t seen you mom that day. I mean I met your dad and everyone”. I was not able to get the perfect word that didn’t sound nosy.

“Oh! Yes my mom is in Russia staying with my grandmother”.

“Russia?” Ok, this was something I didn’t expect.

“Yes, my mom is Russian. When dad went to Russia for his masters, he met mom she was also in the same college, and rest all you can understand. For the last two years, mom is staying with my grandmother as she is not keeping well. Once in a six month, she comes to visit me and dad.” He said, from the sound of his voice I could make out that he has a very strong relationship with his mother.

“To be very frank, I am jealous of you Chris. I never had any sibling nor any cousin and had only one friend” I said and it was true that was feeling jealous of Chris.

“Well, beautiful wait till you hear the full story. The grass always looks greener on the other side. “He said.

“Vansh and Raj are stepbrothers”. Chris said.

“They are what?” I couldn’t believe it. I stopped myself asking a further question when I saw the old man coming in with our tea. The aroma of the tea instantly hit my nostrils and for a second I forgot what Chris said. My hands automatically went around the kulhar (clay cup) and moved it up towards my lips and took a sip. I couldn’t help but moan as the flavors hit my taste buds.

“It’s the best tea I ever had,” I said.

“I know, the way you moan it was quite understandable”. He said with a smirk, which caused me to blush.

“Anyways coming back to where I was. Vansh father was the eldest son of the family. He had an arranged marriage when his wife came in grandfather treated her like his own daughter and yes she was like the elder daughter of the family. Whenever my mom used to speak about her I could only see respect and love for Vansh’s mother in her eyes. Everything was going good but a single truth crashed the entire family. His father had another family in Mumbai, when grandfather came to know about this he legally disowned his own son. But in-between all this Vansh’s mother she went into depression and couldn’t handle the betrayal. It was not even a week when we heard that she had committed suicide and his father didn’t even turn up for the funeral, from that day Vansh is staying with us.” I could see that his eyes have become moist but I couldn’t speak a word. Chris took a deep breath and continued.

“He became very distant after that situation, he only talks if asked too that’s all. But I am happy that he is close with my mum and Sam, he only opens up in front of them”. He stopped and took a sip of the tea.

“I hope everything is fine now, I mean I saw Raj the other days at your place”. I spoke before I could hold myself.

“No Widisha, things were yet to turn the worst. We had no contact with my uncle almost for two years but one day grandpa received a call that he along with his new wife passed away in a car crash and Raj was heavily injured, admitted to the hospital. Grandpa never wanted to bring Raj into the family but all our parents said that there is no fault of his in what has happened. So after a month of treatment Raj was bought home. Everything was going well for a few months, but Vansh’s and Raj difference started to increase for each other and both of them blame each other for their life destruction”.

“Because of your uncle’s wrong choices the entire family had to pay and more than that the young kids lost their innocence”. I said.

“Yes Widisha, you are absolutely right. Vansh and Raj cannot tolerate each other presence. Thankfully they have become mature enough not to behave the same when they are public. Raj never ever interacted with any of us, he only talks with my dad when he needs anything that’s all, and currently, he is undergoing counseling sessions for his anger issue”. I could feel the pain in his voice.

“So you guys are staying together in spite of all the issues that’s a good thing, I guess things will eventually turn around in the future,” I said hopefully to cheer him up.

Chris gave me a small smile, “Our parents decided that it would be best if we spend the college years together but sadly nothing has changed”.

The first time in all these months I felt the pain in Chris’s voice, he is always so full of humor that it’s very hard to know what goes inside head is. I looked up into his eyes they held all the pain and sadness.

“Widisha can I say something?” He asked.

“Hmmm Yeah”. The next thing that Chris said stopped my breath.

“Don’t take me wrong Widisha but both of my brothers Vansh and Raj have taken some liking towards you and believe me you don’t want to get trapped in their Chaos?” He said.


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