The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 32

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Widisha’s POV

I was quiet the entire ride back to the airport. Mum and dad, tried their best to cheer me up but I was battling my inner demons. I was afraid to go back, I was fearful that something bad would happen, I was guilty because I couldn’t tell mum and dad. Ohhhhhh!! I so wanted to hold them and cry my heart out but I couldn’t, Sonia kept on insisting to tell them about Raj, still, I am getting her pings continuously but I couldn’t.

I hugged mom tightly, “I am going to miss you so much”. I said trying to control my sobs.

“Are you ok my darling? What’s the matter?” She asked pulling away.

“Nothing mum, it just I came home after such a long time so just feeling home sick, the vacation got over too early I feel.“. I said trying to avoid her gaze.

It took a while to bid farewell to my parents and getting inside the airport. To my luck, there was not much rush in the security check, and by the time I was done I had still good 30minutes left before boarding starts.

I was sitting in front of the large glass window which gave me a magnificent view of the flight’s landing and taking off. The human brain is a mystery itself, being so advanced still, we don’t know our full capabilities. My thoughts traveled back to my biggest nightmare Raj. His childhood did leave a big scar on him but I had no part to play in that, so why I am being dragged into this mess.

“Passengers travelling to Shimla please proceed towards gate number 4”. Well that my clue, no going back now.

Luckily I had the window seat and the flight was not so crowded. I texted my parents and Sonia that I had boarded the flight.

There was a message from Abhi that he had already reached college and from Sam, begging me to come soon or she would be ending up in jail for murdering Chris. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shall be waiting for you near the exit gate”.


Nervousness started to sweep in, yes I was meeting him today. But I can’t deny the fact that if Raj comes to know he can create major havoc. I slapped myself mentally thinking of Raj and giving up my freedom so easily.


“Have a safe trip, my sweetheart. Call me once you reach college”. It was from Raj.

I took a deep breath and put on my phone flight mode. Someone has rightly said ignorance is bliss and I need to ignore him till I find a permanent solution to this problem.

The flight was short and I had reached ten minutes before the scheduled time for landing. Luckily I got my luggage in a short time, called up mum to inform her that I have reached.

I dragged my trolley towards the exit gate with each passing second my heartbeat increased and as the glass door slide opens automatically, there were swam of people but my eyes meet with his dark orbs. My heart pounded like a drum in my chest, a massive flood of adrenaline that shot through me like a drug and made me feel the emotions I have never felt before, emotions that made me feel more alive.

Everything felt soundless around me even in the hustle and bustle of the people didn’t divert my attention from those dark orbs. Taking small steps I walk towards him, no words were spoken between us. He took my trolley and we walked towards the car parking.

The drive was in silence but I was fidgety, cursing him in my mind that why the hell had he asked me to meet him if all he has to do is making this awkward by being silent.

“Where are we going?” I asked, giving in to my curiosity.

He chuckled before replying “Somewhere where we can get something to eat and talk peacefully”.

“What are you smiling at?” I didn’t like him making fun of my question.

“You”. He replied casually. How dare he? It was he who wanted to meet me, I didn’t ask him to come.

“You look adorable when your face is red as tomato”. He said teasingly.

“I would suggest you better have a watch on the road. I still want to do a lot of things before I die”. I said huffing.

The next ten minutes were in silence again and this time I was grateful. We stopped in front of a shack and immediately I recognize the place.

“You face tells me that you have been here before?“. Vansh had a questioning look on his face.

“Yes I have come here before with Chris”. I said remembering that it was the first time Chris had talked about his family.

We walked into the shack, moving in toward the open space behind it. It was as breathtaking and beautiful as it was before.

Vansh got two cups of tea and few snacks. Neither of us spoke, I was adamant that I was not going to start the conversation this time.

“I am sorry”. He said. My eyes went up to meet with his.

“You should be, if you had not behave like jealous freak things might have been easy for me”. I said angrily. Yes if he wouldn’t have proved Raj things might have not gone so bad but who am I to blame him, I went out to meet him thinking I am smart enough to seek out the problem.

“Why are we here Vansh?“. I asked.

“I want things to go back to normal between us Widisha. I want to have a fresh start for us”. He said, his eyes were teary I almost gave in to his words but my mind holds me back buzzing me with all the cons of my life.

“We can’t, Vansh, and it’s better for us if we remain the way we are”. I said avoiding his gaze.

My heart was clenching pain, I don’t know what are my emotions towards Vansh or I guess I am too afraid to confess my feeling to myself as I very well know they are forbidden for me but why.

“Why are you saying this Widisha? Is it because of Raj?” He asked.

“Don’t bring Raj into all this.” I said hoping he would understand but...

“Why not? Do you have feeling for him or his pity stories has wrapped you up as well”. He stated angrily.

“His pity story did tell me that you were a bully towards a poor child who had lost his parents and sister”. I said.

Within few minutes we have gone from being silent to a heated argument. Oh! god.

“At least he can say he lost his parents what about me I never had one expect for papers. Dad was always busy with his extended family and mom in getting dad’s attention. Some say dad lied to mom and some say my granddad tricked dad into marrying mom. So yes when Raj came in I did bully him because my grandfather asked me to but Widisha I was also a child for god damn sake”. He screamed in despair, tears were flowing down his cheeks.

My heart clenched seeing him crying, I took hold of the hand and pressed it softly “Shhh. I am sorry Vansh I didn’t mean too..” my voice got choked with my emotion.

It felt as if the entire aura of the place had changed, he pulled me towards himself. We were just a few inches away our eyes were talking in their language. His face was made with so much perfection I would never get bored looking at them.

My heart felt like it would explode from my chest, the closeness was already sucking the air out of me in a good way. My world stopped when I felt his warm and soft palm upon my cheeks, his touch was so delicate. My eyes went to his lips they were slightly parted, down I could see his adam’s apple moving up and down.

“Widisha”. His voice was music to my ears, never I have been attracted to anybodys’ voice but him especially when he calls me out.

What’s happening to me?

My eyes went up to meet again with dark orbs that I am in love with.

“I love you Widisha”...


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