The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 2

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The next day.

At 6:30 A.M. sharp, my alarm went off but I was already up. The butterflies in my stomach had kept me up all night. The excitement and nervousness had hit me simultaneously through the dark hours of the morning. Once peering out of the window, then changing sides or staring at the ceiling fan, my mind had wandered through the million possibilities of my first day. I felt deja vu as I got out of bed with the same fluttering in my stomach which I had felt on the first morning of every school year back in grade school.

I looked at Sameera she was fast asleep, oblivious of the first rays of day streaming through the window. Well, there was still time, as the college starts at 9:00, so I headed towards the bathroom at the end of our corridor making a mental note to wake her up if she’s not when I get back.

Peering inside the bathroom, I saw only two girls in front of the faucets, it seemed that they had arrived just before me. I waved at them and smiled and they greeted me back. The two girls were also freshmen like me, Anna and Neha. We started talking about the college campus whilst getting ready.

While talking with them, I got to know that Anna was also opting for literature like me, it was a relief to know somebody before going to class, and Neha had opted for Economics. After taking a long and hot bath I felt fresh and returned to my room to find Sameera still asleep. It was almost 7:30, if she doesn’t wake up now she might get late on her very first day.

“Sameera wake up or else you will be late. Its already 7:30, wake up girl!”

“It’s too early Widisha. Let me sleep.” She groaned turning away from me. I sighed, pulled her covers, and started to tickle her.

“Widisha this isn’t fair! Stop! Please!” She was laughing so hard that she rolled down from the bed lying near my legs. I let out a laugh of my own as I walked towards my wardrobe to find a suitable outfit to wear. “Ok! I am getting up. But my dearest roommate, wait for the payback as I do not lose so easily.” she said, smirking at me as I shooed her out of the room to head towards the bathroom.

Hopefully, Sameera was fast enough for us to get out of the dormitory and reach the main building before our lectures began. Our classes were easy to locate. I was thrumming with excitement as my first class was my main subject Literature while Sameera had her practical music class. I made a mental note to ask her in what instrument she was specializing in later.

“Shall we meet for lunch then?” I looking down at our schedule but I got no response. I looked around me only to find her ten steps behind me, she was talking with some guy; no strike that, fighting with some guy who seemed to be fighting back with equal vigor

. I walked up to her and the guy instantly looked at me and spoke cutting off an angry-looking Sameera, “Hello beautiful, you must be Sam’s roommate.”

I looked up at him, he was tall and surprisingly his eyes were the same as Sam’s, he had a tattoo peeked from underneath the collar of his shirt, and I looked in between Sameera and him.

“Ummm... Hello I am Widisha and nice too meet you.”

“Widisha ha! A pretty name for a pretty girl. I’m Chris, Sam’s cousin.”

I saw Sam raised her eyebrow and looked at him furiously.

Sameera shoved Chris by his shoulder and glaring at him said, “Stay away from her Chris, she’s not the type of girl you tend to go after.”

Giving him one final scowl, she pulled my hand taking me away from that place as Chris yelled a “see ya” and walked off in the opposite direction.

I manage to get inside the class before time as other students like me streamed in and looked around for their friends or an empty seat. I surprisingly saw Abhi, who was already seated, he waved at me and pointed towards the empty seat beside his. I was relieved to see a known face in this class.

A few minutes later, our professor arrived. She was a middle-aged woman who introduced herself as Mrs. Prasad. We were asked to introduce ourselves. After the fifth student was done it was my turn, I stood up before I could say anything somebody interrupted me.

“May I come in Professor? I’m really sorry for being late.” A very familiar voice drawled as everyone’s eyes followed towards the door, who could be late in his first-class, of course, Chris who stood proudly near the door. For a fraction of a second, my eyes met with his and he gave me a devilish smirk. I felt my cheeks heated up, I quickly moved my eyes from him towards Mrs. Prasad.

“Mr Raichand could you be so kind as to tell us the reason for your lateness for your very first class on your very first day.” Mrs. Prasad asked glaring at him from over her oval-shaped spectacles.

“Professor, my dearest cousin Sameera is also having her first day today so I just accompanied her towards her first class like the good brother I’m.” Liar Liar, may his pants catch on fire.

“Ok! Mr. Raichand this is the first and last time you are coming late to my class, I like punctuality in my students. I hope you will keep this in your mind all the time.” He just nodded his head and entered the class.

He looked around for a seat and there were plenty of empty ones yet he had to take the one beside me.

“Hi beautiful, are you following me? Bad Girl!” He said.

“Technically, you came late unlike me so. So you should be the one following me but its my bad luck that we eneded up in the same class, now do me a favour and shut up before I tell Mrs Prasad.” I whispered furiously to him and glared at him before turning toward the professor.

“Bad girl indeed.” He whispered back before facing the professor.

I resisted the urge to glare at him but I knew it would go in vain as he still had that devilish grin on his face. I felt Abhi shift uncomfortably in his place. I couldn’t really ask him anything as Mrs. Prasad started discussing the syllabus for the first semester and the books we could refer to. Thankfully Chris kept quiet after that.

