The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 26

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Widisha’s POV

My head was in pain so badly, I wanted to open my eyes but it was difficult. I moved to my side groaning in pain. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palm and tried opening them slowly. Immediately bright light hit my iris which made me shut them down immediately, taking a deep breath I opened my eyes again but this time it was not so bad. Groaning in pain because of my headache I pushed myself up to sit.

My eyes wandered around the unfamiliar surroundings, immediately the past incident of Raj drugging me hit before I could react my eyes landed on a person sitting across the room. As my vision was blurry I couldn’t make out who the person was.

“Who are...” cough cough cough... Till now I didn’t realize that my throat was dry as a dessert, it felt as if sawdust was rubbed inside my throat. Out of nowhere a glass of water was brought up to my face without thinking twice I took the glass and gulped down the water hurriedly.

“Thank you..” I stopped in the mid-sentence as my eyes met with the familiar dark orbs.

“Raj?” He just smirked standing in front of me.

“Why?” The only question that came up.

“Because you gave me no choice my angel”. He replied in his casual attitude.

“Where am I ?“. I asked again not breaking eye contact with him trying to put my most courageous face.

“Somewhere far and unknown to them”. He replied with the same attitude.

“Let me go, Raj, whatever you are doing is a crime”. I said firmly.

“Do you really think I care?“. He replied with the same smirk on his.

“Why are doing this?” I asked and to my greatest fear, his expression changed to rage. In a fraction of a second, I was pushed against the headboard and his body was inches away from mine. His hand was gripping my shoulders painfully.

“Why am I doing this?? Why did you kiss him Widisha? You knew very well about my feelings still you went and cheated on me? “He screamed on top of his voice.

“We are not in a relationship Raj”. I said.

“Very well Widisha you are not leaving the room till you don’t say yes to me, you want me to be the devil. I will gladly be the devil but either way, you are mine. “My heartbeat was increasing with every word he said.

“Look around Widisha the fear of your life is going to come alive in few minutes”. He said.

I looked around, it was a concrete room with no windows, only a single door. A table and chair were placed in the corner. And the bed was in the middle. I couldn’t figure out what he trying to say. Thankfully he was moving away from the bed and was walking towards the door.

Once he reached the door and turned and gave me his evil smiled.

“Last chance my angel please say yes and I will make all your wish come true”. He said in a soft voice.

“Raj please there has to be some other way”. I tried to reason out with him. I was still not able to understand what was he planning.

“You bought this upon you Widisha, you had a choice but you choose the wrong path”. He said and with that, I saw him lifting his left arm up and he clicked on his watch.

One light went off in the room... The second click another light went off.

No no ....he can’t do this...

“Raj what are you doing? Please you know I have a phobia against darkness”. I tried getting up but couldn’t.

One more tab the third light was off.

“Raj please no please...“.Tears were coming down my cheeks. My heart was thumping loudly.

He turned back and opened the door. He moved out and tuned back facing me.

“You had a Choice”. That’s all he said before closing the door and shutting me into complete darkness.

“Raj please you can’t open the door, please please”. I cried, my body was shivering. I felt bile rising in my throat.

My eyes were burning, I couldn’t see anything everything was black. It felt as if my vision was taken away from me. All sorts of feelings were hitting me together. Shaking, trembling, chest tightness, sweating. My body was out of my control.

I wanted to close my eyes but I couldn’t in fear. Please somebody help, please, please. I had no more voice within me. I had how long I was screaming for him to open the door. I tried to think about something positive but couldn’t only thing that came to my mind was darkness.

I don’t know how long it was but it felt like an eternity. All my senses were numb, my eyes were wide open but I couldn’t see a thing around. My senses were trying to catch on to any sound but none could be heard it was absolute silence. If void exits I guess it would be like this, dark and silent. Eating away everything bright and beautiful.

My ears went up when I heard the click of the door. The lights were switched on and Raj was walking through the door carrying a tray. My eyes were stilled wide open and I was afraid to speak. He kept the tray full of food in front of me. My eyes went to the food and then back to him. I saw a bandage in his hand but was afraid to ask. He bought a spoon full of rice in front of my mouth.

“Eat”. As soon as the word left his mouth my lips were opened automatically and I swallowed the food. He fed me slowly and like a nice little girl I kept on eating. None of us spoke during the entire time. I wanted to scream at him, hit him no I wanted to kill him but I felt that my body didn’t answer my mind anymore. I was not able to control it how much ever I wanted to, it was like my soul being trapped in a vessel.

After finishing the food he pushed the tray aside. He moved forward to hold my hand.

“Angel you were inside the room for 4 hrs”. I wanted to slap him at that moment but the only thing I could do was looking at him blankly. “Do you agree to become my girlfriend now”? His voice was calm yet threatening. But my body automatically responded to his question by nodding its head. Seeing this his face lit up like a child seeing a Christmas present.

“Kiss me then,” He said.

My mind screamed no... but my hands cupped his cheeks softly and in a second my lips were on his. It didn’t even take a second for him to push me down on the bed and getting top of me. His kiss was nothing gentle, nothing felt like love. It was like claiming victory over a prize. And unfortunately, I was a prize for him

However my mind wanted to fight, my body responded to his touch in fear. Fear of going through the trauma again.

“Angle will give me a chance of loving you”. He asked lovingly.

It’s not love you moron it’s a compulsion I wanted to scream but all I could do was a nod.


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