The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 31

The chapter dedicated to my best friend Sonia.

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It was the last day of my vacation yes right, three weeks were gone and here I was sitting in my room along with my best friend packing my things back.

“You still have time to tell your parents about that psychopath Widisha”. Sonia said after she was tired of giving me her death stare.

“I know but I can’t they will worry too much moreover Raj has only six month of his college left and also in that four month is his internship I think two months can be manageable”. I tried explaining to her.... Well, I had lost the count now.

The first day when I landed at the airport, mum and dad both had come to pick me up. It was close to six months that I had not met them so I couldn’t hold back my tears when mom engulfed me in a hug. I cried standing in the middle of the airport and I didn’t care if people were watching it was my moment I was longing for so many days with my parents.

It was three hours drive from the airport to my house but I have nothing to complain I enjoyed every bit of it. My parents couldn’t stop asking me about college and I did share all the details except about Vansh and Raj also the incident on the day of fresher.

Stepping out of the car I was greeted by grandparents and a big surprise by my best friend Sonia. She said she was not going to make it because of her practicals such a liar. I was so overwhelmed the entire time. Tears of happiness were constantly on the brink of my eyes and I was only welcoming them with open arms.

Sonia and I have been best friends since kindergarten and except for our facial structure and hairstyle, we are completely matched made in heaven. Our height, eye color, weight, size.... everything is the same since childhood and till now nothing has changed. We asked our moms multiple times that were there any possibility that we could have been long-lost sisters but sadly it was not the case.

I went up to my room and a smile lit up on my face. Mom has kept everything as I had left it. My room was colored in purple and white shade, it was nothing fancy as I like it simple but I did have an entire wall dedicated to bookshelves full of books. They were my prized possession.

Days went by overstuffing myself with the home-cooked delicacy by grandma and mom. We do get good food in college but nothing can beat home food. Mom took me shopping although I hate it, on a good note she also got me a couple of novels so it was a win-win for both of us. The evenings were spent with Sonia either at my place or hers. We did visit our old school and it was a nostalgic feeling for both of us. Can’t believe that we had spent fourteen years in this place and now we were in college.

It was on the third of my vacation I had confessed everything thing to her. To be specific she forced it out of me. I cried my heart out on her lap from that day onwards she kept on pushing me to tell my parents but I don’t know why I was not being able to gather up enough courage to tell them the truth.

“You got everything, I hope nothing is missing out”. Sonia interrupted my thoughts.

“I guess everything is packed”. I said I was tired my shoulders were aching.

“Do have my number on speed dial?” Here she goes again with her safety checklist.

“Yes I do have”.

“Your location sharing is activated with me ?”

“Yes darling, you just checked an hour back and it was working fine”. I said. Sometimes I feel she has switched her role with my mother.

“Taser and Pepper spray?”

“Yes although I still think it’s too much”. I tried to reason out with her again but eventually failed.

“I am not asking for your advise here Widisha, you going back to college and who knows that psycho would be waiting for you with open arms.” She said and it felt like fumes were coming out of her. I know she was very upset with me because I was not telling my parents but frankly I also don’t know why do I have so my hesitation.

“Widisha back on earth?” She said waving her right palm in front of me.

“Ya ya I am right here”. I said meekly.

“I can see that anyways you are going to call or message me every morning and night. And if there is any problem remember our code word my life is boring without you. All you need is text me or call me, also if you miss three calls of mine in a continuation of three hours I am calling the police and alerting your parents. “. She said in a serious tone.

“I do remember and yes you can”. I said and her phone rang. It was her mom calling her back at home as it was already dinner time.

“I need to go now but I will here in the morning before your leave”. She said and hugged me. I did miss her every day in college, I wished both of us could have gone to the same college.

“I will miss you a lot”. I said.

“Me too”. She whispered. More than best friends we are like soul sisters. We never required to communicate with each other every day even if we are talking after a month we could pick up easily from where we left.

After getting done with dinner I came up to my room and sat on my bed. It was quarter before ten in the night so I had fifteen minutes in my hand. With every passing second, my heartbeat was going up. Palms were sweaty, my breath was heavy. My body jolted up in surprise as my phone rang. With shaky hands, I slide up the receiving button.

“Hello my angel how are you?” Came the voice that responsible for my nightmares.

“Hi! Raj I am doing well. How are you?” I replied shakily.

“I am not doing well without my angel. I am missing you so much”. Every word made me cringe with disgust.

“I am sorry angel I won’t be there to receive you as my internship has already started”. He said politely.

“It’s completely alright Raj beside work is more important”. I said, trying my best so that my voice doesn’t stammer.

“You know because of all these quality I love you so much. Anyways I will let you sleep tonight as you have a long day ahead tomorrow.“. He said.

“Ya ok! Good Night”. I said hurriedly.

“Good night my angel. Have a safe trip and dream about me.“. He said and with that, I had disconnected the call.

It is going on from the day I landed, every day he will call me at ten in the night. I had avoided his calls for a night but he simply messaged me saying that he can come over to my home anytime. This had forced me to receive his calls every day. If anyone hears him talking will think he is a lovely, honest, loyal whatever you call a well-mannered person. But deep down I know the truth. Seeing the reaction of Sonia when I had shared about Raj I couldn’t tell her about the phone calls. She would have surely informed my parents.

I was grateful that there was no episode of his disorder during these days but however, I tried to empathize with him that evening comes haunting and I will never be able to reason out his actions other than knowing that he needs serious help.

My mind drifted into the thoughts of picturing the dark orbs that make butterflies in my stomach.


I know he is forbidden for me, getting close to him in manner will attract more problems for me at least with Vansh, not in the picture Raj is manageable I don’t want to know the vice versa scenario.

Deep down my traitor heart did hope to get a small glance of him when I go back. I was too afraid to even acknowledge my feelings for him and with lots of effort, I have buried them deep down and wish to keep them in the same way.

Ding** Ding**

My phone beeped with a message. I picked it up guessing that it would either Sam, Abhi, or Chris.

But after reading I had the same butterflies I was forbidden to have.

“I will be outside the airport to receive you. We have so much to talk, please hear me out this time.”


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