The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 1

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Widisha Pov

There are a lot of phases in our life just like butterflies. They seem like chapters of a book, some so happy that it feels like you are on top of the world, some so sad that you want mother Earth to just open and swallow you up, some make you feel so enraged that you want everything around you to just stop and some so exciting that you feel like you have become one of those butterflies in your stomach.

The thrill of completing high school was short-lived. A new life was waiting out there for me which will not only give me new opportunities but will also test my limitations.

There were new students, just like me, everywhere along with their parents and most of the registration counters were full. I was walking behind my mum as she guided me through the crowd, my mind not getting enough time to neither focus on my excitement nor on the building nerves. It was then that my mum called out to me over the chatter of people enthusiastically, “Widisha walk fast or we will have to wait for the registration even after the lunch break.”

Well, when children have grown up and it’s time for them to go to college, it’s very natural for the parents to relive their college memories. The excitement on my mother’s face was gleaming as she moved fast and stopped behind a lady behind the second counter. I looked ahead and counted five people before our turn.

When it was finally our turn, my more than exuberant mother said, “Widisha Kapoor!” I could only shake my head at her as the lady behind the counter looked up and smiled at me before saying, “Welcome Widisha, wish you all the best for your new life here”. I smiled at her timidly and nodded my head towards her. My mom had to fill up a few forms that were given to her while I just waited. “Here you go Mrs Kapoor everything is done this is Widisha’s ID card, schedule for the classes and key to the dormitory.” My mum took the keys and we started heading towards the dormitories.

The college was surrounded by trees everywhere with a beautiful garden and a huge campus, and the greenery was already making me fall in love with this place. Moving by my mother’s side whilst admiring the place, I bumped into someone causing me to stumble, fall and spill all the papers from my hand. My hand immediately cradled my forehead on instinct.

“Widisha are you OK?” I heard my mother asking. I looked up to take a look at the person I had bumped heads with, only to see another boy on the ground cradling his head just like me. “I’m sorry I was not looking where I was going.” I quickly apologized. I collected my papers and stood up, whilst the boy almost mimicked my actions. It was after standing straight that I realized he was a new student like me.

“Oh! No problem dear, I guess you are also a fresher as my nephew. Nice to meet you...”

“Widisha Kapoor, Sir.” I smiled.

“You have a very lovely name, young lady, myself Vikram Rana and this is my nephew Abhjeet Rana.”

He extends his hand and greets in a deep voice and dense eyes, “Hello Widisha nice to meet you”. “Hi, Abhijeet it’s nice to meet you too.” I replied trying not to sound embarrassed.

I looked back at my mother, gesturing for her to go. She was smiling. I knew she was happy that on the first day of my college I met someone whose name I know or else she knows I was very introverted in school, I hardly had any friends except for my best friend Sonia.

Mom gave me a nod and smilingly said, “It was a pleasure meeting you Mr.Rana I guess Widisha and Abhijeet will be good friends.”

Finally, getting out of that awkward situation, I took a sigh of relief. We were walking towards the dormitory I was assigned and we passed the library. My eyes lit up with excitement and controlling the urge to take a dive into that place, I made a mental note of visiting the library as soon as possible.

Finally, we reached my dormitory, my dorm was on the second floor. As I was entering the room, my eyes fell on a girl with a phoenix tattoo on her right arm lying on her bed and listening to music with her headphones. She looked up towards me and her face lit up with joy. She literally jumped out of her bed, came forward, and hugged me tightly as if I was her long-lost friend. I was taken aback by surprise by this sudden fervent greeting.

“Hi, I am Sameera but you can call me Sam and you must be Widisha my dorm mate, nice to meet you girl.” I was too surprised to reply, which my mom understood and replied on my behalf, “Hi Sam I am Widisha’s mother. It’s lovely to meet you, dear.” I know she was very happy seeing such a lively girl as my dorm mate.

Taking a deep breath, I said, “Hi Sam nice to meet you”. She hugs me again and said, “Come on darling I will show you our room the bed near the window is yours and the table near it, the cupboard on the left side is yours and there is a mini-fridge there too, the washroom is near the left side, towards the end of this corridor and if any extra things are required we both can add on together.”

I smiled and nodded. It took me and mom nearly two hours to settle and arrange my things, Sam wanted to help but mom strictly said no. It was nearly 5:00 pm in the evening and in four hours mom had a flight to catch. I knew it was time for her to go, she pulled me into her arms “Widisha I want you to enjoy your college life along with your studies, go out have fun but be careful every time if you have any problem you know Dad & I will always be there to help you out.” I nodded and held her for few more minutes, it was hard for me to say goodbye as I have never been away from my parents. After saying goodbye to mom, I went inside.

I look around the campus, which will be my new home for the next three years. I took a deep breath silently hoping that these three years will be memorable for me, taking a step forward towards the next phase of my life.


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