The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 24

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Abhi’s POV

The banging of the door was quite loud as it contrasted perfectly with the silent atmosphere.

“Chris take this key and lock Widisha’s room, I hope she is still sleeping”. Vansh said. Chris just nodded and went down. The continuous banging was a constant reminder that their angry brother was down there.

“What’s the deal with you guys and Raj?” I asked.

“It’s not the time for stories Abhi and pleases stay away from him, he is into one of his anger episodes.” Vansh said.

“Open the door Vansh, you son of a b***h” Raj screamed again.

As soon as Vansh heard this his fist collided with the nearby wall, there is something not right about him. He dashed out of the room moving downstairs and I moved behind him.

How stupid I was to think that with all this noise Widisha would be sleeping, we saw Chris was almost begging her to go inside and she was stomping her foot like a child. As soon as she saw Vansh approaching down her eyes went wide with anger “You were going to lock me inside? Who the hell do you think you are? She said, her nostrils flared with anger.

“Widisha you in there?? Open the door Widisha” Raj screamed.

I saw how her entire body froze as soon as she heard Raj screaming her name.

“I need to open the door, I will ask him to go once he is done talking moreover it very cold outside”. She said gulping down her fear.

“Are you out of your mind, you are not doing any such thing. Go inside the room and let me handle him”. Vansh screamed at her.

It happened in all in fast motion I guess, I saw Widisha flinch at Vansh’s words, and her eyes almost went teary. She rubbed it off with the sleeves of her sweater and slide past Chris. Before we could stop her, she had already opened the door.

Gushed cold wind hit our faces and immediately the temperature of the room dropped.

“Raj?” I heard Widisha whisper.

“Angel?“. It was Raj who spoke back.

Vansh pulled Widisha backed from the door “Why are you here? You know very well you are not allowed here?“. He said.

“I am not interested in coming here if Widisha was not here”. He screamed back.

“Stop harassing my girlfriend”. Vansh hissed.

Girlfriend what the hell he is saying, I looked at Widisha she looked shocked at his words.

“What the hell you are saying?? I know it’s a complete lie”. Raj screamed with anger, his nerves have embarked upon on his skin.

“You think I am lying, we were having our moment when your call disrupted everything,” Vansh said sarcastically. His voice showed no emotion but the hatred he had towards Raj. My eyes moved towards Widisha, she stood there motionless her eyes were fixed on Vansh.

“Angel please tell me whatever he is telling me is a lie”. Raj spoke in desperation, somehow I felt his feeling because however, I was trying to control myself, deep down I was feeling the same thing. His emotions were flowing in form of tears down his cheeks.

“Raj will you please leave, whatever your brother said it was true but nothing matters anymore”. Widisha said, her voice held no feelings no emotions. She was not even looking at Raj, she was continuously staring at Vansh.

“You are going to pay for this, even if that’s the last thing I do in my life”. Raj’s threatening voice echoed in the entire house but I was not bothered about him or Vansh. It was Widisha, she didn’t even flinch at his voice.

I heard the click of the door when I forced myself to look that Raj has already left and Vansh has closed the door behind him. His head was slightly bent and supported with the door, his shoulders were slouched. I could make out he was taking in deep breaths to calm himself down, no one spoke a single word.

“Widisha..” Slap... Slap...

She slapped him, Widisha slapped Vansh twice the moment he turned around. Chris and I didn’t even try to stop her or utter a single word.

“Who the hell gave you permission to interfere in my life?” She screamed on top of her voice.

“Did I ask you? Why did you lie like a coward?” She screamed again.

“Widisha.. I”. Vansh tried to speak.

“I don’t want to hear any of your pathetic excuses, just stay the hell away from me”. She screamed again. But this time she turned around Chris, I saw him gulping down his saliva because truly we have never seen Widisha so angry.

“Chris if you ever get me near to this pathetic and lying person in any way I swear it will be the last day of our friendship”. She screamed again and then storm out of the room. I heard the door of her room getting closed with a loud bang.

No one spoke for a few minutes, everyone looked at each other hoping someone would break the silence. Finally, Chris said.

“It has been a long night, we can try and get some sleep”. Chris said looking at me.

I just nodded and went inside my room, however, my heart and mind are forcing me to go and check upon Widisha but she needed time alone. I sat on my bed, it was as cold as my heartfelt. I was greeted by the unfamiliar wetness on my cheeks. I haven’t cried since my parents passed away in a car accident. Realization and truth kept hitting my heart, she was never mined and she is never going to be mine, they are destroying her innocence and I am not able to do anything, she is hurting and I can’t do anything to take her pain away. I know I have lost her forever but she is still my best friend and I am hers.

“Love is not about getting what our heart desire but sacrificing it and let it bloom to its best”. My mom’s words echoed in my head. I am not understanding mom whether keeping her away from my feeling is doing any good to her as the people around are sucking her innocence out of her and I am not able to do anything.

Widisha’ POV

For the first time in my life, I felt the rage within me. I was angry with Chris for bringing me here, I was angry with Vansh for taking advantage of the situation just to bring down Raj, I was angry with Raj because of his stupid obsession and above all, I was angry with myself for being such a naïve to get myself into all this mess. I should have taken my stand rather than being afraid of the outcome. What has happened I cannot change but I am going to get my life pulled back from this bother’s mess.

I picked up my phone and I dialed a number that I never thought I would be ever dialing in my life. Ring .... Ring ..... Ring .... Ring


“Hi! I would like to meet you tomorrow morning at 9 am near the campus gate”.


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