The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 15

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Chris’s voice was echoing in my ears “Don’t take me wrong Widisha but both of my brothers Vansh and Raj have taken some liking towards you and believe me you don’t want to get trapped in their Chaos?”

We were currently on our way back to college. I wanted to ask him why he feels that they like me, what was the purpose behind the warning.

I had only two encounters with Vansh and with Raj, I have never spoken with him so how can Chris say both of them like me and I had other problems in my hand to deal with. I wanted to tell Chris about the stalker but after he mentioned his brothers my mind completely went off.

“We are here”. I was bought back from my thoughts when I heard Chris. I didn’t even notice that we reached inside the college campus. I climbed down from the car, thankfully Sam and Abhi were nowhere to be seen.

“Widisha”. I looked up and my eyes met with the hazel eyes of Chris.

“I didn’t mean to upset you beautiful but you need to understand that I only want you to be happy that’s all”. He said, I just nodded I don’t know what to say. I wanted to ask why does he feel this way but I had no more energy to go through any more mental drama, I had enough for today.

“Can you please text Sam and Abhi that I will meet them at dinner, it’s around 5 pm still two hours left before the library closes. So I am going there.” I said.

“Who goes to the library for relaxing”. Chris said making a disgusting face which was funny, and it made me smile.

“Shit I guess I am losing my charm on you. You just smiled”. He said, his face changed from disgusting to a horrific expression. This time I couldn’t hold my laughter.

“You are such a drama queen Chris”. I said in between my giggles.

“Go now I will message my devil sister and I don’t have that grumpy face number so I will ask Sam to inform him or else he will start throwing his tantrums”. He said

Classes were over but students were still mingling around the corridor, it’s not an unusual thing as most of the students live on campus. The library was quiet as usual though I could see the students all around.

Our library is situated in the oldest wing of the college, I like that they have included the modern tech that a student needs but have maintained its heritage look. The bookshelves are made of mahogany woods, there is a large fireplace situated on the first floor through the library has in build heaters for the winters still the fireplace is in working condition. The library has three floors and I seriously don’t know how many books it has. I went up to the second floor as the first floor is usually crowded and the third floor is mostly filled with couples. Ok! I don’t have any problem with them but they do cause distraction with their giggles and sloppy kisses.

Luckily there were only a few students on the second floor, I was in no mood to search for any new book to read instead I went to the classic section. I picked up my all-time favorite Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and went to the corner most table and sat down.

I went through the few pages but couldn’t concentrate, I can’t deny that how much ever I wanted to shift the focus of my mind I was failing at it miserably. I gave up reading by the tenth page, I took out my phone pushed the earphone inside my ears, and tap on the play button of the music app.

It instantly calms my nerves down, I closed my eyes and tilted my head backward making myself drawn into the music. By the fifth song, I felt a presence around me, my eyes opened instantly only to fall upon Raj who was sitting right across me.

“You look like you have seen a ghost”. He said. His voice was deep and husky. His eyes were similar to Vansh even his facial feature matches that of Vansh, sharp jawline, and chiseled cheeks. What the hell I am thinking I mentally slapped myself. They would look similar they both are half-brothers.

“Like what you see”. He chuckled.

“You look a lot like your brother Vansh…”.I covered my mouth before I utter another word. Stupid Widisha. His facial experience changed from playful to anger and that was my sign to leave, I remember clearly Chris mentioning his anger issue.

“I am sorry, I need to go now. Sam and Abhi are waiting for me, it was nice meeting you”. Saying this I didn’t even wait for his answer, I started moving out from there but I felt a hand gripping my arms pushed me to the nearby shelf.

“Not so fast kitten”. He said. I pushed to the nearby shelf, both his hands were placed by the side of my face and his body was merely a few inches away from mine.

“Let me go”. My voice was low but was laced with anger. Who the hell they think they are, I sympathize that both of them had a troublesome childhood but there is no justification in taking out their frustration on others.

“Oh! I see little kitten is a feisty one”. He said with a smirk.

“I am more than what you think, now move”. His eyes held the amusement as if we were playing some sort of game.

“My little kitten hear me out very carefully and don’t forget that he is no brother of mine”. Raj said, he looked angry again.

Oh! God this guy definitely needs some help his emotions are changing in seconds but I am not getting involved myself in their matter as Chris said and I already have too much on my plate.

“What the hell is happening here”. Someone screamed behind us that was my signal I pushed Raj back and moved away from his trap. I turned around to see who it was and I felt like destiny is mocking me it was none other than Vansh and he looked angry. So much anger for one day.

My eyes moved from him to Raj and from Raj to him. Both of them looked like they are ready to pounce on each other at any time, their hatred for each other was visible.

“What are you doing here”. Vash asked, I know he was angry and was trying to control himself but I was done with their drama.

“What do think a person does in a library care to elaborate if you have any other thoughts”. I saw him clenching his fist, could feel the anger radiating through his body.

“What is he doing here?” He said pointing out towards Raj.

“Ask him yourself, at last, he is your brother”. I hissed. Ok, I guessed I crossed a line here. My heart stopped for a second when I saw Raj punched the nearby wall with his wrist and he didn’t even flinch.

“Kitten, what did I just tell you?”

“Don’t you dare to call me with that name”? I said I was losing out on my patience.

“Listen both of you whatever family drama or problem you have it’s your god damm problem I have nothing to do with it. Secondly, Sam and Chris are my best friends and to some extend Prithivi is my friend too that’s all. I don’t want any of you near me again or I else I will be forced to give a written complaint to your uncle against both of you who happens to be the dean of the college” With this I turned my heels back and started to walk away.

It was the first time in my life that I have been so rude to anyone but I couldn’t help they were getting on my nerves and I was silently praying that they don’t say anything. I took a sigh of relief when I reach the staircase without them uttering a single word. I could feel them watching my every move but I wanted to get out of here as fast as possible and thankfully my mind and feet were working together.


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