The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 23


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Abhi’s POV

Life is chaos and innocence is a rare gem which only a few poses. But often the rare gems attract the people who not only want to concur with their innocence but also want to taint them for a lifetime.

An innocent soul was present in this room her aura almost invisible due to the burden of grief and fear. Chaos fight between two brothers, lies, betrayal, anger, it was like a series of waves that were coming one after the other to damage the shore of the relationship.

“Get out”. I heard a small whimper among the fight between the two brothers, but they were too engaged emotionally in their anger to notice her.

“I said get out”. She screamed at top of her lungs which made both the brothers stop.

“Widisha I”. Before Chris could finish the sentence.

“I said get out”. She screamed once again.

Both the brothers looked at each other, rage and anger were still evident, Vansh was the first one to move out of the room. Chris turn around to approach Widisha but I stopped him.

“Give her some time, she will come around”. He looked towards me, his eyes clearly showed that he was debating whether to let go or make her listen to his part. But thankfully he listened to me for once and moved out.

I looked towards Widisha she was sitting in the same position with her head down looking towards her feet. I wanted to say something but stopped and turned around to move out of the room.

“Please stay”. It was a very soft whisper but enough for me to make my steps halt.

“Do you want me to close the door”? I asked because I could still hear Chris and Vansh shouting at each other in the other room and I am pretty sure that Widisha could hear them too.

She didn’t say anything nor did she look up the only thing she did was a single nod. I closed the door and turned around to see Widisha was in the same position. I was regretting every second of agreeing to come to this place and also allowing Widisha to come here. But who am I fooling, if we had not come here we would have not known that Raj was troubling her.

I took slow steps towards her bed carefully watching for any movement from her but there were none she was still like a statue. I paused near the bed contemplating whether I should sit or stand, “Please sit down Abhi”. She said in a soft voice but her head was still down.

“Are you okay”? I ask the most stupid question but thankfully she just moved her head sideways indicating no.

“I am right here for you”. I said, it then when she moved her head up meeting her glassy eyes with mine. All of my emotions that I had buried inside me for so long engulfed like a volcano inside me, it took everything inside me not to hold her in a tight embrace and say that everything is alright.

It took me a few seconds to realize that Widisha was embracing me and crying, I have been dreaming for this moment ever since I realize that I do have feelings for her but never had I ever dreamed of a way where she would be in her most vulnerable state.

“Hi! I am right here don’t worry everything would be fine” I said softly, gentling patting her back. I didn’t stop her from crying because it’s the only way to take out all her emotions.

“Why it’s happening to me Abhi?? I have never harmed anyone, never fought with anyone, then why??. She said in between her sobs.

“Innocence can be a curse sometimes Widisha”. I wanted to say but I refrain from saying the words. Instead, I just rubbed her back while holding her in my arms.

Minutes passed and her sobs had faded away, she had passed out on my shoulder. I knew it was due to exhaustion, I laid her down slowly on the bed and covered her with the blanket. Her eyes were swollen, her cheeks were flushed but despite all this, her beauty was still mesmerizing to me.

It was also a moment of pain realizing that Widisha might never feel the way I feel towards her but it was fine, my heart desired to keep her happy even if that means she is with someone else.

I remembered my mother’s word love is not about getting what our heart desires but it’s about sacrificing what our heart desires the most and let it bloom to its fullest. A single tear roll down my cheeks, so many years have passed but her words were still fresh in my mind as if they were said yesterday.

I switched off the lights and just kept one lamp on just in case she gets up in the night, with an involuntary action I bend down and kissed her forehead.

“Sleep, I am right here with you”. I mumble softly near her ear.

I had planned on sleeping on the couch for the night so if she gets up in a panic, I will be there for her but before that, I need to speak with Chris and his brother.

I opened the door slowly trying not to make a single sound and closed it behind me. It was not difficult for me to find out that they were upstairs as their voices were quite high. I climb up the stairs and went inside what I assumed was Vansh’s room.

“What was Raj saying about his twin sister??” Chris was screaming on top of his voice.

“It’s none of your business so let it be”. Vansh replied.

“It’s very well my business when Widisha is involved. She is an innocent girl Vansh I told you before and I am telling you again stay away from her”. Chris stopped as his eyes fell on me.

“See I don’t know what the issue the family has but you need to stay the hell away from her”. I said pointing out to Vansh.

“And Chris please keep your psycho brother Raj inline or I guess an FIR would be the best way to do so,” I said.

“You think FIR would really help??” Vansh replied sarcastically.

“Well, no harm in trying and getting my answers”. I replied.

“Abhi you don’t know Raj”. Chris said in low voice.

“Chris I don’t need to know your family personally to understand that it’s a mess and you guys are pulling Widisha in it like a quicksand”. I said, my anger was quite evident in my voice.

“It was never my intention Abhi you know that very well”. Chris said but it was evident that he was hiding something behind, actually, both of them are hiding something.

“Love is not about getting what our heart desires but it’s about sacrificing what our heart desires the most and let it bloom to its fullest” I repeated my mom’s line looking directly into the eyes of Vansh.

“And let that flower get killed by the wild creepers never, poetic lines are good for the movie but in real life, you protect what you love even if they don’t want, you have to do it”. He said, his eyes were dark as coal. The anger was quite evident in his eyes, before I could reply we heard a loud bang on the door.

“Open the door Vansh, open the goddam door”.

All of us looked at each other, it felt like an unsaid promise that whatever happens, we need to keep Widisha out of this especially away from him.

“Open the door, you coward”. Raj screamed.


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