The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 22

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“Why the hell Raj is messaging and calling you Widisha?” His loud voice boomed in the entire room.

My phone was continuously buzzing in his hand, the love and care I saw in his eyes just a few seconds ago were gone and replaced by rage. His dark orbs were glowing with anger.

“Vansh please give me my phone back”. I said trying to keep my voice stern, but I miserably failed in doing so. Raj crafts a fright in me the reason is still unidentified but seeing Vansh in such fume is making me uncomfortable.

Before he could utter any word Chris and Abhi entered the room. “What’s is happening here? Why are you in Widisha’s room?” Chris was the first one to ask.

The room was in complete silence none of us spoke, everyone’s eyes were on me and my breaths were becoming difficult to take with every passing second. The familiar feeling of my stomach getting twisted was slowly increasing.

“Hi! You guys move away from her, Can’t you see she is on the verge of her panic attack”. It was Abhi who spoke. He pushed Vansh and Chris aside from the bed and came, sat beside me.

“Hi look at me”.Abhi’s voice was soft and he gently took my hand and was rubbing circles on top.

“You need to take deep breaths Wisidha, follow my voice, and do the breathing exercise”. He said in a soft voice.

My peace was short-lived when I heard my phone buzzing again. Everyone’s head turned towards my phone.

“Widisha why is Raj calling?“. This time it was Chris though his voice was soft I could feel the anger behind it. I felt as if my head would explode, I was already exhausted, I just wanted a few hours of good sleep that’s all.

“Either you tell us what has happened or else I will pick up the call”. Vansh said in a threatening voice.

“No please”. It came out only as a whisper.

“Beautiful you need to tell us what has happened please it’s the only way we can help you?” Chris said.

I could just do a nod and took a deep breath and started explaining them from the letter at their house to flowers at my mum’s place and yesterday’s night incident including his proposal for me to be his girlfriend and date.

“He was there at your room?“. Vansh’s voice was slow and dangerous.

“Why didn’t you scream for help”. Abhi asked.

“I couldn’t he threatened to hurt my mum indirectly,” I said.

“De he? “No, he didn’t do anything inappropriate”, I said before he could complete the sentence. Though Raj did I was not comfortable enough to share it with them.

My phone rang again but this time Chris stanched the phone away and pressed on the speaker.

“Why are you calling Widisha, Raj”. Chris was the first one to speak.

“Oh hello to you little brother or should I say Widisha’s part-time bodyguard”. Raj spoke from the other end. His voice was heavy but the evil chuckle can’t be missed.

“Why are you calling her?“. Chris asked again ignoring his comment

“Oh! I had a date actually with my girlfriend but she didn’t turn up, so like a good boyfriend I am calling to check on her”. He said in a calm voice. My eyes fell on Vansh, I saw him clenching his fist with anger.

“If Widisha didn’t turn up it clearly states she is not interested so I would like to suggest that you stop calling and bothering her”. Chris answered back.

“And why would I do that little brother”. Raj said in a sarcastic voice.

“Because I am asking you to do and moreover if a girl is not interested in someone it’s better not to poke her continuously as it’s called harassment”. Chris said I could make out that he was losing patience.

“You are killing my mood Chris now give the phone to my angel I know she is listening to the entire conversation”.

“It wrong Raj you know that please step back”. Chris’s voice has turned soft again.

“Who decides what’s wrong and what’s right. Not everyone is born evil as every demon was once an angel. Innocence is a mirage Chris, unfortunately, our threads were entangled by fates and our destinies were forced to meet.“. He said. For the first time, I could sense the pain in Raj’s voice, some conscience inside me was awakened by his voice saying there is more to the story than I am aware of.

“Leave her alone Raj, you have done enough damage”. Vansh’s voice echoed the entire room made me startle, his was laced with hatred.

“Widisha what are you doing with him?? It will not go well I am telling you”. Raj’s voice was equally loud.

“Stop with your pathetic threats Raj we know everything you have done so stop this madness before things go out of your hand”. Vansh screamed back.

“My madness, it was you because of whom I don’t have a family, I was without a father because of your pathetic mother and your grandfather. And only because of you and your mother I lost my twin sister”. He screamed and the voice went dead on the other end.


Its commonly said by the elders that a half-truth is more dangerous than a lie.

So Raj had a Twin sister??

What’s the history between Raj and Vansh?

Did Chris know about this?

If yes then he lied???

Sooooo many questions..

The answer would be up in the next chapters.

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