The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 3

Widisha POV

“You’re perfectly fine Widisha, it’s just a sprain. I’m giving you some medicine do take them on time I guess you will be fine within a couple of days. And take rest for today I guess it would helpful for your wrist.” The doctor said with a smile whilst handing me the medicines.

“I swear, if this Chris comes near you again I will murder him.” Abhi said angrily whilst I chuckled lightly at his reaction as we got out of the doctor’s chamber.

“Widisha its not funny , you could have broken your wrist or something else.” He said, his face was red as a tomato, which made me laugh even more. This time he glared at me but did not say anything else as we parted ways to go back to our respective dorms.

I was lying on my bed when I heard the door open with a bang. “Widisha what happened, I heard that you fell. Was it Chris???” Before I could say anything Sam spoke again, “I told him to stay away from you, he needs to be taught a lesson. You take rest Widisha let me deal with this boy.”

Again before I could say anything Sam was out of the room, probably heading to kill Chris, I sigh well this was the first time I had so many people who care about me so much. I kind of felt pity for Chris, he did not do anything purposely.

My thoughts soon became muddled up as sleep overtook and my suspicion went to those pain killers I had taken earlier.

Three weeks have passed by smoothly since the incident happened in the gym and Chris did not speak with me or even look at me after that. I saw him once in a while but he didn’t acknowledge as he had on the first day, I have no idea what Sam said to him as she never bothers to answer my questions but I know it was something that made Chris steer away from my path completely.

It was quite awkward as he walks into the class and sits at the last bench. I think of talking to him but I don’t know what to say to him so I keep to myself. Meanwhile, I am happy to have a small group of friends Sam, Abhi, Anna, and me. It was made me happy because my whole school life I had only one friend.

Sam has become my best friend, sometimes we gossip the whole night and laugh like little girls that we never take notice of the approaching dawn till we hear the chirping of birds. The lack of sleep hitting us as we walk towards our classes in the morning, but I’m glad to be making memories to look back to in college.

Abhi, on the other hand, hides as an intelligent person and a perfectionist behind his sweet and charming personality. Sam still teases me in front of him, she says he likes me but I always drop the topic. Anna is full of fun, she never stops cracking jokes, most of which are out of our spectrum of understanding but she laughs so much at her jokes that we too join in with her.

It was finally the most awaited Friday and Saturday night, our Fresher’s party night, and like always I had no idea what to wear, my closet was full of jeans and a T-shirt, well I could not wear them because of the theme of the party would not approve them. Our theme was “Palaces on wheels” I literally rolled my eyes when I heard about the theme and which also means I had to wear a dress or sort of something.

At first, I thought of not attending the party, it was too much of a ruckus to put thought into dressing up, but Sam gave me a whole lecture for half an hour that missing this party I will spoil my memory, this a once in a lifetime moment and I must have something, some stories to tell my children and grandchildren if I don’t then what will they think about me. I couldn’t stop myself from not laughing at her words. Sam was furious seeing me laughing, which made me laugh more. Finally, I gave up and agreed.

It was Friday almost four in the evening, my classes were over so I decided to get back to my dorm. I was lying down on the bed still not able to decide what to wear when my door open and Sam entered with grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Your mum has sent you a parcel Widisha darling.” She said handing me over the said parcel.

Mom never told me she was sending me something I talked with her in the morning and dad was out for his business trip. I opened the box I was surprised it was a beautiful dress.

“OMG Widisha that’s so beautiful.” Sammy exclaimed as I laid out the dress on my bed.

It was simple yet elegant, my Mom always knew what I like. She was a designer herself and I knew she made this dress especially for me. My Mom had a passion for designing, when she got married she was working with a designing firm but she had to leave her job after I was born to take care of the family, as dad travels a lot. But her passion never died and dad always supported her, so now Mom runs her own boutique

The dress was a velvety blue which reaches till my mid-thigh, it had a bow in the back which gave it an elegant look and made me fall in love with it immediately. There was a letter attached to the dress, it was in my mother’s handwriting.

“My darling and beautiful daughter,

I hope you like your dress, please dear I know you don’t like leaving your hair open but keep it open while wearing this dress you will look like a princess and enjoy the party.

Love Mom.”

I smiled reading the letter. As I found a pair of black three inches heels and a small box inside. I wonder what was there. I opened the box and my lips formed a small smile. The box contained a neck chain along with a silver pendant in the shape of a leaf attached to it. The pendant bought a mile to my face as I heard Sammy exclaiming with awe whilst examining my outfit and shoes.

I already felt so ready for the party.


Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far.

Some spicy thrillers are coming up from the next chapter onwards so keeping reading.

Love- Elleaselene.

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