The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 20

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The warmth from the fireplace made the room quite cozy compare to the freezing temperature outside. The harsh wind was knocking through the windows. My eyes traveled around the living room which was completely made up of wood, the fireplace was exquisitely made out of stone which gave a bucolic feeling. Two red leather sofas were placed near it, I couldn’t stop my leg from moving near to fireplace to soak up more of the heat. I was still shivering because of the cold.

“I will be up in my room, do whatever you guys want to do but no noise, no mess and don’t disturb me”. Vansh said and didn’t even wait for us to answer back, he was already moving up the stairs.

“Why he is so arrogant?” I heard Abhi whispering next to me.

“Hi! Guys, what do you want to do?” Chris said from behind.

“Well I would like to get changed into something comfortable and then we can have the hot chocolate promised by you,” I said.

“Sure beautiful! So there are four bedrooms, two up and two next to the living room, and one is occupied by Vansh so we three can decide which one to take”. Chris asked.

“I will take the one next to the living room”. I answered hurriedly.

“Me too”. Abhi added.

“Ok! I guess I am stuck with that arrogant a** on top”. Chris said and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Like the living room, the bedroom was made of wood, there was a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and candles were placed on top of it. Though it was not lit I am sure someone is definitely there to clean it up every day as everything is perfectly arranged.

The room had a wonderful view of the jungle’s dark green never-ending canopy. I quickly went inside the bathroom and freshen up. Oh! The feeling of my private bathroom is heaven plus it had hot water flowing what more I could ask for. I need to thank Chris for this especially when I needed something to keep my mind off from yesterday’s night incident.

I changed into my comfortable Pajama’s and put a hoodie over it as I was still feeling the chills and went out, Chris was already in the kitchen making the hot chocolate. The kitchen was small yet very well organized and designed. The high rise table, the beautifully carved stones around the stove and oven were adding towards its beauty. My mum would have gone bonkers seeing the design.

A loud yawn escapes my lips followed by my stomach grumbling loudly.

“Sorry”. I mumble silently when I heard Chris chuckle.

’Do we have anything to eat, I am starving”. I asked.

“I guess Maggie, bread, and egg would be there”. Chris said to point out towards one of the wooden cupboards.

I moved towards the cupboard and open it, well it was stuffed with Maggie packets, and fortunately, we had two packets of bread. I opened the fridge, there was an untouched packet of butter, cheese, and eggs enough for a stomach full dinner.

“I know there isn’t much because only Vansh comes here for the weekend that too alone”. He replied, but he was into some deep thought so I didn’t ask him anything further how much ever my curious mind was kicking me to ask.

Well, Maggie was something that’s easy and instant to cook, it didn’t take much time. I also scrambled a few eggs and toasted the slices of bread, it felt like having breakfast during dinner time but the food is food so I have no complaint. Everything was ready, I had set up the table and have put a plate for Vansh as well in case if he wants to eat something, atlas this is his cabin we are staying in.

Chris excused himself to call his mum, when I went to knock on Abhi’s room he was also on call guess I need to wait for them to come back before I could start eating the food. My stomach was grumbling loudly and a mild headache has developed due to exhaustion.

“You can eat the food it is getting cold”. I was startled by a deep and husky voice behind me. Without even looking back I knew who it was, I gulped down my salvia took a deep breath, and turned back.

“You stomach sounds are pretty much loud”. He said and my cheeks heated up with embarrassment. It’s very strange that I do feel nervous around Vansh but I am not afraid of him like Raj. It because he is not the creepy stalker you fool my subconscious mind mocked me.

“I don’t like eating alone so I will wait for them”. I said in a very low voice.

“I will sit with you now start eating, it looks like you are going to be down any moment and I would be the last one to think of carrying your heavy body”. He said in a flat tone.

How dare he call me fat “Why are you so mean”. I tried to curtail my anger.

“I am mean, selfish, and arrogant, whatever you can think I am I don’t give a rat ass to it, now eat”. He said again no change in his voice. To my greatest betrayal, my stomach growled once again.

I filled the plate up with two toast, four large spoons of Maggie, scrambled eggs, and a glass of hot chocolate. I took a sip of the hot chocolate instantly a moan escape from my lip, it was delicious felt as if the chocolate was attacking my taste bud. I looked over to Vansh only to notice that he was staring at me.

“I had cooked food for you as well you can take a plate rather than staring at me”. I said and the cockiness in my voice very evident.

He raised one of the eyebrows in amusement but it was quickly replaced by his stern face “Don’t flatter yourself so much, I have an eye for unique and rare things”. He said in the same monotonous tone.

Why do I have to open my big mouth anyways, I focused on finishing my food. After my stomach was satisfied with its fill, I went to the sink to rinse my plate that’s when two of my so-called best friend came out of their room.

“Oh! Food is already made”. Abhi asked looking at the table.

“Yes Widisha made and as usual you were of no help”. Chris answers back.

“I am already done with my food as I was super hungry you guys can start”. I said before they could have started their fight again.

Chris was looking at Vansh who was sitting on the sofa near the fireplace reading a book. I guess he was contemplating whether to call him or not.

“Hmm... Vansh would you join us for food” Chris asked. Even without looking at Chris, he said no. After they finished their food I excused myself for bed. Though it was only 9 pm I was barely able to keep myself awake. The room was very cold as I had forgotten to switch on the heater.

As the heater started to work its magic I thought of taking a hot bath as it helps in relaxing the body to get a good sleep. I don’t know how long I was standing there in the shower but my skin had started to burn because of the excessively hot water.

Finally, I was out, and to be honest I felt good. I dried myself and change into my pajamas once again. The entire mirror was fogged due to the hot water steam. I wrote my name on it and giggle at my childish action.

I opened the door and went inside the room only to get halt in my step seeing Vansh standing near the bedroom door.

“If it’s ok can I come in”? He asked and surprisingly his voice was very soft.

“Hmm ok,” I whispered.


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