The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 33

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Widisha’s POV

“I love you Widisha”....

His words were ringing in my head, his black orbs glistened with the tear puddle in the corners of his, and dark lashes were fluttering so slowly. It’s said the eyes were the mirror of our soul and true to the words I could only see love and affection in Vansh’s eyes.

My heart was beating frantically, my throat had become dry, I was getting drowned in the pool of unknown emotions I have never experienced before.

His hands that were still holding my cheeks, moved down and wrapped themselves around my waist. It was a warm and protective hug. A step more and our bodies will be touching each other, I had kept my hands on his chest in fear that any more closeness and my heart would explode. Flashes of our first kiss flooded my mind but the nightmare that came after that broke all my emotions like a house of cards.

Unconsciously I took a step back...

“Widisha....” His voice was barely audible but I could hear it. This time his eyes were laced with sadness.

“Vansh I .... I...” No words came out to describe my feelings because my mind had gone into the chaos of my nightmare and the repercussion that will come along with it.

I turn around and walked towards the edge...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I mentally screamed, why can’t I have a normal life for once?

“Because of Raj.” My subconscious mocked me.

“Widisha, are you okay? I didn’t mean to upset you.” Vansh said from behind.

Hold yourself together. Taking a deep breath I tried to stable my emotions. As I turned around my eyes were again met with the dark orbs that I am in love with.

“Vansh I...” I was again dumbfounded.

“Widisha please don’t trouble yourself too much, I just wanted to share my feelings that’s all. I don’t expect you to have the same feelings towards me nor I want any answers to my confession” Vansh said calmly but he was hurt by my completely evident action.

As usual, all I could do was a simple nod.

Vansh paid for the snacks and then we took off for college. The ride was in silence as usual, but my mind couldn’t help but overthink every situation.

“Why are you so fidgety? What’s bothering you Widisha?” Vansh asked.

“Hmm nothing.” I said trying to keep my words steady.

“Are you sure? I hope it’s nothing to do with Raj”. He asked once again.

“No”. I whispered.

I knew he didn’t believe me but I couldn’t muster up any courage to tell him the truth. It’s my problem and I wanted to deal with it myself before any commitment. Vansh has gone through a lot and doesn’t want him to be a part of any misery especially when it involves Raj.

The car stopped before the college gate, I opened the door and climbed down. Vansh took out my luggage from the car. A minute passed in awkward silence standing in front of each other but looking here and there.

“I guess that’s it, enjoy your new semester then”. I was so grateful that Vansh broke the silence.

“I guess so .” I said, meekly. I saw him turned around and moving towards the car, his shoulder was drooped down.

“Vansh....” He turned back immediately.

“Thank you for the ride and I really enjoyed it. If its ok with you, we can go on such rides during once or twice a month.“. I said and I was honest with every word. Nevertheless I was terrified with my decision but somehow I got the courage from somewhere to push my luck.

“Yes why not? That would be fun”. He said cheerfully and hope in his eyes with each word he spoke. His lips had tucked up in a smile and it gave me a little satisfaction that it was because of me.

Vansh drove away and I was still standing near the gate. I guess I was going insane, one moment I am all afraid even to encounter Raj, and in a fraction of a second my courage pumps up to face my nightmare.

I dragged my trolley on the stony pathway, moving inside towards the college. Here goes nothing.

Sam, Chris, Abhi, and I were sitting in the cafeteria having our dinner. Believe me, we were at the loudest table among all.

“Dude why are you eating food in the cafeteria, your house is just across the campus”. Abhi said in annoyance to Chris.

“First I paying for it cry baby, second how will I get to see my cry baby’s face if I am at home”. Chris said charmingly.

I and Sam burst out laughing, Abhi’s face was red with anger, and he was fuming. So that’s how our dinner ended.

It was around 3 am when Sam and I decided to sleep after filing each other with all details of our holidays. I was feeling guilty that I couldn’t open my heart out about Raj nor Vansh and also that I am going insane. I looked over to see Sam was already fast asleep, taking a deep breath I switch on my phone.

Once I had reached my dorm after Vansh had dropped me, I had called my parents and Sonia, and then I had switched off my phone. I didn’t want to be bothered by Raj, I needed some time before I can confront him or deal with him in any way.

As soon as my phone was on, it kept on buzzing with notifications. There were more than 20miscalls, and 95 text messages from Raj. I didn’t even bother to open my WhatsApp to check the notifications there.

“Have safe trip angel”.


“Call me once you have collected the luggage”

“Your number is still not reachable?”

“Why are you not receiving my call angel?”

“Your number is switched off again”

“Are you playing games with me Widisha?”

“Pick up the phone”...










The last message sends a shiver down my spine.

“I am done being nice with you, I guess you want me to be the devil. I will be the devil of your life”. That was the last message thirty minutes back. I need to find a solution before he does anything drastic. And I have no idea how am I going to do it.


What do you think will happen next?

Any guesses on Raj’s next move ??

With Love


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