The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 16

Widisha POV

Two weeks have passed since the library incident and I was thankful that none of them have approached me after that. Though we studied in the same college and I do pass them some time but still they never tried for any kind of communication with me which I am grateful for.

Only Chris knew about the library incident he said he will talk with both of them regarding the same but I asked him not to. But Chris being him he went into a huge argument with both Vansh and Raj. Things got a little out of his hand so his dad had to intervene in the matter. Vansh didn’t cross whatever Mr.Raichand said but Raj was his usual self in disagreeing whatever he said.

Workload has increased as we were moving forward towards the semester end. Extra classes were scheduled up for the syllabus to finish and yes above all bucket load of assignments. So we all jacked with work but in all this, I was happy because after all the drama that happened a few weeks back I am finally out of everything. And yes Anna is back in our group again, thanks to Abhi for that but she still doesn’t know the entire truth.

Group studies, late-night maggies, coffee has become like a daily routine. On a good note, Abhi and Chris have become friends well if I exclude the day-long sarcastic comment they pass on each other, they have become good friends.

“Sam you got everything packed”. I asked her looking at her messy bed. She was chewing her nails furiously and looking around.

“I guess I did,” She said nervously.

Sam was going with her parents for a small vacation as it was their 25th anniversary, she would back after four days. She was very excited as she gets to spend very little time with them as they are always working. I was happy for her but deep down I was selfishly sad because it would the first time since day one of college Sam would not be there for four days.

“Sorry for the mess, I will clean it up when I come back”. She said and, hugged me.

“You know that I will not keep the room in this manner for four days”. I said.

“I know as soon I go out of this room your OCD will kick in”. She laughed and I rolled my eyes at her.

“Bye girl I am going to miss you. Take care if you need anything I am just a call away”. She said engulfing me in a hug once more.

“Yes mum I got you, now leave”. I said.

Well, Sam was right, as soon as she left I could help but to clean and arrange her stuff. It took me good twenty minutes before everything was set.

I looked around the room but somehow it felt so dull, so silent and I guess that’s natural. Sam nonstop talking keeps this place alive. I sat on my desk and opened my textbook, I have four assignment to submit by next week. Time passes quickly when you are focused on something I stretched my neck and looked up the wall clock and saw it was already a quarter past eleven in the night. I need some good sleep it has been a very long day thankfully tomorrow was Saturday so can get some extra sleep.

I changed into my comfortable pajamas and climbed inside my comforter. I welcome the warmth of the bed. It should be snowing anytime now in Shimla, the weather is already freezing at the night. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep.

Unknown Person POV

She was sleeping like an angel, her perfect little face was glowing with the moonlight. Her lips were slightly open and the sound of her light snores filled the room.

I so wish to hold her in my arms and kiss her passionately but I need to wait because my Widisha is fragile and naïve. I couldn’t resist not touching her, my cold fingers felt the warmth of her skin as I slowly trail down from her face to her neck.

Suddenly her eyes flutter open, her body jerked up and she turned to her right and switch on the light.

“You?” Her eyes were wide open with surprise and I could easily make out she was afraid.

“How did you get inside?” She stammering.

“The question should be my angel that why am I here?”.


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