The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 21

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Widisha’s POV

The familiar thumping of my heart has already begun and suddenly I felt the room extremely hot and difficult to breathe in, yeah in short I was nervous.

I saw his eyes roamed around the room as if searching for something.

“This used to be my mum’s room”. He said, though our eyes were he was not looking at me but it was enough for me to understand the sadness behind his voice.

“I can move out and sleep in the living room, it completely fine with me.“. I said.

He chuckled at my words and it felt music to ears. I was still nervous yet I was calm.

“May I sit?“. He asked pointing towards a chair place in the corner of the room. Till that time I didn’t realize that both of us were standing near the different door respectively. He was near the bedroom door and I was near the bathroom door.

“Yeah sure, you don’t need to ask it’s your house”. I said trying to keep myself from stammering.

“True it’s my house but it’s your room for the time being”. He took me by surprise with his words. His steps were slow and he was carefully observing each and everything around the room, I didn’t require any of his words to see the evidence of the pain of losing his mother was still fresh in his heart and he tries to mask it with his cold stone expression.

I sat on my bed folding my legs, Vansh had kept the bedroom door open. Well, I hate to admit but he is quite thoughtful, I would have been uncomfortable if he had closed the door.

“We used to come here every weekend along with my mum, Chris, Sam and I even Prithvi used to join us whenever he used to come for his vacation. Mum used to call this her hideout”. He said but I felt he was more of talking to himself because his eyes were lost overviewing the window.

“You know you are a lot like her Widisha, innocent, naïve always trying to bring out the good in people who don’t even deserve your kindness”. He said nonchalantly.

I was again quite, having no clue what to reply back, I don’t know whether he would be happy if he came to know that Chris has shared everything about their past. But all of my thoughts vanished when our eyes met with each other for the first time. Those dark orbs looked so soulful and deep as if it held a lot of mystery and emotions inside them. I felt as if they were trying to pierce through my soul, a burning sensation through my entire body it was something I never felt before a feeling that I was not aware of.

I didn’t even realize he had gotten up from his seat and had moved towards the bed, our eyes were fixed on each other as if our souls were talking with each other. He sat down just in front of me, one of his hand moved up to push a strand of hair behind my ear. The slightest touch of his made my core flooded with the burning sensation.

Both of his hands cupped my face and his face was merely an inch away from me. I felt my heart would come out of my ribcage any second. His eyes were full of emotions but they showed only love and care, it felt as if they were seeking some permission.

I don’t know whether it was me or it was him but the next second our lips were connected. His lips brushed against my lips softly and delicately just long enough so that I could inhale his breath before it came crashing down onto mine as if it was hungry for a long time. My own lip moved its own sync, our souls were showing their pure and vulnerable selves to each other. I felt his grip getting harder with the passing second as if he was afraid of losing me. My mind, body, and heart were screaming for more and I wanted to melt in his embrace. It was my first kiss and I wanted to imprint each and every second of it within me forever.

Ring.....ring.....ring... I heard my phone ringing loudly and in a panic, I pushed him away and the ring stopped.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to....I mean I like it just I don’t know why ....“I was stammering with nervousness when I heard a chuckle. I looked up and was surprised to see a smile on his face.

“Widisha breathe, it completely fine.....” Ring......Ring... he was interrupted by my phone.

I groaned and search for it inside my blanket, finally, I pulled it out. As the screen came to light I felt the air sucked out of me. I was getting a call from an unknown number and I had more than 100sms notification flashing on my screen. Even before I could receive the call I knew it was Raj.

Ring....Ring... The phone started to buzz again continuously, my hand was trembling with fear, and memories of yesterday night came crashing down again making me face to face with my reality mirror.

“Who’s is calling you?” I heard Vansh asking me.

“Hmmm No one”. I said in a small voice.

Ring....Ring.... Ring...

“What are you trembling?” He asked, his voice was back being serious and his face was stern.

“No, I am not”. I said trying to keep myself calm.

Before I could even register his next step he snatched my phone away from me.

“Vansh noo.......” But I was late his facial expressions changed from serious to anger.

“Why the hell Raj is messaging and calling you Widisha?” His loud voice boomed in the entire room.


So Widisha just shared her first Kiss with Vansh??

Who all have guessed that it would be Vansh..

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Raj calls, Vansh’s anger, and a hell lot of dramatic, thrilling, and romantic events are coming up.

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