The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 28

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I could see the tear strides on her face. Her innocent eyes were full of sadness, I was happy that at least there was one person who was empathetic about my situation. Throughout my childhood days, I have endured both physical and emotional pain.

“Things went from bad to worst from that day onwards. I was pushed into this hell because of the law and they were the only legal guardians of mine. I cried and begged the authorities to put me in an orphanage but who will listen to an 8-year-old right???

The day I stepped inside the house it felt like hell has consumed me, I was beaten by so-called my grandfather, starved, I was bullied in school by Vansh and his friends. Everywhere I go it was torture for me. I cried every night that why mum and dad didn’t take me with them, I was happy that my little sister didn’t have to endure such pain.” My heart was throbbing inside my chest painfully remembering those days. A lump had formed inside my throat and I choked on my own words, I didn’t know when I had started crying profusely. All these years every single emotion and pain was locked inside me, there was no one with whom I could share my pain. Not a single friend or relatives. I wiped away my tears away with the sleeves of my shirt.

I looked up and saw Widisha shifting uncomfortably in her seat, well I couldn’t expect her to come to me and console me after what happened a few hours back.

“Shall I bring you a glass of water”? She asked in a soft voice. I just nodded my head that’s all. I could hear her tiptoes moving in the kitchen, she was back with a glass of water in few seconds. Her hands were shaking when she passed the glass in my hands, I couldn’t blame her but it did hurt me to watch her in this state and for the fact I was solely responsible for the same. After drinking the water I did feel better, taking a deep breath I started again.

“One year had passed living in that hell when Chris along with his parents shifted back here from Russia. Chris and Sam were very close to each other as they both were of the same age. Though they kept themselves away from me in front of elders but used to place toys and chocolate on my bed in my absence. One day grandpa caught me eating a bar of chocolate that he had given to Chris. Without even listening to me he called me a thief and started beating me with his belt. It was Chris’s mom who had stopped him. She threatened him to go to the police if he does anything like that again.”

“I could see the rage and hatred in his eyes for me, he called me a plague to the family and left the room. From that day onwards Chris’s mom never left my side, she was like an angel in my hell. She always used to bring me down with her to have dinner at the dining table. Though everyone used to look at me with hatred I was happy Sam and Chris used to giggle and smile when they were around me. Things started to change, she used to be there in all of my school programs she even scolded Vansh about his bullying. But the beating from grandpa got much worse and hidden.”

“I was always threatened not to speak a word or the consequence would be bad. It went on till I was fifteen and my grandfather finally passed away. I have no shame in saying that I was the happiest person that day.“.

“I was an innocent child born out of the love of two individuals, I had no hands whatever happened in the family. Yet I was punished for the crime I had not committed every day. Monsters are not born Widisha, they are made”.

Widisha POV

How could a person behave in this manner with a child?

How can somebody be so heartless and cruel?

He is right monsters are not born they are made, but said that he had no right to justify his present crimes with his past memories.

“Raj when you have gone through so much then why???” I couldn’t gather up my words to say it out loud but I noticed something which I haven’t noticed before.

There was a shift inside him as if it felt a different person was sitting here a few seconds back and now the person in front of me was different. His posture, his facial expression everything change in a fraction of a second. That evil smirk was back in his face.

“Why did I stalk you Widisha? Or why did I bring you here? It’s very simple my angel because I can”.

He is totally a different person now, how is it possible. He was crying just a few minutes back, for the first time his eyes showed all the emotions except lust and obsession but here again, he is back to his usual self.

“Do you really think that if I had not threatened those two buffoons who tried to touch what’s mine would have come and confessed in front of the police”? He said with a smirk.

My eyes went wide at his confession, so it was because of him those two guys came and they were so afraid. Before I could say anything there was a loud bang on the door.

“Raj please open the door it’s me and Chris, I know Widisha is in there”. It was Sam, how did she know I was here. Raj rolled his eyes backward and got up to open the door. I walked behind him. As soon as he opened the door, Sam rushed past him and hugged me tightly.

“Are you ok”? She whispered.

“No”. I replied softly.

I pulled back myself and looked towards Chris, the folded skin on his forehead was enough for me to understand that he was tensed.

“Mom wants to talk with you Raj”. Chris said handing over the phone to him. I saw again the shift in his feature, it was soft and his facial expression changed. I don’t know what his mom said but the next minute I hear.

“Widisha you can go along with Sam, we will meet in college the day after tomorrow”. I was taken back at his word. I looked from Sam to Chris and back again to Sam but I couldn’t understand what happened.

“Good night,” I said to Raj, his face was soft so was his feature, he just smiled and waved back at me. Strange very strange.

I got inside the car, it was pitch dark and started to snow but whatever was the reason I didn’t want to stay back.

“What happen back there?” I asked still confused.

“Widisha, Raj has a borderline personality disorder”. Chris replied.


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