The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 18

Widisha’s POV

“I hope your mum loved the lilies I had send her the other day”. With this, he jumped out of the window leaving me shocked and scared.

The window was wide open and the outside breeze was taking away the warmth of the room, but I didn’t care.

The bed was cold so was I. I felt nothing as if all my senses have shut down suddenly and my emotions have sucked out of my life. The room was so quiet that I could hear the ticking of the wall clock. I was lying on the bed and my mind was replaying whatever happened just a few minutes back. I was staring blanking at the ceiling of the room.

Raj’s words were haunting me but my body had no energy to show any reaction towards it

I don’t know how long I was lying down and staring at the ceiling blankly, the chirping of the birds broke my reverie. I looked outside the window, the orange hue was trying to peek inside.

I tried to get up from the bed but immediately winced in pain, my muscles were cramped due to lying in one position for too long. It was 6:30in the morning and I feel exhausted, so much for a good sleep and a planned weekend.

My stomach grumbled, yes I was hungry. I had a very early dinner last night as Sam was leaving. If she was here last night, I guess nothing would have happened. I would have gotten my sleep, morning would have been fresh and my assignments would be my prime focus, I mentally slapped myself stating studies are still the prime focus it just the add-on on the plates which I need to remove but I have no idea how?

I dragged myself out of my room towards the bathroom as expected not a single soul was present there. Well, it was a Saturday winter morning every normal human being would like to get cozy in their bed. After freshen up, I changed into jeans and a t-shirt along with my jacket and scarf.

I was the first one to enter the cafeteria not that I am complaining it’s good to have some peace on a contradictory I was dying from inside to share my nightmare with someone and to scream for help but I know I can’t utter a word to a single person till I don’t understand what does Raj wants.

I ordered Masala dosa and filter coffee, like always the taste was perfect. The Dosa along with Sāmbhar and coconut chutney melted inside my mouth. It didn’t take me long to finish my breakfast as I was super hungry. Taking the sip of my filter coffee, my mind again went to the previous night’s incident. I was thankful that my panic attacks were not as worse as before.

I was still in confusion about his intention, I hate to admit that except for sending me those creepy letters he never did any harm but involving my mother in all this is where he crossed the line.

Sam would be back after four days and I am sure I can’t ignore him till four days, he will make it impossible. Ping...Ping...Ping...

Who is messaging me so early in the morning? I groaned and took my mobile out of my jacket.

“Good morning Angel! I couldn’t sleep yesterday night, the excitement of seeing you and talking with you kept me awake all night. And I guess you were awake too. Let’s have lunch together, I will pick you up be ready by 12 and Angel be on time”.

I was angry yet I was scared, he is crazy and as he said he doesn’t have anything to lose but I do.

Please somebody help me please I mentally screamed, the familiar wetness was back on my cheeks.


It was my happiest day today and I was jumping like a child in my room. My mum always said out there somewhere my angel is waiting for me and Widisha is my angel.

One more year is left before I would be out of this pathetic house and live a life of my own with my angel. This family has taken everything from me and destroyed my childhood but I will not allow them to take my angel from me, I will destroy every person who dares to come in between me and my angel.

I arrived at the college gate half an hour early, I was nervous and excited. It would be the first time I would go out alone with my angel. I know yesterday’s night was an unusual one for my angel but I had promised to make it up to her.

It was already 11:55 and I was feeling anxious, she was still not here. My eyes went from my wristwatch to the college gate still no trace of her.

It was 12:15 she was still not here, I was running out of patience, maybe she is getting ready girls do take time.

Time passed and Widisha was nowhere to be seen, my anger was something I had no control on and my angel is pulling the wrong strings. I dialed her number and her number was not reachable.

No no no... she didn’t do this, she blocked my number. I couldn’t help but laugh, hell to laugh out loud. Few passers-by gave me a look like I am a Maniac, yes I am for Widisha.

Oh! My darling Widisha you don’t even realize the dangerous game you have gotten yourself into and yes you will be sorry for not listening to me.


Ok, guys so it was the first POV of Raj.

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