The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 19

Widisha’s POV

" I guess we are done with this?“. I said, yawning.

“Did you not sleep yesterday, you yawned the 10th time now?” Abhi inquired.

“And you my darling have finished your fifth shot of espresso”. Chris warbled beside me.

“Are both really serious rather than focusing on your studies you are counting my yawns and espresso”.

“Widisha please explain to us what’s wrong with you, it’s 5 pm and your eyes are bloodshot red. It’s noticeable you didn’t sleep the night. What’s bothering you?” Chris said in a sturdy tone his voice reduced from peppy to serious.

These guys can read me like an open book “It’s nothing Sam was not there, and I was not feeling very comfortable being alone in the room so was in and out of sleep”. I lied, even though my conscience was screaming at me, to tell them the truth, but I couldn’t gather up the courage to say so.

I didn’t go out to meet Raj and I also blocked his number but deep down I know this was momentary. From 12′ o clock, we were sitting in the cafeteria completing our assignment though I was drained out of energy I was happy that in between all this disarray my studies were not hampered.

“Widisha are you listening ....?” I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Hmm... yes I am?” I said.

“Girl seriously where did you zone out?“. Chris said.

“I am just tired that’s all”. I said nonchalantly.

“I have an idea to end this boring weekend lets to go to my place”. Chris suggested.

“No...“. Both I and Abhi said in unison.

“First listen to me guys my house means not this one which is across the campus. I am talking about the other one its 5 km from here nothing big but cozy enough for all of us”. Chris said by the look he was anticipating us to say yes.

“What about college on Monday?” Abhi asked.

“How do you even manage to come first in all the subjects when you are so dumb, we can carry our clothes and report directly to our classes on Monday”. Chris said.

“I have no interest in coming with you Chris”.

“And I have no interest in taking you Abhijeet to my place, proposition was for Widisha I just did the civility to forward it to you”.

“Ok guys stop, enough of your childish fighting”. I said monotonously.

“Get you stuff I will meet you guys near the college gate in 30minutes”. Chris added.

“I will call Anna and check if she would like to join”. I said, getting up and collecting my books.

Being back in my room, remembrance of last night hit me like a rock. I know whatever I am doing currently is short-lived very soon I will be face to face with my fear.

I packed a few of my things and quickly message my mum and Sam about the plan of staying at Chris’s place. I called Anna to check whether she would like to come, but she declined saying that her project is yet to start, so she needs to be with her project partner.

After that incident, Anna was never the same as she was before. Though Abhi tried to explain the situation to her in his best capabilities it never felt the same as it was before.

“He is always late, it’s freezing out here”. Abhi grumbled. Chris was late by ten minutes, I and Abhi were standing near the gate waiting for him. The temperature was dropping steadily, it was already dark and the cold harsh wind was hitting our faces constantly.

It felt like an eternity before we saw the headlight of Chris’s car. It didn’t even take a second to hop in once he stopped by.

“Chris for once be on time”. I said in between chattering of my teeth due to the cold.

“Sorry Widisha was caught up with dad but to make it up, I will make my special hot chocolate for you”. He said in his ever chirping tone and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Dude I was also there”. Abhi said from behind.

“So make yourself your own drink”. Chris said with an evil grin.

Oh! God both of these guys fight like cats and dogs.

It took us almost fifteen minutes to reach the house. Chris had taken a left turn from the main road and it was a bumpy ride. It was a very narrow roadway surrounded by trees, the road was made up of gravel and stones. It was pitch dark and visibility was only till headlight reached.

“Tell me again why did we agree to come here?“. Abhi said

“I can stop the car and you can walk your way back to the campus”. Chris replied immediately.

“Guys please not again....“.

“We are here”. I was interrupted by Chris.

I won’t say the house was small but was smaller than Chris’s other house. It was a modern style wooden cabin surrounded by a small garden. The was smoke coming out of the chimney, lights were on and a car was parked outside the patio.

“Is someone here?“. I asked nervously.

" I don’t have any idea but the car belongs to Vansh”. Chris replied.

He stopped the car near the patio “Let’s go and check. If you feel uncomfortable we shall head back”. He said squeezing my hand comfortingly.

As soon as the car door opened the cold breeze hit us like needles, it’s going to snow in a day or two. We climbed up the patio, it looked cozy with two wooden chairs, a small coffee table, and a swing. There was no doorbell so Chris knocked on the door as we waited.

I could hear the footstep moving inside and it came closed till I heard the door lash pulled open and it was non-other than Vansh standing in there.

“What are doing here?” Chris was the first one to speak.

“It’s my Mom’s cabin I guess you forgot, I generally come here for the weekend to stay alone”. Vansh replied stressing the word alone.

“But you were leaving for Manali today?” Chris said.

“Yes, but it got canceled due to a snowstorm”. Vash replied nonchalantly.

“We can leave don’t want to trouble anybody”. I said tugging onto Chris’s shoulder.

“It’s ok you guys can stay as long as you don’t make any noise, I will be up in my room besides its looks like a storm could hit any minute”. Vansh said opening the door wide for us to enter.

Chris and Abhi both looked towards me expecting an answer. I hate to admit it, but he was right storm is going to hit us any moment, and the weather is not so friendly tonight. The only thing I could do was nod yes.


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