The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 35

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“Hello! My angel. Missed me?”

That voice, I don’t need to turn around to know whose voice it was. Raj, he was back. The familiar fear burned within me which I had trapped inside me for so long.

“Breathe, breathe you are in a public place he can’t do anything” I chanted myself.

He pulled the chair and sat in front of me. His face was plastered with a big smile, his eyes were darker than before. For others, he might be a charming person but only I could make out the insanity that lies behind that face.

“What do you want Raj?” I asked, surprisingly my words didn’t stammer.

“I see my angel has turn brave huh?” He said smirking.

I ignored him completely and got up from my chair. I can easily walk inside the college, it’s full daylight with students all around. He would not dare to pull up any stunt here.

“You know angel when someone has come from so far to meet you, at least you should show some courtesy with a cup of coffee”. My heart was hammering faster inside my chest with every passing second but I managed to keep on a brave face, ignored him, and walked out of the café.

“Your childhood friend what’s her name .......hmmmm Sonia right?? She is very beautiful I must say”. I froze on my spot.

“What did you say?“I hissed as I turned around.

“Chill angel, I just said she is very beautiful”. He said smirking with both of his hands up in the air.

“Since I have your attention now, I want to talk with you in private so come with me angel”.

“You think I am that stupid, after the last incident and the mental torture you have put me through, I will come with you anywhere. I suggest you should leave or it will take only a second for me to gather people to beat your ass up”. I was fuming from inside, he dares to bring my best friends into his stupid game.

“Feisty I see, I like that very much. I wonder in what else you will be feisty”. He said with his stupid smirk still glued on his face.

Something inside me was saying to walk back into the college as fast I could, I don’t know it was my instinct that was poking me constantly but I regret not listening to it.

“Sonia she is an interesting girl quite opposite from you, yet you two are so close. I have quite a good number of snaps of her.“. With every word, he said his face was turning into the devil of my nightmare. He got up and walked towards me and handed me his phone.

There were dozens of pictures of her, college, gym, market, club, everywhere she went she had someone following her. All my act of bravery was flushed out in a fraction of a second while sliding through each photograph, with shaky hands I returned him his phone.

“Now angel I guess I have your complete attention”.

“What do you want?” I whispered.

“You can come with me quietly and no harm will come to your friend or you can walk away but then the consequence of that will be on you totally”. I had no voice to reply to him, just a nod. He is insane and I can let him drag my best friend into this matter.

We walked towards his car, I was praying silently that someone would stop him, anyone please... but alas only if prayers were answered on the spot.

I was sweating, I know my blood pressure had gone up because of the fear, my stomach kept on knotting, and the feeling of nausea was at its peak. I was on the verge of having a massive panic attack.

Raj drove in silence, it was more than fifteen minutes when he stopped the car. I had no energy to even look at him.

“For the next part of the journey angel, I want you out for quite a long time so this will just hurt a little”. My senses went on alert as soon as I heard him but before I could react he had plunged a syringe into my right arm. It was not even a second I felt my eyes heavy and the darkness consumed me.


“Hi ! Abhi is Widisha there with you??”

“No, why? What happened?”

“It’s 7 in the night and she is not back. Also she not answering her phone nor her text?“. I said worriedly.

“She said she will be working on project today so I have not seen her since early afternoon but let me go and check in the library”.

“Sure ... Knock some senses in her if she is still sitting in the library so late”. I said.

“Don’t worry Sam, Chill”. Saying this he disconnected the call.

It’s very unusual for Widisha to go somewhere without dropping a text to me, since the day she had returned from her vacation she used to text me every small detail about her whereabouts if I was not around her. Her nightmares had also increased in the past couple of days, I didn’t push her to tell me because I didn’t want to add on her discomfort with my questions.

But deep down I knew everything was related to only one person that’s Raj. He being away gave some relief though but still, something was there that bothered her.

Ring ... Ring...

Caller Id showed Vansh...

It’s very strange of him calling me in between all this, I didn’t have a good feeling about this.


“Hi! Sam sorry to bother you but is Widisha there with you or the group?” He sounded tensed.

“Why do you ask?” I said.

“Sam please just say yes or no”. His voice was different and I didn’t like it.

“No she is not, she might be in the library Abhi has gone to check”. I said.

“God dammit! She is not I just came out the library, I had called her multiple times and texted her but she is not replying”. Something is not right here.

“Meet me outside the college building I coming down, bring Abhi along with you as he is on his way to the library. I will call Chris”. I said hurriedly and hung up.

Something has gone wrong I have a gut feeling now, I ran through the corridor as fast as I could. Abhi, Vansh, and Chris were already there.

“Why were you searching for her ?” I heard Chris question Vansh.

“This is not the time for your question bro, we need to find Widisha first”.

After 4 hours

We had no clue where she was, the phone kept on ringing but she never picked up. We had no choice but to inform the police.

We were standing in our house along with Chris’s dad. DGP Verma and Ms. Kritika Singh were here again.

“Do you think, those boys can be involved again?“. DGP Verma asked Chris’s father.

“You are wasting time here, its Raj. Her phone is switched on track the number first.” Vash said with anger.

“I know my job kid you don’t need to tell me what to do, moreover why this big blame on your own brother”. DGP Verma asked.

“Cause he is insane and dangerous and my Uncle standing here knows it very well yet he didn’t do anything because his wife sitting in Russia had an emotional attachment with him. Now an innocent girl has to pay the price”. Vansh screamed.

“Watch your mouth Vansh, this is not that way we talk about elders at our home”. Chris’s father was furious. Things are not going well. The last thing I want is our family problems to get drag into this matter.

“I will think about my manners once Widisha is back safe and sound”. He replied harshly.

“May I ask what connection you have with Widisha, these are her friends but you were not as far as I remember”.

“You people will put your hands everywhere but not in the place where it’s needed most but fine I love Widisha and we went on few dates in past few months”. Vansh’s reply made us all dropped our jaws in surprise.

My eyes moved to Abhi, I saw the pain on his face but he quickly masked it.

“I have told you multiple times to stay away from her, your involvement would make things with Raj worse still you did it. Look what happened now’. It was the furious Chris, pinning Vansh on the wall and holding him up with his collar. He was red with anger.

Ring .... Ring.... Ring....

“Yes .. good ok.. inform us as soon as you reach there”.

“Widisha phone has been tracked down, its 10 km from the college. Our patrolling team is already on the way. Will call us once they reach there”. Kritika said.

The next thirty minutes were the longest thirty minutes of my life. Nobody spoke, everyone was indulged in their thoughts. Finally, Kritika’s phone rang and everybody stood up at once.

“Ya.. hmmm.. what the area.. every corner... send me the pic”. She disconnected the call, looking disappointed.

“They have found a car, inside it, we got a purse, wallet, phone and books of Widisha and a note”. She said.

“What note?“. I asked.

She turned her phone.... And with every word that I read, I began to fear the insanity of my stepbrother.

You lost brother...

She is mine... till death do us apart.

She will be purified into my angel and she will forget your existence in her life forever.

Find me if you can, cause the devil has claimed what was made only for him.


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