The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 4

It was Saturday, the main day of our fresher’s party, I didn’t get any time to feel nervous or excited because my darling roommate took it upon herself to attack my face and hair with brushes and a wide array of powders, glitters, and liquids. She insisted, well more like begged to do my hair and makeup for the evening and I didn’t mind as I’m not an expert in that area.

She again constantly kept urging me to curl my hair. Even though I was a bit hesitant about using heat on my precious hair, I allowed her to do so and the outcome took away my breath and I failed to realize the person I was looking at in the mirror.

The dress looked like it was literally made for me (well, technically it was), Sammy’s work on my face and hair complemented each piece of my attire so well, I couldn’t help but feel beautiful and this made me even more excited for the evening ahead.

“Oh Thank you so much Sammy! You’re the best roommate anyone could ever had, I’ve never looked or felt so pretty ever. Thank you so so much.” I said hugging Sam tightly. She smiled at me whilst returning the hug and said, “Now don’t you start crying. I’ll be very mad if you ruin my art piece.” We both laughed at that as we adjusted our outfits for the last time before leaving.

Sammy was wearing a simple white dress with brown boots, her hair was tied in a high ponytail and she had completed her outfit with a half sleeve denim jacket and a black choker. She looked like a pop star going to a concert, all that was missing was an electric guitar swung on her back.

The party was organized in the auditorium by the seniors. It didn’t seem like the auditorium of our college that I had seen on my first day, I felt as if I’ve entered a Duke’s palace from the Elizabethan period.

I looked around for Anna and Abhi with Sam by my side as I stepped in through the entrance. Abhi was the first one that I found. He was standing with some boys wearing a black tailored suit like most of them.

“It seems Widisha, Abhi cannot take his eyes off you, and I doubt that’s my make up staining your cheeks right now.” Sam whispered in my ear which made me my face heat up as if I was inside a sauna. It was then that I saw him approaching us.

“Hi Widisha you look stunning today... and you too Sam. Sorry I did not see you earlier.” He said the last part whilst rubbing the back of his neck looking embarrassed whilst I felt my face burn up again on hearing the compliment. It was the first time a boy had complimented me.

“You look nice too.” I said offering him a smile which he returned before Sam said, “Yeah I’m absolutely aware of that. I’ll catch you guys later gonna go and meet some of my classmates.” And then with a wink, she vanished into the crowd of people.

The party had already started and the music was loud. Abhi took me to the dance floor. The self-consciousness didn’t delay in taking over me as I have never danced with a boy before but gradually I got lost with the music and allowed my body and mind to relax. There were other students dancing around us, enjoying themselves and making memories. I did not want to be uptight at that moment and not live in this beautiful moment, which might not ever come again so I need to make the most of it now. No one was perfect here, no one was a professional dancer, everyone was trying to be silly and cool at the same time and that’s what we will remember after this time will be gone.

As the next song came up, Abhi and I decided to get some drinks as that was the most dancing we had done in what seemed like years, so we ordered two mojitos. As we sipped our drinks and laughed at how silly we both must have seemed on the dance floor, I spotted Chris, he was looking at us, no strike that, staring at us with that infamous smirk on his face. It was then that I sensed Abhi growing tensed as I looked in Chris’s direction and he said, “Widisha, I got some work to do, I’ll be back.” And saying that he disappeared into the crowd.

“Hello Beautiful!”

I literally jumped out of my skin as I turned to see Chris standing where Abhi stood a few seconds ago.

“What do you want Chris?” I said in a deadpan tone, making it quite clear that I was in no mood to spoil my evening.

“Hey chill, I just came here to say sorry for that incident. I wanted to approach you before but your bodyguard and my cousin kept on threatening me.” He said raising his hands in surrender.

“It okay Chris I know you meant no harm.” I said, feeling bad for snapping at him earlier, but this only made him grin more widely and his eyes twinkle with mischief.

“Can this poor boy have the pleasure of a dance with you?” I couldn’t help but laugh at him and say, “You are such a drama queen Chris.”

“Oh beautiful you’ve haven’t seen me be really dramatic as in yet.” He said with a smirk.

We danced for a good half an hour with Chris being Chris and reminding me every two minutes not to step on his feet, which I did very gratefully because he couldn’t stop yelling in my ears on top of the loud music and people. We had to eventually stop because my feet were hurting in those killer heels so we went to grab some drinks where I finally got the chance to meet the rest of the Raichand’s.

So, it turns out Sam and Chris were almost the same age with just a month’s difference in between them and they were the youngest the five. The other three brothers were Vansh, Prithvi, and Raj. Vansh was the eldest followed by Prithvi and Raj while Sam being after Chris, was technically the youngest and thus the most notorious to which I might beg to differ but she was nothing less than Chris. It was hard to believe that I was actually making friends and was at a party.

I excused myself to go to the loo and on my way, I was wondered where had Abhi vanished, I thought of calling him but I realized that I had left my purse along with my phone with Sam. Reaching the washroom I saw that thankfully there was no queue but then suddenly the lights went off and my entire body went numb immediately.

I have an acute case of nyctophobia (fear of darkness) since childhood. It only made my breathing grow heavier with the realization that I was in a closed area without my phone in complete darkness where I couldn’t even see my own hands. It was becoming hard to control my breathing as my heartbeat accelerated with every passing second. I was sweating profusely and tears were at the brim of my eyes threatening to spill over at any moment. Suddenly I heard the door open and I sensed someone steps inside.

“Sam is it you! Please say something! This is not funny!” There was no reply.

Chills ran down my spine when I felt hot breath on my shoulder, but before I could scream...


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