The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 17

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Widisha POV

A shiver went down my body because I was feeling cold all of a sudden, I pulled the comforter closer to my body. I am too comfortable and sleepy to get up and check for the window whether it’s open or closed. I felt something cold trailing down from my cheeks to my neck. That’s all it took my senses to kick in. I jerked up and switch on the lights immediately.

To my greatest fear, I saw him. I felt my heart started thump inside my chest, my stomach knotted. I gulped down the bile rising inside my throat.

““How did you get inside?” I stammered the entire line.

“The question should be my angel that why am I here?” He said with an evil smirk.

“Raj……. why are you here?” The words came out, merely a whisper. My ears were turning painfully warm. Feet’s were ice cold. The heart was thumping like a hammer on iron, I knew I was on the verge of a panic attack

“It’s not the first time I am in your room angel”. He said with a smirk.

One line from him and the reality hit me like a slap on my face, it was him all this time. At Chris’s place, my dorm room, flowers to my mum everything. I felt the entire room spinning, it was difficult for me to breathe my hands were shaking I wanted to scream but nothing came out.

I cannot go into the panic zone with this creep inside my room, breathe Widisha breathe I mentally chanted myself. Minutes passed neither of us spoke a word. I was still on my bed and he was sitting across on my study table.

I closed my eyes and tried to focus on my breath, it was not easy as my senses were numb and my head has started to feel heavy due to lack of oxygen.

“Widisha..”. My eyes snapped open hearing his voice. He was still here, of course, he will be here I scolded my stupid conscious.

“Please go out of my room at once or I will scream”. I was panting due to lack of breath but instead of moving Raj stood where he was.

“First of my angel you need to calm down I am not going to do any harm unless you want me to and secondly do you really think you are in a position to bargain with me”. His voice was low but it was not difficult to figure out the threat that it carries.

I closed my eyes and did what the doctor had advised me, to count the numbers in order to control my breathing, and to my great luck, it did help me.

“You know it's quite funny that day you were fuming with anger in the library and today you are all breathless”. Raj said with a chuckle.

“Shut up and get out of the room or I am going to call security”. Somehow this time my voice was firm and the breaths were more controlled.

“That’s not going to happen angel I told you”. With this, he got up and started moved forward towards my bed.

“What are you doing?? Stop right there. Somebody ….” Before I could scream for help, his hands pressed over lips and my body pushed down on the bed and in a fraction of a second, he was on top of me.

“Shhhhhh….angel if I were you I would have quietly listened to what I have been asked to do”. I was too shocked to move. I have never been in this situation, what am I thinking, I have never been with a boy let alone this creep.

“I love this position we are in, although I would have loved more if the situation was a little different.”. My heart started to beat at a much faster rate, the feeling of fear was traveling through the core of my emotions. I tried to move my face away but he was too strong.

“Stop struggling angel, I will move away but you need to promise that you will talk in a civilized way”. I had no option but to nod in agreement. Anything to get his hands away from me.

Slowly he removed his hand and got down from the bed, I immediately got up and pulled my knees together, covered myself with my comforter. Somehow it gave me a feeling of safety but deep down I know it was useless.

I looked around for my phone and guess what it was on my study table stupid me. I had kept Chris and Abhi’s number on speed dial and emergency just in case. I heard him chuckled, my gaze moved towards him.

“Don’t worry we don’t require your phone at the moment”.

“Why are you here and what do want to talk about?” I said trying to make my voice as stern as possible.

“See that was not so difficult, communicating in a civilized manner”. He said. He had this evil smirk on his face and I was hoping that he didn’t snap like he did at the library.

“Please spare me out of your riddle Raj, this is not civilized barging up into a girl’s room forcefully in the middle of the night”. I said it was annoying to see him continuously smiling.

They both were so similar Vansh and Raj. It’s so hard to say that they are stepbrothers. Both of their eyes were so dark and carried too many emotions….

“Like what you see”. He again said with his evil smirk. But this time I stopped my big mouth before it creates a blunder.

“Why are you here Raj?? I am asking you for the last time”. I completely ignored his previous statement.

“It’s very simple my angel for you”. He said.

“First of all stop calling me angel, I have a name and you are aware of it. Secondly I don’t see anyone in the room apart from me and you, so obviously you are here to talk with me, not to the walls”. He chuckled once again and I felt like bashing his head on the wall but I choose to ignore my feeling.

“So tell me Raj what made you come up here in the middle of the night? What’s so urgent that you couldn’t wait till morning?” I said.

“You angel you are the only reason I am having endless sleepless nights”. He said, slowly I was losing my patience and he knew that very well.

“I guess you need to visit a doctor to get your ears checked, I guessed it not functioning properly anyway please tell me the exact purpose why are you here?” I couldn’t help but the annoyance was very evident in my tone and I will not lie that my heart was still thumping inside my chest.

“I want to be my girlfriend Widisha?” He chirped like a little boy.

But as soon the words were out of his lips I felt as if my heart stopped. I was dreading this moment unconsciously from the time I realized he was behind everything but I also felt my anger rose within me.

“Are you out of your mind? Why the hell on earth would you even think I would say yes to your stupidity”. As soon as those were spoken, I saw his face instantly change. His face was turning red with anger.

“Angel don’t play the game whose rules are beyond your understanding”. His voice was low and challenging.

“You called this a civilized talk you are nothing but an arrogant jerk”. I spat it out angrily on his face.

In a flash of a second, he was on my bed. His hand gripped my hairs painfully and forcefully made me look into his face that was merely a few inches away from mine. I could feel his hot breath on me.

“Angel if I would have been the jerk you are referring to, you wouldn’t have been in your covers at first place”. Hearing this my eyes went wide with fear.

“If I was a jerk, my lips would be devouring your lips by now with or without your liking”.

“If I was a jerk my hands would have enjoyed the feeling of your delicate blossoms”.

“If I was a jerk…”. “Raj please stop, I am sorry. Please stop.” I couldn’t hear anymore, tears was already rolling down my cheeks. I felt his grip loosen but it was still there.

“We could have talked in a civilized manner my angel but you wanted otherwise. I guess you like excitement in your life, simple things bore you”. He chuckled. And I couldn’t utter a word.

“Now I want you to think about my proposal ok and we shall talk tomorrow”. I just nodded.

I saw his face moving inches towards mine, oh god. I shut down my eyes in fear “Please don’t”. The only thing I could whisper out. I felt his cold lips touched my forehead, it was there only for a second but it felt like an eternity. My eyes were still closed when I felt him removing his arm and his body weight shifted out of my bed. I slowly open my eyes only to meet the lust one of his.

“I have nothing to lose my angel but you have. I can be the prince you want but don’t force me to be the devil of your life because one way or the other you mine to love and cherish or torment. The choice is yours”. He said like a devil himself.

He moves swiftly over towards the window and opened them then he turned towards me and smirked. How can I be so stupid, our windows didn’t have any railing plus guessing that he is here it’s not very difficult for him to climb up three floors.

“I hope your mum loved the lilies I had to send the other day”. With this, he jumped out of the window leaving me shocked and scared.


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