Three lectures got over quicker than I thought, most of them started with a brief intro followed by the first lesson. And to my bad luck again, Oh dear God have mercy on me, Chris was also in my third lecture.

“Don’t miss me. I’ll see at lunch.” He had whispered as I stepped out of my class but before I could retort back he was gone. My face felt hot as I fumed with rage.

“Who is that guy Widisha?” Abhi questioned, I had almost forgotten that he was beside me. I sighed.

“Truly speaking I don’t know about him that well, just that he is my roommate’s cousin.” I replied walking towards the dining area.

“I think you should stay away from him Widisha.” He said to me and I just nodded, because I did not know what to reply. I just looked around for Sameera as we walked into the dining area where she had said she would meet me.

I took my tray and began collecting the food from the counter, while I was talking with Abhi about his family. I came to know his parents died in a car crash five years ago. Since then he was living with his uncle. Abhi was kind of sweet I thought, he knows how to frame his sentences properly while talking maybe that’s the reason he took literature as a major.

I spotted Anna sitting alone so I asked Abhi to come along as I sat with her and we started talking about our lectures and the new professors. I had just started eating my lunch when Anna suddenly shrieked with excitement, “Widisha look The Raiichand’s.”

I turned around expecting to see “The Raichand’s” from the famous Bollywood movie 3KB but instead spotted my roommate with Chris and three other boys who had some really visible similarities with them. Indeed Chris and Sameera were cousins; anyone who does not know that can look at them and say that they are related.

“Did you know Chris is our dean’s son?” Anna whispered to me still gawking at “The Raichand cousins”.

“Well, now I do Anna. Thanks.” I said returning my focus back on my food when I felt a hand close my eyes from behind and a very familiar voice say in a sing-song tone, “Guess who?”

“Ummm... A sleeping monster?” I said in my fake guessing tone.

“Of course not. You’re such a spoil sport Widisha.” Sameera said pouting her lips while I chuckled and continued eating.

“I missed you a lot. I wish we could have some classes together.” Sameera said to which I chuckled again and said, “Well, I could wish the same too Sammy.”

“Well, then why don’t you come and sit with me then? I can introduce you to all my brothers, at least the nice ones.” She said looking at me expectantly while my socially awkward self shook her head in my mind.

“Widisha & I have to go to the library, as soon as we finish our lunch to get some books actually.” Abhi said in a stern voice.

Sam looked puzzled hearing Abhi’s voice; she was looking at him with her one perfectly shaped eyebrow raised while I gave him a questioning look.

“Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am Abhijeet but you can call me Abhi. I am with Widisha in her classes, we nned to get some books that we need for our next classes so we gotta hurry.” He said getting up from his chair with his tray.

“Okay no problem with that, I can meet Widisha after class then when you’re done hanging out with your new handsome friend here. And it was nice meeting you Abhi, I’ll see you around, bye.” Sam said with a smile and waved at us as she walked back to the table occupied by her brothers, whilst I was left choking on water.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch break and as Abhi and I had a free lecture so we headed for the library only to find it closed for a week due to repairing work.

“Now what do we do”? Abhi said sounding irritated.

“Hey we can go check out the gymnasium then. What do you say?” I suggested to which Abhi nodded and we headed for the gym.

The gym was huge, there were different kinds of exercise machines and also an area to practice gymnastics. I turned on my feet walking inside to take in every inch of the marvelous room.

“So, Widisha do you play any sports?” Abhi asked looking around.

I smiled at him and replied, “I used to play gymnastics in school. I’m not the best at it but I love it nevertheless.”

“Well the show me your magic. What are you waiting for?” He said cheering me up as I looked towards the gymnastics area.

“Okay but first let me change into something more ideal.” I felt the adrenaline pump through my vein as I squealed whilst changing. It’s been so long since I stretched my limbs.

Abhi cheered for me as I reached for the rings and pulled my body up using my upper body strength whilst breathing steadily. I was going slow as it’s been a long time and I don’t want to overstrain my body.

“Wow bad girl. Damn you’re flexible.” I hadn’t seen Chris standing at the door and neither had Abhi and his voice startled me and I lost my balance and fell on the floor with a thud, though there were foam mattresses my wrist twisted and a muscle in my leg got pulled the wrong way as a shriek left my mouth, leaving me on the floor rolling in pain.

I heard Abhi running towards me and asking, “Widisha, are you ok?”

“I’m so sorry Widisha. I did not mean to startle you. I’m so sorry.” I heard Chris say from my other side as I nodded at him through the pain.

“You better stay away from her Chris, I am warning you.” I heard Abhi said angrily but I was in too much pain to put thought into the sudden display of anger by him.

He helped me up and suggested to go to the doctor. But as we walked out through the gymnasium doors, I saw Chris staring at us with an emotionless expression but I caught the guilt that flashed through when he met my eyes.


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