The Dark Side of Obsession

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Chapter 5

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I have an acute case of nyctophobia (fear of darkness) since childhood. It only made my breathing grow heavier with the realization that I was in a closed area without my phone in complete darkness where I couldn’t even see my own hands. It was becoming hard to control my breathing as my heartbeat accelerated with every passing second. I was sweating profusely and tears were at the brim of my eyes threatening to spill over at any moment. Suddenly I heard the door open and I sensed someone steps inside.

“Sam is it you! Please say something! This is not funny!” There was no reply.

Chills ran down my spine when I felt hot breath on my shoulder, but before I could scream...

End of Flashback

I felt a hand pressed tightly against my lips and only a muffled scream came up. I was pushed against the wall with force and my head got hit very badly in the process. Everything was happening so fast for me to register and my phobia was not helping me,
my hands were held up above my head firmly, my lips pressed tightly with another hand, my legs were forced apart and a knee was placed against my core. I knew it was a man and my struggles to get free were going in vain, he pushed his body against mine pinning me to the wall and restricting my movements further. Hot tears were dripping down from my eyes, I was praying for this to stop suddenly I felt his lips on my neck and I froze. I felt bile rising in my throat before I could think of anything I felt him biting my neck, sucking on the skin, and continuing the same while moving down the neck. I tried to move my head, but it was of no use.

Suddenly I felt the man stepping away removing his hand and heard the door opened and closed. I couldn’t move a step and suddenly the electricity came back. I was right in front of the mirror my eyes refused to look away from the image that was in front of me and I felt my head becoming lighter and it was becoming difficult to hold onto my body weight with the passing of second I felt darkness was taking over my body.

Sam’s POV

What a mood spoiler, I don’t know what happened to electricity, it went off for quite a few minutes before coming back. Widisha has not come back yet I don’t know what’s taking her so long.
“Guys let me go and check on Widisha, she is not back yet”. I said to my brothers and went towards the washroom.

“Widisha are you the.....” I stopped in the middle sentence. She was lying on the floor unconscious, I locked the main door and ran towards her “Widisha, Widi get up......” My voice went to her deaf ears. She was not responding suddenly my eyes went to her neck and my breath stopped, her face also had fingerprints, I looked for any other injury marks when I found that her wrist had the same finger marks and they were turning purple.
With shaky hands, I dialed Chris number one ring, two rings, three-ring, four rings “Hello.....” “Chris.... Come to the ladies washroom she is not responding” I said everything in one breathe. “Woh Sam clam down what happened and who is not responding”.

“Chris its Widisha she is lying down on the floor not moving”. I was on the verge of crying. “What? Hang on Sam we are coming”. In a couple of seconds, I heard the door bang “Sam open the door” I heard Chris. I ran and opened the door, all three of them were standing there Chris ran towards Widisha I could see the fury in his eyes but he didn’t utter a word. I heard Vansh talking with someone over the phone, but I was too emotionally occupied, I was not able to take my eyes off her marks.

Chris pulled her up in a bridal style and we went out from the back door. I didn’t want this to be a gossip topic most people are senseless and do lack their common sense. I saw a car standing in front of the back gate, I guess that’s what Vansh was talking about over the phone. For that first time, I felt thankful that we are related to the dean of the college directly, or else I don’t know how else we could have handled the situation without any attention.

Chris POV
As soon as we reached my house I took her to one of the guest rooms, the doctor was already there. I was not ready to leave Widisha’s side but the doctor insisted that I need to remain outside till she finishes checking on Widisha.
Everyone was silent, Sam was crying hold Prithvi I never felt so much rage inside me whoever has done this wanted to kill that person with my bare hands. After almost twenty minutes the doctor came out.

“Thankfully she was saved from the worst but I guess you all know it was an attempt of molestation”. The doctor said she was looking at us questionably as if waiting for us to say something but after taking a pause she said ” I have given her a sedative should be sleeping throughout the night thankfully there is no injury in her internal parts and please get the gel it will help her with this marks but.........” She paused again.

“But what?” I was growing impatient.

“Someone needs to be there when she wakes up, I don’t know how her reaction would be I am guessing that Sameera is closed with her so I guess it would better if she is there also I would like to examine her once she is fully awake”. Sam nodded and went inside the room.

“And Chris?” I turned towards the doctor “I hope you have informed your dad because a student getting molested inside the college campus he should be the first one to know it’s the question of student’s security and the college reputation”.

She was right I need to inform dad not because of the college reputation but I would require his help to find out the main culprit. “Yes, doctor I will. Thank you for coming at such short notice”. She gave me a small, Raj went and escorted her outside. I went and sat on the couch I felt.

It was past midnight I was still not able to sleep. I had called up dad and informed him about the matter, he was shocked to hear the same. This college was one of the oldest colleges in the city and this never happened before. He said he will call the DSP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) and informed him about the same, as his dad’s school friend so the fear of the news coming out is not there. I can’t even imagine how Widisha would react if something like that happened.

It was past midnight or I guess more than that when I got up with a scream echoing in the corridor I ran towards Widisha’s room. I saw her standing in one corner of the room and continuously screaming. Sam and Prithvi were trying to calm her down but it was not helping.

“Hi beautiful it’s me Chris, see you know me”. I said extending my hand towards. Her eyes snapped open towards me. “Chris....” And there her eyes closed and she was about to hit the floor before that I caught her.

I made her lie down on the bed and covered her with the blanket. I asked Sam to go and take a rest she was really a mess her eyes were puffy due to crying. I know she and Widisha had bonded quite well in the past few months and seeing her best friend in such a situation was killing her from inside.

I sat near the bed wishing for the night to end and praying for the first time after that incident for Widisha’s recovery.


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