The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 25

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Widisha’s POV

The cold wind hit my face like needles, as far as my sight could go it was white covered with snow. Heavy snowfall was there yesterday night. I wrapped my arms around me to increase the warmth. My inner conscious was poking me to get inside the house but I had to do it. It was still very early for anyone to find out that I had left the house, though I had left a note that I am going back to my dorm that’s all. After walking for ten minutes, I stop to catch my breath. Walking normally and walking in snow is difficult.

I jumped up in alarm when I heard a tire screeching sound beside me before I could react I saw Raj coming out of the car.

“Why are you here?? I asked you to meet me at the college gate?“. I asked nervously.

He looked at me silently, his eyes were red with anger. They were also puffy, it was no difficult for me to understand that he was crying.

“He took away everything from me and I won’t let him take away you from me Widisha”. He said, his voice was laced with anger and hatred. My sixth sense was poking me to run back into the house as he was not in his senses but I choose to shut it out.

“Raj please listen to me, whatever Vansh said about me being his girlfriend, it was a lie. I am not ready for any kind of relationship with anyone. I just want to finish my studies and build up my career. That’s all”. I said I was still sweating with nervousness even though the temperature was freezing.

“Did he kiss you?“He asked in a low voice almost threatening.

“Raj please listen to me I called you because I wanted to say that I don’t want to be a part of your life or Vansh’s life. I am a student here and just want to study”. I said in a whisper. He completely ignores my sentence “Widisha did he kissed you??” He asked again.

“Raj I know there has been a lot of family issues in the past, I know you have been hurt but please I don’t want to be a part of this”.

“Answer the damn question Widisha?” He screamed.

“Yes he did but it doesn’t matter anymore”. I said looking down, a single tear roll down my cheeks. After last night it truly didn’t matter.

I anticipated a wild out bust of rage but all I got was silence. I looked up and saw tears were falling down his cheeks but they were not because he was hurt but because he was angry. He wiped his eyes with his left arms sleeves.

“I wanted us to go on dates, movies, park, build up life together. Hell, I was ready to give up everything for you. The only thing you had to do was give me a chance but you didn’t even think I was worthy of that. Fair enough Widisha if not love then it’s the other way round. But you will be mine.“.

His words hit me like knives pricing through my skin. I turned around to run back towards the house but he caught my hand and pulled me back towards him. My back got hit with his hard chest and his arms wrapped around me painfully.

“Raj please let go of me”. I screamed on top of my voice, hoping someone would hear me out.

“I wanted to be an angel for you but you preferred the devil so now you will get the devil.” With this, I felt cloth with a pungent smell pressed on my face. The last few struggles were in vain as I slowly began to lost consciousness.

“You are forever mine”. I hear a small whisper before I lost myself in darkness.

Abhi POV

I got up with a heavy head. Though I slept for some time it was not a peaceful sleep, how can it be my mind was disturbed? I got out of the bed and moved out of the room to check upon Widisha. But her room was open, the bed was nicely made and she was nowhere.

I turn my back and moved towards the kitchen when I saw a paper kept on the kitchen table.

Dear Abhi,

Moving out to my Dorm, need some peace.

I will call after I feel better



Oh! God, this girl, in such cold weather she went out walking and why didn’t she called me. I was hurt and angry both. Hurt because she didn’t trust me enough to wake me up and who the hell walks out in snow that too early in the morning.

“Good morning Abhi where is Widisha?” I heard Chris’s voice behind me.

“She left for her dorm,” I said, I was not interested in talking with anyone at the moment.

“What? In such weather?” Chris said

“Well I guess she was already mad enough to deal the emotion high Radicand’s again, so I guess she thought leaving is better than communicating with any of you.” I snapped at Chris. But before he could reply his phone rang...

“Yes, Sam”.

“Chris where are you guys? Is Widisha there with you as she is not here in the dorm, I thought of giving her a surprise by coming early”. She said. On hearing, Widisha is not there both of us exchanged looks of fear.

“Are you sure she is not there? Check the cafeteria or the other places?, She left early in the morning from the cabin”. Chris replied nervously.

“Early in the morning? Cabin? What’s happening here?” I could hear Sam asked.

“We are reaching there Sam, please check the area first?” Chris said and disconnected the call.

“What’s happening here?” Oh God, the man of problems Vansh is here.

“Widisha is missing; we are going to check the route and going to meet Sam near the dorm”. Chris said. Meanwhile, I tried calling on her but it’s going out of reach.

“Please God please keep her safe”. I silently prayed.

But I never knew that all our lives were going to change from this moment. Density has already entangled our future with each other.

15years later

Abhi POV

Ring Ring Ring....

“Hi, Sam!”

“Abhi darling how are you?”

“All fit, fine and tired”.

“I hope my brother and little pumpkin is not troubling you much”

“Please take them with you for some days so that I can have peace in my life”.

I could hear Sam laughing loudly from the other end.

“So the little one is going to school tomorrow”. She asked

“Yes and Chris had her rehearsed multiple times how to prank on her classmate, I guess the principal would call me on her first day of school”. I said, and yes I am actually worried about it.

“You are taking too much stress Abhi, just chill everything would be fine. Anyways it’s snowing heavily in London right now.”

“Summer heats are killing us here in Australia so can’t say much,” I said.

“Anyways I called to inform you that I will be reaching Australia next week along with John, our little Pumpkin will turn four.“. She said sounding super excited.

“Yes I know” I have not been able to master hiding my pain whenever any celebration is there.

“Abhi you have been a wonderful father wherever she is she would be proud of you”. Sam said.

“I know it’s just that it’s very selfish of mine to crave for her presence beside me always”.

“Daddy who are you talking with?” I heard my little princess voice from behind me.

“It’s your Boogie auntie”. I said with a smile.

“Hello, boogie auntie how are you?“. Widi asked Sam.

This little angel has wrapped everyone in her little finger with her innocence just like her mother.

She calls Sam Boogie auntie because Sam has started keeping hair locks and more tattoo has been added.

I looked over the picture of the love of my life and my wife Widisha.

“I wish you were here, everyone is missing you. I miss you terribly”. A single tear rolls down my cheeks but I quickly wiped it off before my little angel caught me crying.



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